Florida Beach Dresses for Traveling Women

In the design world, spring is often seen in a designer’s resort collection. This summer collection is designed for those who live in a cold climate to go on vacation where it is warmer. When you visit Florida, resort wear is typically a bright colored wardrobe that is geared toward summertime. These wardrobe pieces are easy to make a transition between the city and the beach. Although you don’t need resort wear to enjoy a Florida vacation, it can add a lot of fun to it.

Taking a Look at Fabrics

In most cases, resort wear is perfect for the balmy weather in Florida because it is lighter weight than other types of fashion. Various versions of resort wear will mimic the classic style, including blazers and skirts. They will be bright and cheery with summery fabrics, such as seersucker, cotton, and linen. For those who are packing a suitcase to go to Florida, these lightweight knits are ideal according to Adam Glassman, a fashion expert in “O, the Oprah Magazine.” Doutzen Kroes, a supermodel, also recommends that those who are traveling to the beach wear lightweight denim and cashmere.

A Look at Color

Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, the founder of Vivre, a luxury shopping site, says that you should plan your resort wear and organize it to a single color family. She tends to go with white but then accessories with citrus colors to make the look more appropriate for the beach. Other options would include Navy, khaki or gray. Although some people may consider wearing black, keep in mind that it is a little heavy for resort wear, especially if you are visiting Florida.

A Look at the Essentials

Adam Glasser recommends Multi-functional layering pieces. These types of articles would include lightweight pants, jersey dresses, knee length shorts and white jeans. You may also want to pack a few swimsuits since you are traveling to the warmer weather as well. Jeanbart-Lorenzotti makes the recommendation that you should base the beach wardrobe around white jeans or pants along with simple dresses. Drapey jerseys are ideal for wearing over a swimsuit during the day and then going out for cocktails in the evening. Don’t forget to consider your destination as well. If you are going to Fort Myers, Sanibel, and Captiva Island or another city, be sure that additional dress-up pieces are included in your bag. If you’re going to be going to a more relaxed atmosphere, you may want to pack more for the beach. To find out more about beaches visit Must Do Visitor Guides.


Resort wear is also a lot about accessorizing for that poolside party. The recommendation of Jeanbart-Lorenzotti is to pack plenty of small items so that you can quickly change the look of any outfit. Some of those smaller items could include oversized watches, bubble rings and other simplistic elements that make a statement. A cashmere wrap in bright colors is also something that can dress you up for a cooler evening or if you are hanging out in the air conditioning. Of course, don’t forget the flip-flops because they can be worn anytime and are perfect around the pool. Along with the flip-flops brings some strappy sandals so that you can look dressed up, regardless of what you are wearing. Also, sneakers or some cute flats are always going to come in handy if you are planning on doing some walking.

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  1. I am so not fashion forward. I give the girls who always look SO GOOD and well put together a LOT of credit. I just don’t have the fashion keen sense and I am also – uhhhh lazy? LOL!

  2. I love pastel colors and cotton fabric. The light colors and the soft texture of my outfit affects my mood. They make me relax. Also, they are perfect for summer since dark colors tend to absorb heat.

  3. I love simple cotton dresses for summer whether I’m travelling or at home. I don’t usually accessorize at the pool or the beach though because I’m always worried about losing my jewelry in the water.

  4. Love that you took the time to explain about colors and fabrics. I think both can make or break an outfit!

  5. Accessories can either bring life to your outfit or be the death of it. I’m often afraid to mix and match, and sometimes even feel jealous when I see models wearing the right jewelry with the right dress, ha, ha. I also love wearing different colors for different occasions, places, or moods 🙂

  6. Wow I found this article so helpful! I’m planning several beach vacations in the upcoming months, so this was much needed. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Accessories almost always make the outfit! And colors that pop are definitely in at the beach. Love these picks.

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