A day in Loch Lomond

day in Loch Lomond

Hi friends! After about 12 days of traveling, I am back in Spain. I have so much to share with you all that this month will just be full of tales of my travels to Scotland, Andorra, France and Spain (Barcelona). So I thought I’d start off with my day in Loch Lomond.

What is Loch Lomond?

Well I’m so glad you asked! Loch Lomond is this beautiful body of water just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. If you’re spending a few days in Glasgow like I was, it’s an easy drive or train ride to spend a day in Loch Lomond. In America, we really don’t have lochs or we at least just don’t call bodies of water lochs. So the word seems very Scottish to me (especially since they have to whole Lochness Monster deal).

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According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest freshwater body in all of Great Britain. It’s often considered the boundary between the lowlands and the highlands of Scotland. I am sad to say that I did not make it to the highlands on this trip to Scotland. I suppose that’s just an excuse to visit Scotland again … perhaps in the warm weather.

day in Loch Lomond day in Loch Lomond

What I wore …

As you all know, I love dresses. In fact, I have my strategies for staying warm in the winter while wearing them (leggings over sweater tights, anyone?). So I of course was wearing a new favorite. I found this one in my home of Granada, Spain (woah, Granada is my home) at a lovely little shop called Promod. I initially tried it on because it looked nice and warm for the weather. And because of the cold, I didn’t ditch the coat for any of the photos. But I think you still get the idea …

day in Loch Lomond

day in Loch Lomond day in Loch Lomond day in Loch Lomond day in Loch Lomond

It was super windy. So many of these photos are less than perfect with me trying to get my hair out of my face and such. But who needs perfect? I’m not a model and have never claimed to be. I think that’s the best thing about us bloggers … we “model” fashion as just normal people living our lives. Sometimes my hair is a mess and sometimes my makeup isn’t perfect … because that’s life!

day in Loch Lomond

day in Loch Lomond

day in Loch Lomond

day in Loch Lomond

Oh and the funnest thing … this dog thought he could take on these two swans. Hilarious. I recorded a snap on my story of him relentlessly barking at them … and them just chilling like “dog … you cray.”

day in Loch Lomond

Have you been to Loch Lomond?

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  1. looks like it was an amazing day! I hope one day to get back across the pond as they say. I lived in Germany as a kid and traveled in the summer but all my memories are 5 year old type memories. I can say I’ve been to a place but all I really remember is the ice cream or something trivial like that. Amazing outfit too. I’m fashionably challenged so I love living vicariously through fashion type bloggers.

  2. What a beautiful body of water. Scotland is on my to visit list. 🙂 That dress is so pretty and I love how you paired it with the burgundy tights. Your umbrella is also super cute and goes great with your outfit. 🙂


    1. Yeah for sure the warm weather is better. Oh and he’s not my dog … just a random dog who thought he could take on the swans.

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. You are looking amazing in the photographs. Scotland is one of my favorite destination for holidays.

  4. There is so much to explore in Europe and I’d love to be right there in Loch Lomond some day. It is such a beautiful place, the lake looks so serene! Oh and your outfit is so nice! That coat and the boots – so chic!

    1. Thank you Annemarie! Yes you’ll have to get to Europe one day! There’s so much to see!

  5. Wow! You have a great blog! Im so glad i just found it. I would love to go to Scotland. Great post and i love all the pics too x

    1. Welcome Katie! Thanks for stopping in and reading! Scotland was lots of fun and I’m sure even more fun in the warm weather!

  6. Can’t believe you’re wearing such a cute outfit yet it looks like it must have been absolutely freezing! I’d wear at least 3 scarves and a hat haha! x

    1. Hahaha yeah I always make a point to wear dresses in the winter. I find that if I dress warm enough, it works.

    1. Thanks! And I would imagine it’s not super super far for you since you already live in the UK. One day you’ll have to make a trip!

  7. A few years ago we went to Glasglow to visit a friend as we were driving to the highlands and we went by Loch Lomond. We had a beautiful day and had some much fun around there!

  8. I love water lochs.I typically like anything related to water. The place looks serene. I love your burgundy thights, so on point with the boots

  9. Despite the grey, what a lovely country!! I love how your style has transitioned to be a little more European but you still keep your colorfulness (I want your bordeaux tights!). Keep on shining 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m sure part of that is because not all my dresses fit in my suitcase … so it’s been an excuse to add a few new ones to the mix!

  10. Super fun pictures and couldn’t help but smile at the puppy with the swans. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Reading your post gives me serious travel goals. I wish i could take out some time to travel around … Love the beautiful pictures ….keep posting . Love, Yang

    1. Yeah I knew that I wanted to travel over the next few years, so I found an opportunity to live in Europe. Once you’re living over seas, new places to see are not as far. Flights within Europe are very inexpensive.

  12. I like your pictures and outfit. Travel pictures are much better than orchestrated oh-so-perfect pictures of models who go through multiple stages of makeup and touch-ups! These pictures say that you enjoyed the place!

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