Exploring Europe’s only tea plantation

Europe's only tea plantation

Who here would get excited by free tea? Like there’s just always free tea for you to help yourself. Not excited? What about mint green tea ice-cream for only 1 Euro? Okay that might get the rest of you. Well either way, I enjoyed both of those at the Gorreana Tea Plantation on São Miguel Island in the Azores, Portugal last month.

Europe’s only tea plantation

Yes, you read that right! This is the only one in Europe. They have been in business since 1883, according to their website. They make three types of teas: a green tea (which you can find always brewed and always free in the plantation cafe), a black tea and canto tea. Their plantation sits on the lush green island away from the pollution of the larger cities of Europe. They proudly do not use any chemicals to farm their tea. In 1874 two tea experts from China introduced the concept to the folks on the island and the idea has since become quite popular. Europeans from all walks of life have Gorreana in their pantries, according to the website. Today the property spans about 32 acres in the town of Ribeira Grande on the Island of São Miguel. So of course we explored the land a little bit.

But first … ice-cream.

Europe's only tea plantation

Okay so after that and a few cups of tea, we headed outside. The views on the plantation are quite stunning. On one side, you get views of the sea mixed with the tea fields.

Europe's only tea plantation Europe's only tea plantation

On the other side, the land just stretches …

Europe's only tea plantation Europe's only tea plantation Europe's only tea plantation

Europe's only tea plantation

The dress

So I’ll admit that I got the weather all wrong for the Azores. I have never been one of those people who checks the weather forecast each day (although I really should be). I saw pictures of the Azores and imagined weather like Hawaii or the Canaries. So I packed a lot of sundresses like this one. While I look super happy here, little did I know that it would soon start raining.

What was my saving grace? The fact that I had packed for four months. My trajectory leaving Spain for the summer was this: Spain – Azores, Azores – Lisbon, Lisbon – USA and finally USA – Czech Republic (where I am blogging from right now) where I am working as an aupair all summer. The next time I will see sunny southern Spain will be a few months away. So I prepared for all the kinds of weather. And I’m glad that I did.

But this dress looks great in photos, right?

How to get there

I’m sure you’re wondering that, especially if you are planning an upcoming trip to the Azores. I wrote about all that in a past post here: Affordable getaway to the Azores. Getting around the island can be tough. While there is a public bus system, it is infrequent and stops running early.

We rented a car and did not regret it! The freedom we had was amazing. We just looked at the map and decided where we wanted to go! I used Ebates to score a good discount on a rental. The great thing about Ebates is that you get a rebate every time you make a purchase through it. All you do is log onto your account and shop on all the sites you normally do (like Groupon, Expedia, hotels.com, Walgreens, Best Buy and so many more). Each one will tell you what percentage of a rebate you get. I book a lot of things for traveling (hotels, rental cars, flights). I now always use Ebates love it!

Try some Gorreana tea yourself

The neat thing is that you don’t need to travel to Portugal to experience this amazing tea. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your home (which means you can just stay in those cow pjs or whatever you might be wearing). You can order Gorreana tea right off of Amazon!



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  1. Wow, I would have never guessed there is only one tea plantation in Europe! Drinking tea seems so “European”…or so I’ve gathered from The Queen series on Netflix ;). Green tea ice cream sounds delicious!

    1. Hahaha and I’m sure the queen gets some of her tea from Gorreana or at least has in the past. And yes, the ice-cream was amazing!

  2. Tea ice cream? So interesting! I never tried! I had no idea there was a tea plantation in Europe. Learning something tonight. I am a sucker for tea so I might try to go and visit! xx corinne

  3. I am really surprised to learn that there is only one tea plantation in Europe. I enjoy tea very much and if I ever find myself on São Miguel Island I would probably have to visit this plantation. And on a side note, I am craving green tea ice cream now!

    1. Yeah I was surprised as well! And I do hope you can get out to São Miguel one day because it is beautiful!

  4. What a lovely place to visit! I am a tea drinker, so that would be a great place to visit some day. The photos are so attractive.

  5. I had no idea thats what tea looked like when it’s growing. It sounds like you had an amazing time and that ice cream looks super yummy!

    1. First of all, nice name! We are name twins! And yes, I had quite a lovely time in the Azores in general!

  6. This place look amazing! I love green tea, and the ice cream look so yummy! Hope to get there one day

  7. love nature and love your dress too. I love to drink tea too. Ice cream looks delicios I cant eat any now as been sick over a week with cough.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been sick! Tea I’m sure would help you to feel better!

    1. Yeah the great thing about the tea is that you can order it whenever! I was surprised to find it on Amazon! And I hope you do make it out there one day!

  8. What a gorgeous post!!! I love the photos they are all so beautiful. I’m such a huge fan of tea and never knew there was one in Acores, of all places!!! And I’m from Portugal!!! I have book marked your page so when I am next back in Portugal to go visit this place. Loved this post so much!! x

    1. That is right, you are from Portugal. Well now with Ryanair and Easyjet, flights from Lisbon and Porto to Ponta Delgada are super cheap. I also wrote a longer post recapping my entire Acores trip that you should go check out. It was so cool to visit it!

  9. I’m a tea lover but never tried Gorreana Tea, in fact it’s the first time I hear about it. And I live in Europe 🙂
    The place however is amazing and I’d love to visit it someday.

  10. I didn’t realize Europe only had one tea plantation. The US also has very few tea plantations. I haven’t visited it yet, but hopefully one day I make it to one of these because I LOVE green tea. I have a cup or two every morning.

    1. Yes it’s crazy, isn’t it? I hope you can visit it and until then, you can always buy it on Amazon 🙂

  11. A definite huge fan of tea over here and visiting a tea plantation sounds like the place to be. I am so jealous you got to experience this…I’ll have to add it to my bucket list!

  12. Wow, the view is simply amazing and stunning!! I can’t imagine that there is only one tea plantation in the entire Europe! And they drink so much tea too! Love the photos.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  13. This place looks beautiful. I’m lucky enough to live pretty close to Charleston Tea Plantation here in South Carolina. It’s one of my favorite places and we love visiting often.

    1. My best friend lives in Charleston and I’ve actually been to that one! It was a lot of fun to tour.

  14. Portugal is one of my dream counties. I wish to visit it one day. This tea plantation looks amazing! I am a big tea lover so I think it is so interesting to know more about tea making! And I like your dress so much.

  15. Portugal is always on my lisit to travel, but never knew it have such a cool place to visit. i love your pictures and trip, very rare. I wish i can be there too one day.

  16. Glad you had such great weather. I was there in October and fought the clouds for three days straight. That ice cream is pretty great isn’t it?

  17. How COOL to visit Europe’s only tea plantation!! Also, while reading this I thought, “LOVE her dress! It looks so pretty!” & definitely giggled at your comment about the dress.. and rain. But hey you look good girl! 🙂

  18. I never would have guessed Europe and Tea Plantations to go together. Guess I figured Asia owned that right haha. Nonetheless this place looks beautiful, especially the treats.

  19. As a passionate tea lover, this would be an ultimate experience for me. I really wasn’t aware that there is a tea plantation in Europe and that it looks so picturesque. Is a day trip enough to explore the place?

    1. Well I would not recommend a day trip only because the tea plantation is on Sao Miguel Island in between the US and Portugal. What I would recommend is to find a cheap flight from either Lisbon or Porto and spend a few days out there. I have another post about my overall trip to Sao Miguel. My friend and I rented a car and spent about 4-5 days exploring the whole island. It was a blast.

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