5 Reasons Spain is great for learning Spanish

Spain is great for learning Spanish

As I begin my second year in Spain, I often find myself reflecting on everything I love about this country. One year ago, I had no idea how well my time here would turn out. I had no idea how many wonderful people I would meet and how much Spanish I would speak on a daily basis.

If you are wanting to learn Spanish or better the Spanish that you already speak, I would recommend living in Spain if you can. Of course I’m sure many parts of South America would also be wonderful places to learn as well. However except for Nicaragua, I have not traveled in South America. One day I hope to get to Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica and basically everywhere else in that part of the world. However right now I’m in Spain and I love it here.

Here are a few reasons why Spain is great for learning Spanish.

1. Instruction with native speakers

They always say that learning a language with a native speaker is the best. Well in Spain, virtually all Spanish teachers will be from Spain. Whether you choose to enroll in a class at a language school or meet with a one-on-one tutor, your teachers will be native.

If you’re at more of an intermediate level, this can be especially beneficial. Simply ask your teacher to conduct the entire lesson in Spanish. It may sound crazy, but that hour or two of total immersion will be better for you in the long run.

If you have just arrived in Spain and are looking for a tutor, check out tusclasesparticulares.com. Spanish all over the country use this website to find private tutors for all sorts of things. You can look for “español para extranjeros” for whatever part of Spain you’re in and likely find a whole list of people. Also if you want to make some money while in Spain, you can set up your own profile there for teaching English. I personally use this site to find English students.

2. You can live with native speakers

There is no better way to improve your language skills than being forced to speak daily. In Spain, it is common for 3-5 and sometimes even 7 or 8 people to share a flat. Both this year and last, I have chosen to live with Spaniards. In fact my first year, I was so serious about it that I didn’t even consider any flats with English speakers. I of course had nothing against them. I just knew if I lived with English speakers, we would speak in English at home.

In Granada, we have a Facebook page called “Pisos en Granada.” Here people are listing rooms they have for rent in their piso. You can also use websites like Milanuncious, Easypiso and Idealista. My first year, I made an ad on Milanuncios in Spanish saying that I was looking for Spanish roommates. I had people contacting me, which was awesome!

This year, I have one awesome Spanish roommate. She’s super nice and we connect really well. I love that she has a genuine interest in learning about where I come from as well. We can learn about each other’s cultures and I can better my Spanish, which is great.

Spain is great for learning Spanish

3. Most Spaniards have attempted English

The part of Spain I live in has the perfect mix. Most of the Spaniards I interact with have learned English in school and can speak enough to maintain a basic conversation. However most get embarrassed to speak and prefer Spanish if you can speak it.

This is great for several reasons. First, they understand if you struggle or say something incorrectly. They have likely been there with their English and know exactly how those moments feel. In my experience, they have been very nice and helpful with my Spanish. I’ve never had anyone be rude to me or be annoyed that they have to repeat something. I love this.

The second reason that this is great is that you’ll use your Spanish a lot. I don’t know how many times Spanish people have told me “I’m sure your Spanish is better than my English.” In general, I find that many just get shy about speaking it, giving you many opportunities to speak Spanish.

4. Making friends is easy

I prefer to practice my Spanish with friends. In Spain, you have the opportunity to befriend native speakers. How cool is that? Because I speak a second language, I can befriend people I wouldn’t otherwise be able to talk to. Before coming to Spain, I knew that I didn’t want to waste that opportunity.

Like moving to any big city, you do have to find opportunities to socialize and meet new people. No one will just walk up to you like “I saw you’re new. Want to be friends?” You will need to go places and do things where you would interact with Spanish people. A friend of mine taught in a different part of Spain several years back and joined a soccer team. He became really close with those guys and still talks to them today even though he’s back in the United States.

I have used language exchanges to meet new people and make friends. There’s a Facebook page where you can find people looking to practice English. There are also these things called intercambios practically everyday of the week in Granada. It’s basically an event at a bar or cafe where you practice languages. You could literally go to a different one every single day or the week. I personally do not have the time for that, but it’s an option that is there if you want to improve quickly.

Spain is great for learning Spanish
Myself with a few of my favorite Spanish friends

5. The culture of socializing

Spanish people are all about spending hours over coffee or tapas with friends. I find that while Americans like to socialize as well, people in the United States can be stuck to a schedule. Here in Spain, I’ll spend all day Saturday just hanging out with friends.

This past Saturday, I met several friends around 3 p.m. for tapas. After eating, we went for coffee with another friend. This whole thing ended around 8 or 8:30 p.m. This was a solid five hours of speaking Spanish for me.

Overall, Spain has been a wonderful place to live. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to live here. If you’re curious about how I made my move over here, you have got to check out my free e-book! Click the image below to download it!

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Spain is great for learning Spanish

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  1. Language immersion really is the best way to learn a language. I speak almost no Spanish, but I would still love to visit Spain!

  2. We had a spanish clash in College. Though I have to admit I only remember few today. Would love to visit Spain someday!!

  3. I totally agree with all your points. Immersing yourself in the actual country is the best way to learn another language. I especially like that Spanish people love spending hours with friends in coffee shops. That is my favorite past time 🙂

  4. Hmmm.. Spain is great for learning Spanish? Well it sounded funny initially, but then I read your points and I surely agree. There are many variations in Spanish just like in many other languages. Guess nothing beats learning from the natives I guess.

  5. I knew a man that learned a language by moving to a country. Immersion is a great way to learn any language, but if I had to choose one, Spanish and Spain would be my choice. It’s a beautiful language and a vibrant culture.

  6. I have been wanting to learn some new languages lately and Spanish is on my list. You are totally right, living in Spain can be very helpful since you are forced to speak on a daily basis.

  7. I would love to be able to speak Spanish. It always sounds so passionate and you’re so right Nina. It’s so much easier learning a language if your right there with the people who speak it on a daily bais.

  8. I would absolutely love to learn Spanish in Spain. It is such a great idea to be immersed in the culture and people to fully understand the language.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  9. Spain is beautiful but I can only say a few words. I’d love to learn a language and Spanish seems like one of the most useful. I admire your bravery moving to a different country and immersing yourself in the culture/language.

    1. Thanks! And I always say that it’s never too late. With technology, you can learn from anywhere in the world.

  10. I have always thought that the best way to learn a language was to go to the country speaking that language so it makes all sense to me. Spain as a great party and social culture so it is indeed easy to meet new people

    1. True true. Although I will say that with the internet these days, it’s not impossible to also learn at home. Also for Americans wanting to learn Spanish, there are so many native speakers in their communities who they could practice with as well.

  11. This is true, the Best way to learn the Spanish language is to go and socialize in their country. Even though I can’t speak in Spanish I still wanted to visit and socialize with the people in Spain.

  12. I def agree with your blog. Spain is such a beautiful country, although I have never been there, I’m eager to visit and maybe learn a bit of Spanish too. Nice blog!

  13. Definitely! I love Spain – I’ve learned Spanish in college and whenever I go to Spain for 1-3 weeks it feels like everything I’ve learned is just coming back to me. People are really nice as well!

  14. My love for the language started with Spanish Music which I love. Some great points on why to learn Spanish in Spain, I like that the culture is socializing and they are open and accepting, it does make a big positive difference in the visitor and learner’s mind.

  15. By living in Spain not only are you learning the language, but you are also learning the nuances and slang. That would be harder to do if you were learning Spanish at home. Enjoy your time there, especially the tapas and the new friendships.

  16. I think being around native speakers is super important when learning a new language. And where better to learn Spanish than Spain! Awesome. I’ve forgotten my French and Japanese because I never used them LOL.

  17. Totally agree that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, especially the birthplace of that particular language! I loved Madrid when I went. Spain’s culture is beautiful, and I’m dying to visit the rest of the country.

  18. I can’t wait to go to Spain. Just like your post, there are so much amazing things about it that I need to explore.

  19. Spain seems like such an amazing place and I agree. It is a good way to learn a language by interacting with them on a level like that. You went all out. I love your life.

  20. You are so inspirational! Its not an easy choice to live with people who don’t automatically speak your language. I moved to Holland for a while and people mostly spoke to me in English, it made life easy.. too easy. I think you really went for the smart approach with your flat share options!

  21. This is awesome information for those going to Spain and learning Spanish there. I do believe learning a langue from natives is the best way to learn a langue. Living with natives is indeed the best way to learn in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the information.

  22. Aw so glad that you are still having a beautiful time in Spain and I like that unlike others you took the time to truly connect with the Spanish culture and its people. On a beautiful adventure you found a calling and got to meet some great Spanish friends as well, what more could you wish for?! By the way you need to come back to England haha! x

  23. I totally agree with all your points. Y España es hermoso!!!! This country has a beautiful culture and my great grandparents are from there!

  24. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Spain & learning so much. I took Spanish all through school & college & still struggle, especially in conversation. This sounds like an excellent way to improve.

  25. I so truly agree, living with native speakers, interacting with them frequently definitely helps in learning the local language. Good tips here

  26. Spain is sooooooooooooooo beautiful! Ive been twice before but for only for one day at a time many years ago. Next time I go, my husband and I plan on visiting for a few days since I’m next door in Portugal… Lucky for me, I can understand and speak more or less OK since being portuguese. I am able to understand. Depending on the dialecs. Great tips and suggestions here.X

  27. I totally think it’s easier to learn a language if you are living in a culture. I would love to visit Spain and refresh my Spanish speaking skills.

  28. The best pratice to learn a new langugae is to be sorrounded with natives and living in their country would be the best way! Spain is on my bucket-list, will really visit soon!

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne | #InMyHeart♥

  29. I have always found the Spanish language interesting. Being able to learn even more than I already do would be an absolute dream! I could definitely see why would be beneficial to be in a Spanish-speaking country to become more fluent in the language I only hope I can get this opportunity one day!

  30. I agree!! This is the best way to learn the Spanish language is to interlace and to talk with a Spanish people. Spain is on my bucket list quite some time.

  31. I never would have thought of living with someone I don’t know in order to learn a language. But, I guess that if other people have vouched for them its no different than renting a room anywhere, really. Quite a neat idea.

  32. This was a really fun read, who wouldn’t love learning another language in another country? I recently spent a month teaching in Peru and you learn so much when you’re in that environment.

  33. Spain is really stunning and with all the points you raised it gives me the right reason and place to go when I want o learn Spanish. Thanks for sharing this insight.

  34. The best way to learn a new language is to be socialized and mingle with our natives. and living a few months in their culture.

  35. One of the best way to learn a new language (Spanish) is living with them for a few months or a year. and get socialized and associate from natives.

  36. What an awesome experience to move to Spain! I can’t wait to hear more. Spain is such a beautiful place. I think this is the best way to learn Spanish! Being able to hang out and mingle and experience the culture is the best hands on experience!

  37. It’s so true! Staying at a country can definitely help with learning a language. When I stayed in the Philippines, I was able to learn Tagalog within a week or so.

  38. I also want to visit Spain, coz it is part of our Philippine culture. We were colonized by Spain for more than 300 years. Sadly, the Spanish language have vanished in the our present day. I wish to learn the languge more.

  39. I’m glad that you’re having a wonderful time in Spain! I remember being there years ago and it was just beautiful, I can’t wait to go back one day with my Husband! You’re definitely right though, it’s always easier to learn a language when you are immersed in it, it was the same for me when I was learning France living with a French Family in France.

  40. My daughter is learning Spanish at pre-school and we are actually going to Spain next year, so hopefully it would boost her confidence in learning more Spanish.

  41. I love the Spanish language but know only a few words. If I learned Spanish it would be my fifth language and I would love it.

  42. This always easy to learn a new language when you trying to do that with all five senses, see, feel, hear, smell and taste. This makes it do easier.

  43. My best friend’s daughter is studying to be a Spanish teacher and just finished a semester in Spain. She had the time of her life and said there’s truly no better way to learn a language than to be immersed in it. In fact, she’s thinking of moving there permanently after graduation. I secretly hope she does because it would be a wonderful excuse to visit! x

  44. I 100% agree, living somewhere foreign is the quickest and easiest way to learn the language. I used to visit France every summer for like 10 weeks at a time, living with my French penfriend and her family, and it helped improve my french massively! x

  45. I’m hoping to visit Spain next year. Glad to learn the Spaniards are an easy bunch. My spanish is limited to little bits learned from watching television.

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