Day trip to Ubeda and Baeza

day trip to Ubeda and Baeza

When you think about Spain, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Barcelona or Madrid? Is it tapas and beautiful beaches? While I love the big cities, I equally enjoy visiting the smaller towns of Spain. I love to get a different perspective on Spanish life … a perspective that you do not get from a travel book. Ever since I moved to the Andalucia region of Spain, people have been telling me that I need to see Ubeda and Baeza. On Sunday I finally decided to go.

These towns are both located in the Jaen province, which sits just above Granada. The trip from Granada is just about an hour each way, making them the perfect day trip!

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The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

Beatles magical mystery tour

Everyone knows Liverpool, England as the home of the Beatles. So of course when I went, I had to experience all that I could. I only had one full day in Liverpool, so I wanted to make sure that I saw all the spots I could. Luckily they offer a Magical Mystery Tour that takes to all the hot spots for 20-something pounds. It was perfect.

The bus

It was a cold day, especially for April. Spring just arrives a lot later there. I had brought my leather jacket with me, which was honestly not enough. That’s one thing about Spain … Spanish weather is so much nicer than that of England. So needless to say, I was happy when it was time to board the bus.

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5 Reasons you have to visit Liverpool

Liverpool visit

Liverpool, England has been on my list of places to see for a long time. I’ll be the first to admit that the Beatles were initially the driving force behind that. Over in the United States, were always told that we need to visit London, of course. Check. Been there twice. And then of course following London, Liverpool always comes up. But I’ll admit that before my trip, all I really knew about the city was that the Beatles were from there. I was surprised that I came away liking it for more reasons than just the Beatles.

So without further ado, let’s just get right into it.

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A day trip to Toledo

day trip to Toledo

While I love the excitement of arriving at the airport, going through security (total sarcasm here) and boarding my flight to some exciting destination, I also love the fun of a simple day trip. There are so many places that we can explore within a 1-3 hour drive of us, wherever we are. I love taking day trips and where I live in Spain, there are so many!

Over Semana Santa, I traveled in Ireland and England for a little bit. On my way back home, I found cheaper airfare into Madrid. Since I’ve already been to Madrid several times, I decided to take a day trip to Toledo. Toledo is a perfect day trip from Madrid as it’s a one-hour away. And it’s also a city that you do not want to miss. It’s full of so much history and things to see. And the architecture is very unique.

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Hatters Hostel Liverpool for a bit

When I plan travel, I realistically need an entire night. I love all the logistics that go into planning your route, your accommodations and what you will see. I love comparing modes of travel, airfare and the like. That is exactly how I initially decided to come to Liverpool.

A friend of mine invited me to come to Dublin with her over Semana Santa. I found a Ryanair flight Malaga-Dublin for 20 euros. Great! Returning home, however, was looking quite pricey. It’s funny how that happens with Ryanair. So I got creative and started thinking about what other cities are near Dublin. It was my Semana Santa afterall (I teach English in Spain and Hispanic countries love to take the whole week off before Easter). I had time to explore. So using the GoEuro app (anyone traveling in Europe needs this app. It is amazing), I found a Ryanair flight from Dublin-Liverpool for just 16 euros! Liverpool has been on my list for a while since the Beatles are from there. So I said why not?

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My Primark spring dress

Primark spring dress

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite happy that spring has sprung! I love being able to wear my dresses without tights and I love busting out all the floral prints. So I was happy to find this Primark spring dress for only 8 euros!

As you may have seen on Instagram or my previous post, I spent this past Saturday in Ronda, Spain. Ronda is an adorable small town about an hour outside of Malaga. My friend Karla and I made a day trip out there from Granada. Like me, she also teaches English in Spain.

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Las Fallas: a festival of fire in Spain

festival of fire in Spain

Several weekends ago, I experienced the most “Spain” thing yet. It included large artistic creations, marching bands, food trucks and alcohol. It culminated with fire. Much like Burning Man, everything had to be burned. Hence, why Las Fallas are known as the festival of fire in Spain. The festival happens every March in Valencia, Spain, and this year I was lucky enough to go.

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A weekend in London with Astor Hostels

weekend in London

When I think back to my last trip to London, I no longer have memories of exploring Westminster Abbey with my high school English teacher eagerly watching his reaction (he was known for getting excited and passionate about literature, so I knew his reaction would be good), wandering around the city with classmates and musing about how they say “mind the gap” at all the tube stops (something us Americans love to love). No no … now my most recent memories to London involve a lovely blogger meet-up with Faded Spring and Mal Into the City, wandering the city in the rain, being mistaken Aussie or a Kiwi at one point (score) and my comfortable stay with Astor Hostels. My only experience in London before last weekend was a high school trip. While that was such a great first experience in Europe, I was wanting to see London in a different way. After all ages 18 and 29 are very different.

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3 best things about Lisbon: pastries, parties and castles

So if I were to sum up my trip to Lisbon in three words, they would be pastries, parties and castles. Of course there was much more to my long weekend in the capital of Portugal. But these are the three things that stuck out the most during my time in the yellow and pink city. I had an absolute blast and have to return one day. Lisbon is one of those cities where a weekend simply is not enough. It’s also one of those capital cities that’s very easy to get around in. While I also love Madrid, Madrid to me feels like New York city. It’s big and you have to take public transportation everywhere. Lisbon, however, is different. You can easily walk from one place to another.

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