Women around the World: Diana from the Czech Republic

Diana in the Czech Republic

This week on Women around the World, we are hopping over to a new country. However it’s not a country new to the blog entirely as I was in Prague just a few months ago. However this is the first time we are featuring a Czech girl on the blog. Meet Diana, one of the three bloggers from Czech Souls.

I spent my summer in the beautiful Czech Republic and really grew to love the place. It is absolutely beautiful. So I was very excited to interview Diana when she reached out to me. I’m also super stoked about these dress photos! She was traveling in Asia for 7 weeks and had only a few changes of clothing in her backpack. So when she went to Angor Wat in Cambodia, she wanted something different to wear. Here is the full interview:

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How I spent $0 on accommodation for a week

spent $0 on accommodation for a week

Several weeks ago, I was traveling. In one week, I traveled to Dresden, Berlin, Granada and Budapest. And I spent $0 on accommodation. That’s right. I did not pay a penny the entire week.

But Nina … there must be a catch. I mean come on. You paid something, right? Like you paid $5 a night. Or you got some good discount and you’re calling it “free.” Or … you’re just trying to get us to click on this post, you blogger!

While “How I spent $0 on accommodation for a week” would be some amazing click bait, I promise you that every single bit of that sentence is true. All I want to do is tell you how. As someone who loves to travel and does it on a teacher salary, I am always looking for ways to save money while traveling. It’s kind of a two-part thing. You first save money to travel. Then you save money while traveling so you can travel even more!

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Florida Beach Dresses for Traveling Women

In the design world, spring is often seen in a designer’s resort collection. This summer collection is designed for those who live in a cold climate to go on vacation where it is warmer. When you visit Florida, resort wear is typically a bright colored wardrobe that is geared toward summertime. These wardrobe pieces are easy to make a transition between the city and the beach. Although you don’t need resort wear to enjoy a Florida vacation, it can add a lot of fun to it.

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Women around the world: Ana from England

Ana from Faded Spring

Happy Wednesday! Guys I am so excited to bring you one of my favorite blogger friends this week! Everyone, this is Ana from Faded Spring!! I met Ana through a Facebook group for bloggers perhaps a year or more ago. However I never really had a one-on-one conversation with her until March when I had planned a trip to London. I always like to meet other bloggers in person, so I reached out to her to see if she wanted to meet up. Of course she did. We also met up with Mal from Mal Into the City.

We had the best time laughing about everything. Ana from Faded Spring is such a sweet and down-to-earth person. Like me, she wears lots of dresses. The thing I love most about Ana is how real she is. Over on her blog Faded Spring, she’s not afraid to talk about anything. Abuse and bullying are part of her past. Instead of hiding these things, she writes about them. Through that, others who have gone through the same things can relate and connect with her. It’s really wonderful when you find others who have experienced the same things. You suddenly don’t feel so alone.

Guys I am so excited to share this with you all. I hope you will follow Ana from Faded Spring as well.

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Bites and Sights: a Budapest food tour

Budapest food tour

Budapest, Hungary should be on everyone’s Europe list … now! With amazing food, beautiful architecture and inexpensive prices, Budapest is not to be missed. I had the privilege of traveling to Budapest several weeks ago and I had an amazing time.

No trip to any city is complete without trying the food, so I decided to go on a Budapest food tour. The Budapest food tour I chose was called Bites and Sights, and I was quite impressed. This tour is one of several offered by Budapest Urban Adventures. I love anything with food, so I was excited and ready.

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A night at the circus hostel

circus hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany has long been on my list of travel destinations. From the history to the culture, I have known that Berlin is not a city to be missed. I was able to visit Berlin a few weekends ago and I stayed at the Circus Hostel Berlin. I feel like it’s quite fitting that I stayed there as I actually used to work at a circus company back in the United States on the side for about four years. Yes I can make you a balloon dog and also paint your face like Spiderman. I have acquired some random talents over the years.

Anyway, back to Berlin! So I stayed at the Circus Hostel in Berlin and definitely enjoyed myself. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. The hostel overall was nice and clean. So many people have this idea that hostels are dirty. Perhaps they assume that when you pay less than hotel, you get less than that. However that is often not the case with most of the hostels I stay in. Circus Hostel in Berlin was clean and well-decorated.

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24 hours in Dresden

24 hours in Dresden

Have you heard of the city of Dresden? It sits just a few hours south of Berlin, Germany. I was very lucky to spend 24 hours in Dresden and I had a blast. The city really is one that everyone should add to their Germany list. It’s a place that I would really love to spend some more time in.

How I arrived

As some of you know, I am spending my summer working as an aupair in the Czech Republic. You can read a little life update here. I have traded sunshine and tapas for amazing beer and green countryside. Oh and I’m not far at all from Prague, which is amazing.

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Women around the world: Asia in South America

Asia in South America

This week, I decided to interview a fellow travel blogger. Meet Asia, the girl who spent almost a year in Central and South America. As someone who speaks Spanish and worked with the Hispanic community in my hometown, this part of the world is very much on my list. I went to Nicaragua two years ago around this time and have been wanting to return at some point.

I connected with Asia on Instagram, much like how I connect with other people doing similar things to me. So enjoy reading all about her adventures wandering through South America.

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Women around the world: Kristin in Germany

women around the world

Welcome to my new series entitled Women Around the World. In a way, I’m getting back to my blog’s roots with this series. When I first began this blog almost two years ago, I would interview different women and feature photos of them in dresses. When I moved to Spain last fall, I stopped doing that. An international move took up much of my time and energy, as you can imagine. I knew less people in my new city and I traveled more. My intention was also to blog about travel, so those posts took priority. 

As a blogger and influencer, I’m always meeting other amazing women via the internet. So I’ve decided to take up these interviews again but with a travel twist. My blog really has transitioned into a travel blog and I want to keep it that way as well. Whether she has the ability to travel often or not, every woman can teach us something and offer us travel tips about where they live. 

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My 5 favorite things about Munich

5 favorite things about Munich

It was hard to pick just 5 things that I loved about Munich. The truth is, I really love this Bavarian city in Southern Germany. The people, the food, the beer and the history were all simply amazing. If you’re planning a trip to Germany, Munich is not to be missed.

My sister city

Did you all know that Munich is one of the sister cities to my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio? That just means that our city governments have a special relationship and that we do exchanges sometimes. They have a high school exchange program and a teacher one too. Sometimes they host events in Cincinnati too. There’s a website all about it that you can visit here.

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