Day trip to Ubeda and Baeza

day trip to Ubeda and Baeza

When you think about Spain, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Barcelona or Madrid? Is it tapas and beautiful beaches? While I love the big cities, I equally enjoy visiting the smaller towns of Spain. I love to get a different perspective on Spanish life … a perspective that you do not get from a travel book. Ever since I moved to the Andalucia region of Spain, people have been telling me that I need to see Ubeda and Baeza. On Sunday I finally decided to go.

These towns are both located in the Jaen province, which sits just above Granada. The trip from Granada is just about an hour each way, making them the perfect day trip!

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A day trip to Toledo

day trip to Toledo

While I love the excitement of arriving at the airport, going through security (total sarcasm here) and boarding my flight to some exciting destination, I also love the fun of a simple day trip. There are so many places that we can explore within a 1-3 hour drive of us, wherever we are. I love taking day trips and where I live in Spain, there are so many!

Over Semana Santa, I traveled in Ireland and England for a little bit. On my way back home, I found cheaper airfare into Madrid. Since I’ve already been to Madrid several times, I decided to take a day trip to Toledo. Toledo is a perfect day trip from Madrid as it’s a one-hour away. And it’s also a city that you do not want to miss. It’s full of so much history and things to see. And the architecture is very unique.

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My Primark spring dress

Primark spring dress

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite happy that spring has sprung! I love being able to wear my dresses without tights and I love busting out all the floral prints. So I was happy to find this Primark spring dress for only 8 euros!

As you may have seen on Instagram or my previous post, I spent this past Saturday in Ronda, Spain. Ronda is an adorable small town about an hour outside of Malaga. My friend Karla and I made a day trip out there from Granada. Like me, she also teaches English in Spain.

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