Exploring Czech Paradise

exploring Czech Paradise

This summer, I spent several months in the Czech Republic. The intention was to spend some time in a different culture and travel from time to time in a new part of Europe. Several times throughout my two months in the country, I found myself exploring Czech Paradise. I always had my camera and phone ready. So I thought I would share a little bit about that part of the Czech Republic.

What is the Czech Paradise?

Czech Paradise (or Bohemian Paradise as some might call it). Is located only an hour or two drive from Prague in the northern corner of the country. It sits near the border to Poland and also Germany. It is an area full of natural wonders and beauty. There are also lots of old castles and ruins to explore.

The borders of the actual area are not officially defined. However the town of Turnov is sort of the unofficial seat for this area.

How to get there

While you can get to the town of Turnov by bus from Prague, getting to some of these places from Turnov without a car could prove to be tricky. However renting a car could be a good way to go. I went with the people I lived with, so I had no need to rent a car myself. However if you are in need of renting a car, I would suggest finding one through Ebates. I used it to rent a car in the Azores Islands in Portugal and got money back! It was quite nice.

The Trosky Castle

This castle is often seen as the main attraction in Czech Paradise. You can see it from miles away. It’s basically the ruins of an old castle with two towers.

exploring Czech Paradise

exploring Czech Paradise exploring Czech Paradise

exploring Czech Paradise

This castle is one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic, so I was very excited to explore it for myself. It was founded at the end of the 14th century by the Vartenberk family. The castle was built on cliffs of rocks, meaning that it was hard to conquer.

Now the property is open to the public Tuesday-Sunday. You can climb both towers, much like I did here. For more information, visit the castle website here.

The rock labyrinth

This was another fun place to explore. I love a good hike, so I was super excited to explore this place. Kalich – Chleviste is what the place is called and it’s basically a bunch of rock formations that you can hike through. This actually used to be a spot of refuge and gathering for non-catholics during the reformation.

exploring Czech Paradise

exploring Czech Paradise exploring Czech Paradise exploring Czech Paradise exploring Czech Paradise

Some of the rocks had things written on them. I love finding things like this. History is so cool!

exploring Czech Paradise

exploring Czech Paradise

You could also eat the blueberries that grow there. So from time to time, we stopped for a few blueberries!

exploring Czech Paradise

exploring Czech Paradise

exploring Czech Paradise exploring Czech Paradise exploring Czech Paradise

Other points for exploring Czech Paradise

These two spots were just two of many places to explore in Czech Paradise. Here are a few other spots to be sure to check out.

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exploring Czech Paradise


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  1. I love the history that surrounds both these places. I’d l9ve to explore that castle one day too. The views from those towers look breathtaking!

  2. Wow this place looks incredibe! I am always looking for new places to visit, particularly quite historic places with ruins such as this, thanks- i’ll be adding Czech Paradise to the bucket list xx

  3. my best friend is there at the moment and he is already thinking of moving there! it is indeed a paradise and thank you for sharing!

  4. This is such a beautiful place to visit. Love seeing how beautiful or nature is. The rock labyrinth is so breathtaking.

  5. I got interested Czech when I read a Christian book about a girl who escaped Czech during the war I remember her talking about how she missed her home in Prague. She eventuality fell in love and went to Prague with her family for a visit when all was over. I enjoyed that book. Can’t quite remember the name. But it made me have a keen interest. I enjoyed reading about your trip to Czech paradise. It brought fond memories of that book.

    1. That’s awesome. I also spent a little bit of time in Prague this summer and it was great.

  6. One of my bucket lists is to travel the Czech Paradise. Such a beautiful place and a lot of insights. If ever I had a chance I will visit this Czech Paradise this coming next year.

  7. This looks amazing! That castle on the rocks is INSANE! Like how did they get all the stones up there to build it? How did they get up there daily to man the towers? Eat? Go home? So many questions! Those rock formations are crazy beautiful too! We live in New Hampshire which is FILLED with giant rocks everywhere and they never get old!

    1. Wow those are the questions I should be asking when I go to these places. Hahaha … I love it! And I have no idea how they did any of that.

  8. Czech Paradise I want to go there first. I have never been to the Czech Republic. I want to have a trip later this year. Do not know there is summer or fall ??

  9. I have never been to the Czech Paradise before but your pictures are beautiful. I love all of the scenery shots, they’re breathtaking! I’ll have to put this place on my bucket list, thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh wow ! I would have never thought of visiting there but seeing your pictures changed my mind! Vibrant green atmosphere and amazing scenery shots. Thanks !

  11. Czech paradise looks so stunning and perfect place to explore. Your pictures teas me to go now there. Lol!! I will definitely put this in my BookMark as my future references to my next travel visit.

  12. I never heard of the Czech paradise before. Exploring the castle and rock labyrinth seems to be a lot of fun. Your pictures allow feeling the charm of the place. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh my goodness that is definitely a paradise! The maze, the nature, the natural architecture. It’s beautiful and I could only hope to visit the Czech one day!

  14. Whoaaa the place looks so green… its paradise xp and i bet its amazing in real life, i have a couple of friends from this country but they never showed me something like this.

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