Women around the world: Kristin in Germany

women around the world

Welcome to my new series entitled Women Around the World. In a way, I’m getting back to my blog’s roots with this series. When I first began this blog almost two years ago, I would interview different women and feature photos of them in dresses. When I moved to Spain last fall, I stopped doing that. An international move took up much of my time and energy, as you can imagine. I knew less people in my new city and I traveled more. My intention was also to blog about travel, so those posts took priority. 

As a blogger and influencer, I’m always meeting other amazing women via the internet. So I’ve decided to take up these interviews again but with a travel twist. My blog really has transitioned into a travel blog and I want to keep it that way as well. Whether she has the ability to travel often or not, every woman can teach us something and offer us travel tips about where they live. 

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My 5 favorite things about Munich

5 favorite things about Munich

It was hard to pick just 5 things that I loved about Munich. The truth is, I really love this Bavarian city in Southern Germany. The people, the food, the beer and the history were all simply amazing. If you’re planning a trip to Germany, Munich is not to be missed.

My sister city

Did you all know that Munich is one of the sister cities to my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio? That just means that our city governments have a special relationship and that we do exchanges sometimes. They have a high school exchange program and a teacher one too. Sometimes they host events in Cincinnati too. There’s a website all about it that you can visit here.

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