The beaches of Almeria

beaches of Almeria

Last weekend, I spent a day exploring the beaches of Almeria here in the Andalucia region of Spain. My English teaching program is an adventure sometimes. Last year was the first year both myself and Amy taught English in Spain. We both got placed in tiny pubelos. However I got lucky as two teachers from my school commuted from Granada and they gave me the option to live in Granada. I of course took it and had a fabulous year living in Granada. Like what? I got to live in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. It was like a dream all year last year.

Amy, however, got placed to work in a pueblo of Almeria called Albox. She did not have the option to commute from a larger city like I did, so she lived in the town. However from all her stories, it sounded like she had a good year. The teachers from her school were always going out and getting together, so she made some good Spanish friends that way. And when you’re in a pueblo, you’re really forced to speak Spanish as less people speak English.

If we decide to teach a second year with this program, we typically get priority over people in their first or third+ year. In my region, it’s basically known that if you write down the city you want, you get it as a second year. I used my priority advantage to stay in Granada but work at schools that I could walk to. I got what I wanted and I love not having to carpool for an hour. Amy used her second year priority to live and work in Granada, which is how we became friends.

So Amy still had stuff in her pueblo that a friend was keeping for her over the summer (super nice of her friend). It was more than you could just get on a bus trip. It was maybe like 6-8 boxes, so renting a car for the day seemed like the best option. It’s always cheaper in Europe to rent a stick shift. For lots of Americans, this is a problem. The majority of our cars are automatic and most Americans never learn to drive a manual car. I, however, can thanks to my parents who both preferred stick shifts. At age 16 when it came time to learn to drive, I had no other option than to learn as both of their cars were stick shifts. At the time, I HATED it. However I am not grateful. Several years later my mom’s car would become mine. Hence, I drove a stick shift for 10 years. I could do it in my sleep.

This now means that I can rent a car with no problems here in Europe. So I drove us out there and back there for the day. I had heard about the beaches of Almeria, so we made hanging out at the beach part of the journey.

beaches of Almeria

The beaches of Almeria

If you wish to explore Almeria, there are several beach options. The one we went to is Playa de Los Muertos in Carboneras. You actually have to park your car at the top of the hill and hike down. The hike down is super worth it.

There are a few other beaches to explore in the province of Almeria. I have only explored this one, but perhaps in the future I’ll return to explore a few more. This article lists 10 beaches in Almeria that you must see.

beaches of Almeria beaches of Almeria beaches of Almeria beaches of Almeria

The dress was found at Mango here in Spain and it was on sale. I normally wouldn’t go for a dress like this that has no back. However I also hate to stay in ruts, so I decided to be adventurous and buy it! I’m glad that I did.

beaches of Almeria

beaches of Almeria

beaches of Almeria

Dress: Mango (similar), Shoes: I cannot remember (similar)

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beaches of Almeria


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Women around the World: Danielle from Atlanta

Danielle from Atanta

This week, we are featuring Danielle from Sparkling Southerner. She is a fashion blogger living in Atlanta. She is someone who I have been following on Instagram for a few years now, so naturally I reached out to her for this Q&A series. She always seems to find the most colorful walls to take photos in front of. In fact when I think of her blog, I think of lots of colors.

Her style is southern with a twist. Enjoy the Q&A!

Name, age, where you are from and where you live now

Danielle Buchanan
24 years old
I’m from Atlanta and still live there now.

Where did the name Sparkling Southerner come from?

My blog was first called something like confetti, glitter and fabulousness. I honestly cannot even remember the name! I changed it because it was firstly a super long name and it just didn’t feel right. I played around with some other names and came up with sparkling Southerner. I really wanted to encompass my love for sparkly things as well as southern style. My take on southern style is a little different than the traditional definition and so I kind of stated that this blog is based on southern style with a twist.
Danielle from Atlanta

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is like I said southern with a twist. I wear a lot of bright colors and patterns but most of everything I wear is pretty classic and somewhat conservative style wise which falls more with the traditional definition of southern style. Nothing too revealing or short.

How do you spend your days?

I am a clinical research coordinator for multiple myeloma clinical trials at emory university. I work there full time so I only have time to do my blog after work or on the weekends.
Danielle from Atlanta

How do you balance work and blogging?

I am hoping to become more consistent with the blog itself. I currently am only really updating Instagram daily. I am just a little overwhelmed with working full time. I am hoping to get blog posts up and running again soon. I mainly get content ready on the weekends or after work if I am not too tired.
After that I want to make more relatable post for readers. How to style different items or something along the lines of 5 ways to wear a blazer or maxi skirt.

What advice would you give to people looking to start a blog?

I think advice I would give would be you have to stay focused and disciplined. I have gotten away from the blog and more to Instagram which shouldn’t have happened I need to get back to doing both equally. Also to not get frustrated. It takes a long time to build a following. I don’t even have a huge following and I just keep doing posts that are fun. Also do not compare yourself to other bloggers. You just have to find your own niche and go with it! Even if you need inspiration that’s fine but don’t get bogged down by them having 40K followings on Instagram or a huge site view total. You have to make it fun and become your own business!
Danielle from Atlanta

What are some lesser-known places to visit in Atlanta?

People definitely need to check out Krog street market. It’s overshadowed by ponce city market because its smaller and somewhat hidden. Also Bon ton boil house has fun drinks and the building is pink!

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Danielle from Atlanta

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Women around the World: Lindsey in Argentina

Lindsey in Argentina

Welcome to another Women around the World Wednesday. This week, we feature another lady living the expat life. I suppose since I myself am an expat, I find the stories of other expats to be very interesting. Not everyone just decides to move to a different country for a period of time. So I’m always fascinated to find others who have done similar things to me.

Lindsey is the blogger behind Have Clothes Will Travel. She’s an American who lives in Rosario, Argentina. While I have never been to Argentina, I have always been fascinated with the culture. I’m not going to lie … the thought of looking into English teaching jobs down there at some point has crossed my mind. After all, I already speak fluent Spanish having lived in Spain and worked a bilingual job in the US. So I was curious as to what the expat live down there is like.

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3 Bohemian Czech towns in two days

Bohemian Czech towns

There are so many great Czech Bohemian towns to explore. There is way more to see in the Czech Republic than Prague. It can be hard to just pick a few. A little over a month ago, I spent some time exploring Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov and Hluboká.

This particular trip was awesome because I met up blogger friend Kristin from Countdown to Friday. I feel like within this blogging world, we meet a lot of cool people via the Internet. There’s this culture of supporting one another. I absolutely love it! I had met Kristin from the fashion blogger community maybe about six months ago. We both collaborated with blogger Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood on a Winter Wedding collaboration last January. So I met Kristin this way and from time to time, we chat about blog stuff. I also featured her twice: once in my expat series and once on Women around the World.

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Women around the World: Annika in Toronto

Annika in Toronto

Welcome again to our weekly series Women around the World. This is the second Canadian lady we are featuring in the series (the first being Maria from Short Girl Long Jacket). This time, however, we are on the opposite side of Canada. We are over on the Eastern side in the bustling city of Toronto.

Everyone, meet Annika. I got connected with Annika through a friend of mine who also lives in Toronto. She knew that we were both bloggers and figured that we should know each other. So via the internet, we were introduced. I absolutely loved her style and her Instagram feed in general, so I figured she would be perfect for this series. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Michigan Bridal Wedding Dress

Michigan Bridal Wedding Dress

Searching for the perfect wedding dress in Michigan is not a simple task. It is common to see brides stressing out a few weeks before their big day because they do not seem to find their perfect dress. A dress searching quest could be very stressful, and you need to press on until you find your perfect pick. Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair for most people, and there is a lot of pressure to get the right dress. Here is a guide that will help you get the perfect wedding dress for your big day.


There are several things you need to establish before you even start looking for a wedding dress. First of all, think about your day. Are you having a beach wedding, informal wedding, formal ballroom wedding, outdoor ceremony or a traditional marriage? For more information on official wedding venues visit Townsend Wedding Venues. Your wedding theme and style significantly affects the kind of dress you can buy. Consider your body shape and preferences as well. It is important to do some research before you hit the streets. Pinterest and online magazines are great options for this as they have several dresses that will help you get a picture of what you want. You should also be realistic with your choices as a dress that looks good on another person’s body won’t necessarily look good on you.

Michigan Bridal Wedding Dress

Start Early

Never be deceived by the notion that wedding dresses are available and you will just go and pick one in a boutique near you. Start looking for a dress early enough so that you have ample time to deal with the possible frustrations associated with this quest. Normally, it is good to start shopping for a gown nine to twelve months before the wedding day. This gives you enough time to deal with alterations and delivery issues that might jeopardize the marriage if you do not have enough time.

Where Are You Shopping From?

Before you begin booking appointments at bridal salons, ensure you are dealing with reputable entities. Do some homework and check their ratings, reviews and customer testimonials. It’s nice to find out the number of years they have been operating and the qualifications of the consultants working there. A diligent advisor should know all the designers making wedding dresses and the fabrics, design details and silhouettes associated with each brand. Such professionals will help you get your desired pick as they are experienced and know the most suitable dress for the different customer needs.


Before you set out to find a suitable wedding dress in Michigan, have a budget. A budget will reduce your options and give you a simpler time selecting a particular dress. When you visit a boutique, start by telling the consultant working there your projected budget. This will save you time and allow you to focus on the ones you can afford. However, be sure to find out the average price of a wedding dress in Michigan before fixing a budget. You could see this information by asking your peers who are married about the money they paid for their wedding dress. This is vital in ensuring you do not set a minimal budget that will limit the number of suitable dresses you can buy.

Still, under the price, find out the things included in the price before buying any gown. Some clothes may require alterations, and you need to budget for them as well. Some boutiques include possible changes in the overall price while others charge a specific amount depending on the work done on the dress. These are things that affect the price of the dress, and you should look into them.

Payment policy and Delivery Time

Always ask about the payment terms and delivery time before buying a dress. Most boutiques in Michigan will ask you to pay half the price of the dress as deposit and complete the payment once the dress arrives from the designer. Stores have different cancellation policies, and you should be aware of those terms as you never know what might happen between the day you pay the deposit and the wedding day.

Finding a wedding dress is a challenging task that requires patience and shrewdness. Never carry an entourage when visiting a boutique as all their opinions will just confuse you more. Go with a few friends you trust and once you find a dress, stop looking. Continuing to will start giving you second thoughts, and you will start regretting why you picked a particular dress and not another one.

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Women around the World: Diana from the Czech Republic

Diana in the Czech Republic

This week on Women around the World, we are hopping over to a new country. However it’s not a country new to the blog entirely as I was in Prague just a few months ago. However this is the first time we are featuring a Czech girl on the blog. Meet Diana, one of the three bloggers from Czech Souls.

I spent my summer in the beautiful Czech Republic and really grew to love the place. It is absolutely beautiful. So I was very excited to interview Diana when she reached out to me. I’m also super stoked about these dress photos! She was traveling in Asia for 7 weeks and had only a few changes of clothing in her backpack. So when she went to Angor Wat in Cambodia, she wanted something different to wear. Here is the full interview:

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How I spent $0 on accommodation for a week

spent $0 on accommodation for a week

Several weeks ago, I was traveling. In one week, I traveled to Dresden, Berlin, Granada and Budapest. And I spent $0 on accommodation. That’s right. I did not pay a penny the entire week.

But Nina … there must be a catch. I mean come on. You paid something, right? Like you paid $5 a night. Or you got some good discount and you’re calling it “free.” Or … you’re just trying to get us to click on this post, you blogger!

While “How I spent $0 on accommodation for a week” would be some amazing click bait, I promise you that every single bit of that sentence is true. All I want to do is tell you how. As someone who loves to travel and does it on a teacher salary, I am always looking for ways to save money while traveling. It’s kind of a two-part thing. You first save money to travel. Then you save money while traveling so you can travel even more!

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Florida Beach Dresses for Traveling Women

In the design world, spring is often seen in a designer’s resort collection. This summer collection is designed for those who live in a cold climate to go on vacation where it is warmer. When you visit Florida, resort wear is typically a bright colored wardrobe that is geared toward summertime. These wardrobe pieces are easy to make a transition between the city and the beach. Although you don’t need resort wear to enjoy a Florida vacation, it can add a lot of fun to it.

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Women around the world: Ana from England

Ana from Faded Spring

Happy Wednesday! Guys I am so excited to bring you one of my favorite blogger friends this week! Everyone, this is Ana from Faded Spring!! I met Ana through a Facebook group for bloggers perhaps a year or more ago. However I never really had a one-on-one conversation with her until March when I had planned a trip to London. I always like to meet other bloggers in person, so I reached out to her to see if she wanted to meet up. Of course she did. We also met up with Mal from Mal Into the City.

We had the best time laughing about everything. Ana from Faded Spring is such a sweet and down-to-earth person. Like me, she wears lots of dresses. The thing I love most about Ana is how real she is. Over on her blog Faded Spring, she’s not afraid to talk about anything. Abuse and bullying are part of her past. Instead of hiding these things, she writes about them. Through that, others who have gone through the same things can relate and connect with her. It’s really wonderful when you find others who have experienced the same things. You suddenly don’t feel so alone.

Guys I am so excited to share this with you all. I hope you will follow Ana from Faded Spring as well.

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