Women around the World: Danielle from Atlanta

Danielle from Atanta

This week, we are featuring Danielle from Sparkling Southerner. She is a fashion blogger living in Atlanta. She is someone who I have been following on Instagram for a few years now, so naturally I reached out to her for this Q&A series. She always seems to find the most colorful walls to take photos in front of. In fact when I think of her blog, I think of lots of colors.

Her style is southern with a twist. Enjoy the Q&A!

Name, age, where you are from and where you live now

Danielle Buchanan
24 years old
I’m from Atlanta and still live there now.

Where did the name Sparkling Southerner come from?

My blog was first called something like confetti, glitter and fabulousness. I honestly cannot even remember the name! I changed it because it was firstly a super long name and it just didn’t feel right. I played around with some other names and came up with sparkling Southerner. I really wanted to encompass my love for sparkly things as well as southern style. My take on southern style is a little different than the traditional definition and so I kind of stated that this blog is based on southern style with a twist.
Danielle from Atlanta

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is like I said southern with a twist. I wear a lot of bright colors and patterns but most of everything I wear is pretty classic and somewhat conservative style wise which falls more with the traditional definition of southern style. Nothing too revealing or short.

How do you spend your days?

I am a clinical research coordinator for multiple myeloma clinical trials at emory university. I work there full time so I only have time to do my blog after work or on the weekends.
Danielle from Atlanta

How do you balance work and blogging?

I am hoping to become more consistent with the blog itself. I currently am only really updating Instagram daily. I am just a little overwhelmed with working full time. I am hoping to get blog posts up and running again soon. I mainly get content ready on the weekends or after work if I am not too tired.
After that I want to make more relatable post for readers. How to style different items or something along the lines of 5 ways to wear a blazer or maxi skirt.

What advice would you give to people looking to start a blog?

I think advice I would give would be you have to stay focused and disciplined. I have gotten away from the blog and more to Instagram which shouldn’t have happened I need to get back to doing both equally. Also to not get frustrated. It takes a long time to build a following. I don’t even have a huge following and I just keep doing posts that are fun. Also do not compare yourself to other bloggers. You just have to find your own niche and go with it! Even if you need inspiration that’s fine but don’t get bogged down by them having 40K followings on Instagram or a huge site view total. You have to make it fun and become your own business!
Danielle from Atlanta

What are some lesser-known places to visit in Atlanta?

People definitely need to check out Krog street market. It’s overshadowed by ponce city market because its smaller and somewhat hidden. Also Bon ton boil house has fun drinks and the building is pink!

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Danielle from Atlanta

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