Women around the world: Susana from Australia

Susana from Australia

Today we feature Susana from Australia. Like most of my blogger friends, I know Susana solely from the internet. We are in various Facebook groups and such together. I have always admired her style and confidence, so I thought I would ask to feature her here. Enjoy!

name, age, where you’re from and where you live now:

My name is Susana Lopes-Snarey, I am 44 years old and I was born in Portugal and live in Australia now.

When did you start your blog?

My blog was launched on the 16 January 2016. It’s almost coming to its 2 year anniversary! Can’t believe it I’ve been blogging for almost two years!

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Women around the World: Nancy’s Fashion Style

Nancy's fashion style

Welcome to another Women around the World. This week, we are jumping over the Netherlands to talk with Nancy from Nancy’s Fashion Style. Nancy is a fashion blogger that I have been following for some time now. She hosts a weekly link-up on Fridays. She’s also just a very supportive person. I always say that I love all the supportive women I’ve met through blogging. While I’ve been fortunate to meet some in real life, there are many I just know through a computer screen. They are super nice and supportive of each other. I love that mentality over that of competition any day. So enjoy my chat with Nancy!

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Women around the world: Andrea the digital nomad

This week, we are featuring our first digital nomad. Meet Andrea, someone I found through this Facebook group called Girls Love Travel. They have an Instagram account as well and let different women take over their stories each day. She took it over one day and I was intrigued by her life, so I decided to follow her. I had heard the term “digital nomad” before and was intrigued by the idea. As someone who loves to travel, I’ve considered the digital nomad life from time to time.

The thing I love about Andrea is how honest she is. All her photos tell a real story and many are not perfect (since no one is perfect). I’ve definitely learned a lot from following her and watching her stories. And she has influenced me to try to be more “real” when I post to Instagram. So thank you for that Andrea! Hence I figured she would be a very interesting woman to add to this little Wednesday series! Enjoy!

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Women around the World: Danielle from Atlanta

Danielle from Atanta

This week, we are featuring Danielle from Sparkling Southerner. She is a fashion blogger living in Atlanta. She is someone who I have been following on Instagram for a few years now, so naturally I reached out to her for this Q&A series. She always seems to find the most colorful walls to take photos in front of. In fact when I think of her blog, I think of lots of colors.

Her style is southern with a twist. Enjoy the Q&A!

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Women around the World: Lindsey in Argentina

Lindsey in Argentina

Welcome to another Women around the World Wednesday. This week, we feature another lady living the expat life. I suppose since I myself am an expat, I find the stories of other expats to be very interesting. Not everyone just decides to move to a different country for a period of time. So I’m always fascinated to find others who have done similar things to me.

Lindsey is the blogger behind Have Clothes Will Travel. She’s an American who lives in Rosario, Argentina. While I have never been to Argentina, I have always been fascinated with the culture. I’m not going to lie … the thought of looking into English teaching jobs down there at some point has crossed my mind. After all, I already speak fluent Spanish having lived in Spain and worked a bilingual job in the US. So I was curious as to what the expat live down there is like.

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Women around the World: Annika in Toronto

Annika in Toronto

Welcome again to our weekly series Women around the World. This is the second Canadian lady we are featuring in the series (the first being Maria from Short Girl Long Jacket). This time, however, we are on the opposite side of Canada. We are over on the Eastern side in the bustling city of Toronto.

Everyone, meet Annika. I got connected with Annika through a friend of mine who also lives in Toronto. She knew that we were both bloggers and figured that we should know each other. So via the internet, we were introduced. I absolutely loved her style and her Instagram feed in general, so I figured she would be perfect for this series. 

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Women around the World: Diana from the Czech Republic

Diana in the Czech Republic

This week on Women around the World, we are hopping over to a new country. However it’s not a country new to the blog entirely as I was in Prague just a few months ago. However this is the first time we are featuring a Czech girl on the blog. Meet Diana, one of the three bloggers from Czech Souls.

I spent my summer in the beautiful Czech Republic and really grew to love the place. It is absolutely beautiful. So I was very excited to interview Diana when she reached out to me. I’m also super stoked about these dress photos! She was traveling in Asia for 7 weeks and had only a few changes of clothing in her backpack. So when she went to Angor Wat in Cambodia, she wanted something different to wear. Here is the full interview:

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Women around the world: Ana from England

Ana from Faded Spring

Happy Wednesday! Guys I am so excited to bring you one of my favorite blogger friends this week! Everyone, this is Ana from Faded Spring!! I met Ana through a Facebook group for bloggers perhaps a year or more ago. However I never really had a one-on-one conversation with her until March when I had planned a trip to London. I always like to meet other bloggers in person, so I reached out to her to see if she wanted to meet up. Of course she did. We also met up with Mal from Mal Into the City.

We had the best time laughing about everything. Ana from Faded Spring is such a sweet and down-to-earth person. Like me, she wears lots of dresses. The thing I love most about Ana is how real she is. Over on her blog Faded Spring, she’s not afraid to talk about anything. Abuse and bullying are part of her past. Instead of hiding these things, she writes about them. Through that, others who have gone through the same things can relate and connect with her. It’s really wonderful when you find others who have experienced the same things. You suddenly don’t feel so alone.

Guys I am so excited to share this with you all. I hope you will follow Ana from Faded Spring as well.

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Women around the World: Maria in Vancouver

Maria in Vancouver
This week for Women around the world, I’ve decided to interview Maria from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve actually known her for a few years now but just over the Internet, like most of my blogger friends. Although if I’m ever in Vancouver in the future, I’m sure we’d try to meet up. With my crazy life of travel, that very well could be possible.
Anyway, so Maria is a blogger at Short Girl Long Jacket. Does anyone else immediately think of that classic Cake song when they read that? She blogs about petite fashion. I’ll admit that I have the opposite problem than Maria. I’ve never really thought too much on fashion for petite women. Reading Maria’s blog helps me to understand it better. Her style is a tad edgier too, which I love.

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Women around the world: Asia in South America

Asia in South America

This week, I decided to interview a fellow travel blogger. Meet Asia, the girl who spent almost a year in Central and South America. As someone who speaks Spanish and worked with the Hispanic community in my hometown, this part of the world is very much on my list. I went to Nicaragua two years ago around this time and have been wanting to return at some point.

I connected with Asia on Instagram, much like how I connect with other people doing similar things to me. So enjoy reading all about her adventures wandering through South America.

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