8 downsides to disorganization I’m ready to kiss goodbye

Several days ago, I decided that enough was enough. I’m tired of envisioning organization when my reality is pure chaos. I’m tired of looking at a car full of old takeout cups as I try to think through my forever long to-do list. I’m tired of not making the most of the things I have. This nagging in the back of my head has been there for at least four-five years. I’ve decided that it is now or never. I’ve decided that while I’m not naturally organized, it can be done.

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking of all the benefits to organization. As we live in a society of opposites, this also has me thinking of the negatives. Many of these are realities that I’m very ready to kiss goodbye. So this is my farewell letter, if you will.


Dear disorganization,

It’s been real. While I appreciate how you make me look “quirky” or “free-spirited,” I desire more. As I grow into my late 20’s that are quickly approaching on 30 (yikes!), it’s just not working anymore. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just ready to be able to breathe. I’m ready to be able to focus on other things.

So as an ode to our farewell, here are 8 things I will not miss about you in the slightest:

  1. A heavier purse. I used to let my purse(s) exist full of mainly random flyers, receipts and gum wadded into said receipts for months at a time. At times, I needed those papers. Yet as the paper count in my purse(s) grew, I became more careless with how I shoved my wallet and planner in there. That had the potential to damage things already in there. Sorry disorganization, but I plan to have at least weekly clean-out sessions.
  2. Buying things I already have. This one is a classic. There have been countless times when I knew I had another bottle of conditioner or laundry detergent, but for the life of me could not find it. It was just easier to buy another on my next shopping trip. Of course, I’d always find the one I had after I bought the new one. Disorganization, you cost me money. No thank you.
  3. Wrinkled or hairy clothing. Disorganization, at times I used to just keep my clean laundry in the bin for days. Other times, I’d temporarily set it on the floor. It would pile up. I know how you tempted me with Youtube videos you deemed more entertaining than hanging stuff up. I know now that while it’s not sexy, it’s necessary.
  4. Jewelry that hangs together stays together. But seriously. Up until a few days ago, I kept all of my jewelry in a shoebox. I have a lovely jewelry hanger. Yes I do. However it was in a bag in my room that I kept putting off unpacking. While jewelry in a box sounds great, it’s simply not. Things got tangled. Things got un-hooked. Things lost beads and pieces. It was not a solid, long-term plan. Disorganization, you never are.
  5. My room as an obstacle course. One half of my mess was blocking the pathway around to the other side of the bed. While I perhaps didn’t need that space to be clear, it’s just nice. That is exactly what you want us to think, disorganization. You find your ways to seep in, telling us that it’s just not important if it’s not in your direct path.
  6. Having mystery bags. I’ve had several big moves recently. I have several bags from the move that have yet to be unpacked. They will not grate at me and I’m excited.
  7. Having clutter on dresser tops and table tops. I’m so very excited for clear-off table tops. I can set things on them! I even have a desk calendar on one!
  8. Scratched up CDs in my car. I’m so excited that they simply won’t get ruined. Disorganization, you’re a CD ruiner!

Disorganization it’s been real and it’s been fun.


Nina, a girl who wants more.


So that’s it. I’m tired of being tired. I’m ready for more. I hope you’ll join me as I continue to blog about this in the coming weeks.

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