3 bridesmaid looks with Millybridal UK

The day that my best friend and I have talked about for years is just a few short months away. It’s absolutely crazy. Can you guess what it is? Yep, my best friend is getting married and I’m her Maid of Honor. I could not be more excited and happy for her. So today I’m showing off some bridesmaid looks from Millybridal UK, an online shop for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and other formal wear.

The only thing that can make planning a tad tough at times is that we are an ocean apart. As most of you know, I’m an American expat living in Granada, Spain. So naturally my best friend of 14 years would be an American. Kayleigh lives in Charleston, South Carolina. The ocean in between us just means late night chats and random texts. It means Facebook group chats with the other girls. That’s why I’m glad that I found Millybridal UK, an online bridal boutique. They have flower girl dresses, bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses and dresses for other formal events. So I’ve decided to put together a few inspirational bridesmaid looks.

Millybridal UK

The company idea is simple: offer quality formalwear at an affordable price. Weddings for sure can get expensive, especially as a bridesmaid. I have been a bridesmaid twice before and both times the dress was around $160. In addition to the dress, you have the shoes, the accessories and hair/makeup costs. Both previous weddings the bride hired someone to do hair/makeup for us if we wanted it, which we split the cost of. And both times I did it because the last thing I’d want is to screw up my own hair on my friend’s big day. Outside of the actual day-of costs, there’s the bachelorette party and bridal shower. Basically, all the costs can add up.

I was happy to find that the bridesmaid dresses at Millybridal UK were quite affordable. The prices for a long bridesmaid dress range from £70-100.

1. The coral look

Kayleigh has already told me that she wants us all in coral dresses. The groomsmen will wear navy tuxes. Kayleigh has been talking about navy and coral as her wedding colors since forever. I do think they look amazing together.

Millybridal UK

As far as shoes are concerned, I want to do two things. First, a solid navy or royal blue would be a sweet contrast. Or if that is too bold for you, a nice white or silver looks incredibly classy with this dress.

Millybridal UKMillybridal UK

2. Coral look #2

Millybridal UK

I love the waistline detail on this dress. Let’s be real … not all of us love our guts. I know I’m always trying to suck in my belly. Funny story: so I tutor children in English in Spain each week. Wednesdays and Thursdays I teach these adorable and crazy 3 and 4-year-olds. Today the little boy after giving me a goodbye hug goes “tienes otro niño aqui, verdad?” (you have another baby here, right?”) … and points to my belly. Thanks buddy. I just laughed … he’s 4 after all.

Here are a few more shoes that I think pair well with this color.

Millybridal UK Millybridal UK

3. The navy dress

Millybridal UK

I really love the color navy, so I’m glad that it is a part of Kayleigh’s color scheme. I also really love lace, so this dress just jumped out at me. It’s so very classy.

As far as shoes are concerned here, you can of course pair them with a nice white or silver. However I think more of a bold color adds a nice contrast. So I thought these ones would be cool.

Millybridal UKMillybridal UK

Millybridal UK

I cannot believe the wedding is coming up so soon. This November my best friend gets married! It will be here before we know it. What has your bridesmaid experience been like? Have you liked the dress or dresses you’ve worn?

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This was a sponsored post. However all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love looking at bridesmaid dresses, they’re so nice. It’s important to pick the ones that go with your motif though and ones that also compliment your bridal gown. These are lovely choices.

  2. I love the colors of the dresses. I was recently a brides maid and we had infinity dresses. Same dress, each worn a different way. It was fantastic!

  3. Al three of the choices are beautiful, but I love coral and love the first strapless dress the most. When I got married I had my bridesmaids in pale pink and let them do variations on the style I picked out so that it would suit each of their body types. Have a great time at the wedding!

  4. These dresses are so pretty! The last time I was a bridesmaid the dress choices that were permitted to us were terrible and I ended up in a dress that was so unflattering and cost a small fortune. It’s a tricky thing finding the right dress for different types of girls with different budgets.

  5. I am obsessed with that navy and hot pink combo! Maybe one day I’ll actually be able to put it into motion lol

  6. Being a bridesmaid is an honor but there are works to be done before the glamour. Haha! Be ready to handle thing with the bridezilla! lol

  7. I am planing my wedding and I am putting my bridesmaids in navy blue! That dress looks beautiful! I have paired them, though, with silver shoes, but in your case, I I think coral shoes would look amazing!

  8. Being a bridesmaid is not easy- you should only be a “background” for the bride!:) I would choose a navy dress. Coral is not a good colour for my skin tone:)

  9. These dresses are so beautiful. I was never a Bridesmaid but i would definitely love to be one if i get any chance

  10. My favorite look out of the two has to be the coral outfit. The gentle and beautiful flower makes it very elegant and delicate. I would go for the blue shoes, for a splash of color.

  11. I love the navy dress with pink heels! You have a great eye for fashion, enjoy the big day and all the festivities leading up!

  12. Love the coral look so fresh and that color suits most hair coloring, I remember when I had my bridesmaids they all had different color hair and it was a challenge.

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