6 fun teacher dresses

These are some of my favorite teacher dresses. Back to school is just around the corner. I remember seeing back to school listed on some blog as a potential post idea. And I thought “well I’m not a mom. So that really won’t work for me.” Then I remembered that I’m a teacher. The start of the school year for us teachers means new clothing as well. We have to think about what we can wear each day, which is an art.

As a teacher, you have several factors to consider. First, is it comfortable? Teachers move around a lot. There’s a lot of sitting, standing, walking here, reaching for that and so forth. So we want to ensure what we wear is comfortable and appropriate for children. You never want to worry about something coming up or being too short as a teacher.

This is for those teachers who want to wear dresses to school. You want to wear something fun and also appropriate. As someone who wears a dress every single day almost, I get it. So I thought I’d make a little list of some of my favorties for back to school.

These dresses are all also affordable. I know what it’s like to make teacher money. You don’t exactly have money for to just spend $2-300 on a dress to teach in. All of these are well under $100.

Each image here is clickable. This means clicking it will take you to where you can get more information and even buy it! Just to be transparent, I do receive a small commission from clicks and purchases. One of the many things that funds all the blogging I do.

1. The Solar System dress


teacher dresses

Okay so this dress is just amazing. Several years ago, I worked at an elementary school in the United States (now I’m in Spain). One of the teachers had this amazing dress and she would let others borrow it. It makes me think of Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus.

This is from one of my favorite online retailers Modcloth.

2. The cute button-up

teacher dresses

Okay I love that this girl has a dog! This button-up dress is cute and under $40! This was also found on Modcloth.

3. Boho stripes

teacher dresses

I love how perfect this dress is for teaching. You have the sleeves and a button-up neckline. This dress could also be easily transitioned into the fall and winter.

4. The maxi dress

teacher dresses

A maxi dress is a great option when teaching. You can walk around easily without having to be worried about anything coming up. And maxi dresses are simply comfortable. August and September can still be rather hot as we are transitioning from summer to fall. So a nice maxi dress can honestly be more comfortable than pants.

5. The fit and flare dress

teacher dresses

Now this style of dress has always been one of my favorites. I find that for those of us without super tight abs and a flat belly, fit and flare dresses are perfect.

6. The shift dress

teacher dresses


This is another one that you really cannot go wrong with. I also love how comfortable these dresses are and how easy they are to style.

I love the pink here. The ruffles add more of a feminine touch.

Break a leg!

Teachers, break a leg this school year! Your profession is one of the most undervalued, in my opinion and experience. But keep working hard because what you do is very important.

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teacher dresses

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  1. I need to get this Solar System dress. I love it so much. It is perfect for my personality.

  2. The shift dress looks so adorable! I love how comfortable it looks, which is right up my alley.

  3. These are great dresses to wear to school. They look so cool and comfortable. i particularly love the button up and maaxi dresses. Cheers!!

  4. I love this post so much. Everyone is talking about back to school for the kids but what about the teacher. More and more teachers are fashionable too so this is a cute post.

  5. I don’t feel like these need to be labeled as teacher dresses, but I get where you’re going with this 🙂 I REALLY love the solar system one – I think I need it hehe

  6. I just think that you have such a great taste in fashion, with so many smart choices on teaching clothes.
    By the way, the Solar System dress looks so cool, and maybe a Geography teacher would fit it best, right? (Just for fun)
    It’s amazing that your dresses are also of different styles and colors, and just perfect for different personalities.
    I really look forward to your next posts.

  7. These are all great dresses for any teacher. I love the solar dress and the maxi dress. Thanks for sharing these awesome styled dresses.

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