Bites and Sights: a Budapest food tour

Budapest food tour

Budapest, Hungary should be on everyone’s Europe list … now! With amazing food, beautiful architecture and inexpensive prices, Budapest is not to be missed. I had the privilege of traveling to Budapest several weeks ago and I had an amazing time.

No trip to any city is complete without trying the food, so I decided to go on a Budapest food tour. The Budapest food tour I chose was called Bites and Sights, and I was quite impressed. This tour is one of several offered by Budapest Urban Adventures. I love anything with food, so I was excited and ready.

Our tour was led by Hunor, a Hungarian tour guide originally from Transylvania.Transylvania is actually in Romania but is very culturally Hungarian. The people speak the language, eat the same food and have many of the same traditions. Hunor joked that Hungary is the only country surrounded by itself, meaning many communities right next to the border are very culturally Hungarian as well. I find things like this fascinating.

Budapest Central Market Hall

Budapest food tour

Anyway, so we met our tour guide in the Budapest Central Market. I love markets like this because you get the opportunity to see and try so many awesome foods in one place.

First, we started with a Túró Rudi. This is basically cottage cheese surrounded by chocolate. I loved it and probably should have bought 5-6 to take back home with me. I love anything with cheese and chocolate.

Budapest food tour

They also make ones with fruit in the middle, which I also tried while visiting Budapest.

Next, we entered the market and were given a sort of traditional food tour. We tasted different meats and these amazing cheesy-bread sort of biscuits called Pogacsa. Hunor told us that on the last day of school, your mom would often give you a bag of them to take with you.

So far, I was loving everything I was eating. This Budapest food tour was off to a great start!

Budapest food tour

Budapest food tour Budapest food tour Budapest food tour

Budapest food tour Budapest food tour

Next was some fine dining

Next we left the market and walked down the street to a restaurant called Halkakas Halbisztro. This place specialized in fish.

Budapest food tour

The spreads were likely my favorite thing here. I love anything that you can spread over a piece of bread.

Next we headed through the city and over to a park where we enjoyed this super refreshing drink that’s a mixture of wine and sparkling water. It was rather hot that day, so I throughly enjoyed it.

Budapest food tour

I realized the best photo I had of this drink was from my Instagram stories. Either way, you get the idea.

A little tour through the city

Next we wandered through the streets looking at buildings and discussing the history of the city. One thing Budapest is known for is their old buildings. People have taken some of these buildings and turned them into bars. They’re called “ruin bars.” The basically keep the interior as is and only do renovations to structural problems.

However other buildings, such as the one pictured below, is just an example of an old building. I love the architecture and the detailing on the floor.

I loved that this wasn’t just a Budapest food tour. We also learned and walked around a bit.

Budapest food tour Budapest food tour Budapest food tour

Budapest food tour Budapest food tour Budapest food tour

Budapest food tour Budapest food tour

Budapest food tours Budapest food tours Budapest food tour

Budapest food tours Budapest food tour

Our last stop

Our last stop of the tour was a restaurant called Elso Pesti Reteshaz. It was here that we ate goulash and amazing strudel. They again had the cottage cheese with them, which I loved. I have always been a big fan of cottage cheese.

Budapest food tour

Do you enjoy eating the local food when you travel? Have you tried Hungarian food before?


I was a guest on the Budapest Urban Adventures Bites and Sights Tour. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I love food tours. They give you such a great opportunity to taste so many different things before you actually commit to buying maybe a larger plate of it. Everything looks so delicious.

  2. Cottage cheese surrounded by chocolate? Sounds absolutely delightful!Looks likes you had a taste of the city!

  3. Budapest is quite high up on my travel bucket list right now, I keep hearing it’s an incredible city. I’ll have to keep this post in mind for the future!

  4. I love Budapest and managed to visit earlier in the year, I did love the local delicacies and would be nice to do a food tour for sure

  5. It looks like such an exciting experience and the food tour looked amazing. That’s how I like to enjoy my food on a tour. haha Great pictures you shared of the beautiful city.

  6. This is an amazing tour. I was in Budapest couple of months ago and I did not try any local food at all for some reason. To be honest I do not know why.

  7. I really do enjoy local food when I travel. Even if I don’t love the food I like trying what they have in the region because I want the full experience. Haven’t been to Hungry yet but sometime I may be so lucky.

  8. I like how they openly promote graffitis and other street arts. It seems this ia another place I wish to visit in Europe. Love it!

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