5 Reasons why you should see Ibiza in off season

Ibiza in off season

About two weeks ago, I went to Ibiza in off season with my friend Shola. While we did stay out late both nights, we did not get the stereotypical Ibiza experience. And honestly, I am grateful for that. I’ve heard that during the summer months, it’s crowded, expensive and a never-ending party. And while I love a good party, my ideal vacation consists of a variety of things Our trip to Ibiza was just that. Reflecting back on my weekend in Ibiza, I would for sure recommend Ibiza in the off season. Here’s why:

5. Less people

On our first night, we ate pizza and drank sangria at this adorable cafe. We were also the only ones in the entire place. During the busy season, I have no idea how busy the place gets and how long you would need to wait.

Ibiza in off season

Ibiza in off season

Ibiza in off season

This lovely cafe is called Assaporami and I would highly recommend it for your next Ibiza trip. Here is their Facebook page.

4. The weather

It was very pleasant. Sure, it got a tad chilly at night. But I overall loved the weather. There were still people swimming during the day and I wore all my dresses (which you all and I know is important to me). If you want to go when it’s still warm but not crazy hot, the off season is perfect.

Ibiza in off season

Ibiza in off season

Ibiza in off season

3. You will save money

Ibiza is not cheap during the peak season. There are no real hostels on the island and things can get expensive. Then add in the 40-50 euro entrance fee it can cost to get into clubs plus drinks, and a few days over the summer can run your bank account dry.

I am happy to say that this was not our situation. We flew Ryanair, which saved us lots of $$. We bought our alcohol duty free at the airport on the way over, mean we spent less on drinks at bars. We ate at inexpensive restaurants and none of the clubs were charging an entrance fee at this time of year. We even got our hotel at a discounted rate as we were there as a part of a Kizomba dance conference. Overall, I was pleased with the amount of money spent. And I cannot always say that after returning home from a vacation.

2. You feel better each day

Okay so you absolutely do not have to party until all hours of the night or get hammered. I’m sure that some people go during the regular season without even having a drink. All I’m going to say is that while we went out and had a good time, each day I felt good and was able to enjoy Ibiza during the day time. During the regular season, partying is a big part of Ibiza life. And you’re also on a beautiful island. I like both partying and exploring islands, personally.

1. You have more time to enjoy the beauty

These next photos will absolutely blow you away. A friend we made knew of this lovely spot on the island to watch the sunset. The tiny island of Es Vedra is just off the coast of Ibiza. So we spent a few hours watching the sunset and enjoying the beauty of it all. In the off season, you have more time to explore such things that are just as much a part of the island as clubs and shots of alcohol.

Ibiza in off season





Have you been to Ibiza? What were your impressions?


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    1. Yeah it really is a nice time to go! And no, I have not heard of such hippy markets. I’ll have to check them out next time I’m on the island.

  1. OK every time I here Ibiza I think of that song:)But after seeing your post all I am going to think about is wanting to visit. Gorgeous

  2. Ibiza looks like such a beautiful place; traveling off season without crowds and tourists certainly appeals to me!

  3. These are such beautiful and colorful pictures. I would certainly love to go there in the off season as I don like it when its too busy.

    1. Yeah it’s gotten a lot of hype in recent years with Paris Hilton dj-ing there (which couldn’t care less about) and that song “Took a Pill in Ibiza.” It’s also just a beautiful island, hype aside.

  4. Our family loves shoulder or off season travel. The sites and/or beaches are always less crowded, lines are shorter or non-existent and the money saved can go toward special activities and purchases or be banked for the next holiday.

    Great post with wonderful photos. Love your tips, too.

  5. Your photographs of Ibiza are beautiful! I think traveling to a destination during its off season would be nice and relaxing. I have traveled to a destination during its off season and I really loved that there were less people around.

  6. We too make it a point to visit places during the off season. So many benefits, lower costs, lesser crowds. Can enjoy a leisurely time enjoying the place. Ibiza looks lovely, season or no season. 🙂

  7. Ibiza is really one of those places we plan to go to during off season. Let’s just say we’re a little past partying age lol! But we do love quiet vacations and I didn’t realize it was possible here! I thought it was year-round parties!

  8. It sound like the perfect break! We often do a lot of travel in off season. It is usually cheaper, not as busy and the locals (depending on where you have travelled to) have a lot more time to spend chatting to you.

  9. It’s like the perfect travel hack, always visit during the off season because there will always be less people so you can savor the view even more!

  10. I’m so jelly.. I would live to visit Ibiza one day. So beautiful. Visiting in the off-season is definitely a great tip. Thank you for the lovely write up!

  11. We completely agree with the reasons you mentioned to visit Ibiza off-season. Visiting places in off-season as its own benefits and we too believe that you can enjoy the place more as compared to peak seasons.

  12. Oh yes, you’re right! Ibiza should be visited off season when it’s not so crowded. I’ve been there a couple of times (ages ago!) always during the summer. It is a beautiful island and there’s so much more than just partying.

  13. More time to enjoy the beauty is always greatly appreciated. I have too started planning my vacations in off peak seasons. Its so much better and cost effective 🙂

  14. Yes, off season is mostly great. And you spend way less money. The pictures look beautiful and as long as you can still swim, perfect. Ryan Air is great for cheap flights. Looks like you had the perfect vacation combination, partying, good food, some good drinks and exploration and relaxation time.

  15. I love to travel out of season myself. I haven’t been to Ibiza yet but I have been to Mallorca in April and I agree with you, everything was so much cheaper, including the Ryanair flights straight from my home town. I don’t like crowds so having the island almost to myself was a nice treat.

  16. hahaha every time someone mentions Ibiza, VengaBoys pop into my head. I wanted to go there then, and after seeing your pics, I want to go even more now. Looks like a beautiful place

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