8 steps to ensure an amazing girl’s night

Last Friday was the culmination of something I’d been looking forward to all week. It was Girls Night! It all started when Rita (My Closet: The Lovely Rita) decided we needed a girls night. She decided our friend Alex, who is a mother of two small children, she needed a night out. And boy, was she right. So the three of us plus Lauren (Lauren the Activist) decided about two weeks ago to have a girls night. I could tell from our group texts the week leading up to the shindig that it would be crazy. And it was.

We had an amazing time that started with drinks/snacks in Rita’s Covington apartment and ended at the Anchor in Covington, with several stops in OTR in between. I’m convinced we entertained all of our uber drivers and shared a few too many crazy stories. Looking back, it really was the perfect girls night. People stereotype groups of women to be caddy and dramatic. I cannot tell you how many women I’ve met that say “Oh I don’t get along with other women.” I think that is such a shame. I have been so blessed by all the women in my life. That’s one of the many reasons I started this blog. So in reflection of last Friday, I’ve decided to list my steps for an amazing girls night.

  1. 3-5 women who know each other well. Girls nights are like therapy. Sometimes you just need to vent, so feeling comfortable around everyone is key.
  2. A plan that is editable. You need to choose something fun for the whole group but yet be willing to spontaneously change it. Because you just never know when one of your friends gets into a dance battle, you decide to jump into a swimming pool or dye your friend’s hair. Girls nights were made for spontaneity.
  3. A gathering spot to build excitement. You have to get psyched somewhere. Also getting ready together can be part of the fun.
  4. Shared consumable goods. For us, that was alcohol. I brought a wine called “Little Black Dress” and Alex brought a mango vodka mix called “Kinky.” We also ate hummus, chips and veggies. Whether you drink alcohol or not, people gather around food and drink.
  5. Ladies who are real. We had some really amazing conversations because we all just came as we were that day. There was no need to be anyone else.
  6. Lots of dancing and sometimes singing.
  7. Late night food. Enough said.
  8. Spontaneous sleepovers, if necessary.

It was a night to remember for sure. We will have many more. Also I convinced two of the three ladies to wear a dress with me. Even though Lauren opted for a blazer, she still looked amazing! Here are some favorites from the night:




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