5 Gearbest dress picks

I love finding different online shops. While I love going to a shopping center, online shopping is often so much easier. You can browse from the comfort of your own couch. These are my 5 Gearbest dress picks.

I recently found the wonderful online shop Gearbest. This website really has it all. In addition to a wide selection of clothing, they also offer electronics, beauty products, baby products, and home and garden products, to name a few. I of course went straight to their dress selection. What can I say? I basically shop the same way online as I do in a shop.

Here are 5 dresses that caught my eye

1. The sexy v-neck lace dress

5 Gearbest dress picks

I’ll admit that I have a few too many black dresses. It can be hard to not just buy another one. However what caught be with this one were the sleeves. While it still is a black dress, it’s a tad more unique and perfect for the winter.

I would likely pair this with a cute pair of red or burgundy boots.

2. The retro red dress

5 Gearbest dress picks

I absolutely love vintage and retro dresses. This one is just so simple and yet sharp. I can imagine pairing it with some boots and a necklace. It’s a perfect dress to wear in the winter.

3. The colorful fit and flair

5 Gearbest dress picks

This style of dress is my favorite. So when I saw this one, I immediately added it to the list. It likely always will be. I find this dress shape to be fun, feminine and very flattering. The design is quite fun as well.

4. The long-sleeved navy dress

5 Gearbest dress picks

The first thing that caught my eye about this dress was the style. I love that there are ties at both the waste and the neckline. I can also never use too many long-sleeved dresses in the wintertime.

5. The grey ruffle dress

5 Gearbest dress picks

I just love the neckline of this dress. It’s fun and frilly, and yet it doesn’t look like it would go out of style in a few years. I tend to stay away from more fast-fashion stuff for that reason. You don’t want to buy something and have it go out of style in six months.

Those are just a few of many different Gearbest dresses. They were also super kind and gave me a discount code to share with you all. Use the code  APPARELoff 30% off.

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This content was sponsored. However all opinions are my own.


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  1. I have never heard about gearbest but those dresses are beautiful. I truly liked them all would definitely wear it.

  2. These are gorgeous! For blogging events, i prefer wearing colorful dresses to standout. And during date night, a classic black dress or red would be nice.

  3. These are really cool and nice dresses. The retro red dress stands out for me. I will check them out.

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