Exploring old Granada in a dress

exploring old Granada

Last weekend, I spent the day exploring old Granada. For those of you who do not know, I live in Granada, Spain. I’m an American and I moved there to teach English. And I must say, I absolutely love it in Granada. Some days I catch myself taking it for granted. Then I walk to meet a friend for a coffee and am stunned by my surroundings. I live in one of the prettiest cities in all of Spain. It is simply amazing.

Last weekend, I teamed up with a friend of mine in Granada who volunteered to do my hair, makeup and take my photos (thanks Kat!). Friends like that are the best! Kat lives in the historic area of Calle Elvira.

The story of Calle Elvira

This is the part of Granada that you’ll find on the Internet when you google it. It’s the part to get lost in, wandering from shop to shop to bar to restaurant. At times I’m of course a tad jealous that Kat got an amazing apartment on that street. You can find some Trip Advisor recommendations here.

Calle Elvira starts with the historic Puerta de Elvira and ends with Plaza Nueva. The puerto is an old part of the city that dates back to when it was Muslim-ruled. You can transport yourself back in time in a way as you wander through the streets.

The look

I actually borrowed this dress from Kat because as she joked, we’re all living the one suitcase life over here in Spain. While I have done some shopping and made some additions to my wardrobe here, it’s definitely not like it was back in the states. I love dresses and am always open to trying new ones. So this one was perfect and also very comfortable.

I paired the look with my brown booties and peacoat because it’s still a tad cold in Southern Spain these days. This dress would also be perfect for a nice Spring or Summer day.

exploring old Granada

Exploring old Granda

The streets surrounding Calle Elvira are also very beautiful. We shot these photos in the early afternoon around 2 or 3 p.m. It felt as though we were chasing the afternoon light. It was fun to roam around looking for cool backdrops and historic spots.

exploring old Granada exploring old Granada exploring old Granada exploring old Granada

exploring old Granada exploring old Granada exploring old Granada exploring old Granada

Do you like to get lost and just wander when you travel?

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  1. You seemed to really have a great time, the turquoise color dress looks beautiful on you. Hope you had a great time in Spain!

  2. What a fun job. The location doesn’t hurt either I’m sure. This dress is a nice style and color. I would wear it. I like the color too that’s just a little something to bring it more life.

  3. The dress looks lovely on you – the colour really suits you! And Granada looks beautiful, I’ve never been to Spain but would love to visit! x

  4. Looks like a lovely place and your dress looks lovely too. The colour suits you a lot! Keep adding it to your wardrobe.

  5. Ah, sounds and looks like a lovely time! You are so lucky to live somewhere you can explore around. 🙂

  6. Your pictures do a great job of capturing the fun adventures you’re having there. Envious. I’ve always wanted to go to another country and find a job and stay there until I got too homesick. How long are you planning to stay, or are you planning on a permanent stay?

    1. Thanks Miss Kim! I am definitely thinking 3 years-life here. And then if I do get tired of Spain, I’ll find an opportunity in another country and move there!

  7. Spain is so incredibly beautiful. I love the color of the dress you’re wearing in the photo. All of the shots that you took in it are great.

  8. I explored Granada’s old streets of Albayzin wearing a dress as well and getting lost of the narrow alleys. It’s such an inspiring city, isn’t it? Love your dress by the way.

  9. Super fun post! Love the teal dress .. I had no idea Granda was as wonderful as it is. It’s always fun to read about new places

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