Dress picks from Fox and Fable Vintage

This is our second post in our new Dress Picks series. Basically, we pick an online boutique that we love and pick our favorite dresses. Know of an amazing online boutique with great dresses? Feel free to drop us a line at aworldofdresses@gmail.com.

This week were featuring Fox and Fable Vintage, a vintage clothing shop based in Orange, California. While they opened a brick and mortar shop in California a year and a half ago, they have been selling vintage clothing online for the past six years or more. Husband and wife Molly and Mitch Fox own the entire operation. The two of them are incredibly passionate about the vintage lifestyle. They live in a 1950’s house, drive vintage cars and dress in vintage clothing every single day. The business started so they could share their love of all things vintage with others.

I found them on Instagram. If you’re not following us yet, by the way, you should (@aworldofdresses). They are always posting the most fun vintage dresses. I myself have always been a fan of vintage clothing, so I decided to reach out. They agreed to let me make my picks.

Green Mocha Chocolate Brown Pinup Day Dress


This one initially caught my eye on Instagram. I love the pattern. Definitely a unique dress that you’d be sure no one else would have.

Blue Aqua Party Dress


My favorite part of this one is the waist line. I love how it gathers together like that. Also the high neckline allows you to add perhaps a string of pearls or statement necklace to your outfit. Lastly, I’m always a fan of bold prints.

The crazy maxi


Sometimes old trends come back around again. The maxi dress is the perfect example. This dress would be perfect any time of the year. Spring especially comes to mind with the floral print.

The elegant dress


This one is just absolutely gorgeous! So very elegant. I love the back section with the bow.

Those are our picks for this week! Thanks again to Fox and Fable Vintage!

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