A weekend in London with Astor Hostels

weekend in London

When I think back to my last trip to London, I no longer have memories of exploring Westminster Abbey with my high school English teacher eagerly watching his reaction (he was known for getting excited and passionate about literature, so I knew his reaction would be good), wandering around the city with classmates and musing about how they say “mind the gap” at all the tube stops (something us Americans love to love). No no … now my most recent memories to London involve a lovely blogger meet-up with Faded Spring and Mal Into the City, wandering the city in the rain, being mistaken Aussie or a Kiwi at one point (score) and my comfortable stay with Astor Hostels. My only experience in London before last weekend was a high school trip. While that was such a great first experience in Europe, I was wanting to see London in a different way. After all ages 18 and 29 are very different.

How I got there

So as many of you know, I teach English in Spain. This allows for weekend trips within Europe every so often. When I saw a Ryanair flight for only 50 euros roundtrip, I just went ahead and booked it. It really cannot get much better than that.

If you are looking to fly cheaply within Europe, here are a few sites to check out:

  • Ryanair
  • Easyjet
  • Edreams
  • Skyscanner (they have this awesome “everywhere” feature. So if you have a weekend free and just want to go where you can find a good flight deal, this is perfect!)

Of course this list is not comprehensive. If you know of a good budget airline to check out or a website to find good flight deals, feel free to share it in the comments. I’m always wanting to find more ways to travel and save.

The one downside of flying Ryanair was that it has you fly into Stansted Airport, which is a tad farther outside of the city. There is a bus and a train. However it just meant that I had to leave my hostel at like 3:30-4 a.m. Monday morning to get to the train station.

Astor Queensway Hostel

After taking the train to the metro, I finally arrived to my hostel. And to my surprise, they put me in a lovely private room on the sixth floor. It was so nice to have my own space for the weekend. I spend a lot of my travels staying in dorm-style rooms with other travelers. While a lot of those places really make the space as comfortable as possible, someone always ends up snoring. And snoring can be hard for me to fall asleep to (I mean is it ever easy?).

weekend in London

Within my room, I had my own sink, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand soap. It’s perfect because I often travel without shampoo thinking I’ll find some when I arrive.

weekend in London

I loved the little table with treats, coffee/tea and a mirror. While I just opted to have my coffee downstairs at breakfast, it was nice that it was an option up in my room. Of course it got cluttered with my makeup as soon as I arrived.

weekend in London

The facilities

The bathroom was next to my room. I liked that it was a single bathroom rather than a communal one. I liked having my own space and I never had to wait to use it. The actual bathroom itself was basic but clean. All I needed was a nice shower to freshen up before meeting my blogger friends. The shower was nice.

weekend in London

weekend in London


The next morning, I wandered downstairs to eat a good breakfast. Breakfast at the hostel is only one pound and the money goes to charity. They had coffee the way I like it and cream cheese. It was wonderful.

The kitchen also seemed like a nice, clean space as well.


weekend in London

weekend in London weekend in London weekend in London

The artwork

The hostel is in an older, 6-story building. I am impressed with how they make the space work and feel homey. They have lots of beautiful artwork throughout the hallways to give you sort of a more “London feel”

weekend in London

weekend in London weekend in London weekend in London weekend in London

Overall, my stay at Queensway Astor Hostel was comfortable. The staff was friendly and helpful. The location was only a few blocks from a tube stop as well. Was it my favorite hostel ever? No. But it was a great place to stay during my weekend in London which went by too fast.

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable place to stay in London, make sure you check their hostels out at all these spots:

I was provided with a complimentary stay at the Queensway Astor Hostel but all opinions are my own.

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  1. When it comes to travelling, budget is everything. from the itinerary down to the hotel bookings. this review on Aston is really great and your pictures pretty much sums up what most travelesr would be looking for. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes I’ve done my fair share of Airbnb too. However I prefer the hostel life when traveling solo.

  2. I love how cosy the kitchen is and the artwork was pretty cool. Hostels seem like a really unique stay – I’m more interested now.

  3. Glad to know about your trip. I have never used any of these budget flights but I am sure they save a lot of cost for the entire trip. Hope you had a great time in London!

    1. Yeah for sure! My flight was only 50 roundtrip … that was amazing, especially since everything is more expensive in London.

  4. You did find a good and nice accomodation in your travel journey! Saving is a must while traveling, but comfort should not be taken for granted. You both hit comfort and saving! Best of lucks on your next travel!

    1. For sure! That’s what I love about hostels … they’re affordable and yet comfortable.

  5. It was nice to see you lovely, catch up soon. The hostel is pretty nice and for some reason your room reminds me of student accommodation is not a bad thing. It is great that everyone was welcoming x

    1. Hahahaha yeah it did feel dorm-like. It was lovely to hang out with you too in London!

  6. I visited London several times, while I lived in Bristol, but always seemed to have a difficult time finding a decent, reasonable hostel! Maybe I’m too cheap haha. The place looks quite cute and comfortable, especially for a short weekend in the city. I’ll be looking to do a few weekend trips to London over the next year, and I’ll definitely keep Astor in mind.

    1. Yeah I think the dorm rooms ran around 19 pounds a night. Still a lot less than a hotel!

  7. This hostel looks clean and functional and seems to have all the necessarary facilities for a comfortable stay. My son is always on the lookout for good hostels ..I must recommend this one to him.

  8. I would so love to visit London one day! We haven’t ever stayed in a hostel .. but it seems like such an affordable option. Comfortable and cozy .. our kind of place!

  9. What a great hostel. Love the groovy vibe of the decor and even the cool pillows. And the fact that the breakfast profits go to charity is super cool. thanks for the tip on the great stay.

  10. Very nice looking hostel. It seems like the quaint hostels tend to offer the best free breakfast​. Maybe I’ll looking into this one when I visit London again. Thanks for sharing!

  11. The hostel itself looks nice and I love the color on the walls! I love that the hostel offers breakfast and donates money to charity. Also – it was only 1 pound? That makes breakfast even better!

  12. I like that you get your own bathroom and sink. A huge reason why I never stay at hostels is because of the shared space and lack of privacy. This one looks really clean with a great facilities. Even better than they donate to charity!

  13. This hostel looks like a groovy little spot! I love the chamfered corner on the door. Looks like you had a great time.

  14. Great photos – I haven’t been to London since 1999 but am eager to get back. I loved mind the gap! Looks like the hostel was good value for they money!

    1. It was for sure comfy! A little known fact is that most hostels have a private room option.

  15. I’ve never actually stayed in a hostel before, but I imagine it would be a really fun opportunity to meet other travelers!

  16. I am glad that I read your blog post. I never knew that lodging in Europe versus lodging here in America is so different! The pillows were very cute and the hostel seems to be very quaint!

  17. love hearing the difference between both the 18 and 29 year old trips – makes a big difference! 🙂 It’s been a really long time since I’ve stayed at a hostel- in 2002 I lived in florence italy going to art school and stayed in one then – it was definitely a life highlight and very memorable experience – although a lifetime ago! 🙂 So loved reliving a little of that chapter reading your post. Doesn’t seem too shabby!

  18. I love the cafeterias initiative to give it to a certain charity. I love your post too, Very informative. Happy and safe Travels!

  19. Great Read! Traveling is an experience so I am all for traveling on a budget so I can invest more in the activities I want to partake in and not just the airfare and hotel.

  20. Great review on Astor hostel. It’s great to find a budget friendly and clean accommodation especially while in London. Glad you got to make it back without your english class.

  21. It looks like it has everything you need and well kept. I don’t know that a hostel will ever work for me , but it’s a great alternative for so many people. Nice that they give to charity. Happy travels!

  22. This hostel spells eclectic to me with all the nostalgic music decor and Union Jack bedding! It looks like it does the trick while exploring London that’s for sure 🙂

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