The Colorful Look: 5 Tips and Tricks

The colorful look

I have just been loving the colorful look these days! I don’t know if it’s because it’s summer, but I am wearing all kinds of bright colors. Last week was no different.

I initially found this dress at a consignment shop in the fall. Because it required some ironing, it sat in a bin for a good several months. Do you all ever accidentally do that? You keep thinking that you’ll iron it tomorrow or the next day. Every time you think about wearing it, you decide to just wear something that’s ready to go. Well that was this dress. It doesn’t look like it, but that material wrinkles rather easily.

The Colorful look

I also want to note that behind me is a mushroom house. It’s famous here in Cincinnati. Here’s a better look at it:

The colorful look

My 5 tips and tricks for the colorful look

  1. Just go for it! I hate when I hear other people saying “I could never pull that off.” I feel like more than anything, that statement comes from a fear of looking silly. There really is no sort of green light or insiders club. Those that are making fashion statements are just doing it, with or without permission. The next time you’re out shopping, just go for it! Pick the boldest and most colorful dress you can find!
  2. Accessorize accessorize accessorize. The great thing about a colorful dress is that you have so many colors to pick from. I could have added some hot pink accessories to this look or some purple things. I could have taken it in a completely different direction and added white. With this look, I just happened to have bought earrings that have most or all the colors in my dress. What do you know?The colorful look
  3. Allow the dress to make the statement. I’m not a huge fan of mixing patterns. Furthermore with something as bold as this dress, another bold item could be too much. Keep your shoes and sweaters solid colors that compliment the look.
  4. Pick colors that look good on you. For me, I love blues and greens. This dress is full of colors that are “my colors.” What are not my colors? I’m not much of a fan of yellow or beige. While there is some yellow here’s it’s certainly not the focal point.
  5. Have fun! Play around with different colors. Do something different with your hair. If you’re going bold, go all out!

The colorful look

The colorful look

The colorful look

The colorful dress

I hope your Wednesday is awesome!

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    1. Thanks! That’s what I thought when I was figuring out accessories! And I believe that people do live in it. Apparently there’s a story on it somewhere on the Internet. I need to find it!

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