5 ways I honor my mom

honoring my mom

This past Tuesday, I got caught in a downpour. I was walking to lunch with a few friends and the place ended up being farther away than we thought. The original plan was to take photos in this cute cafe we were headed to. Then for a few moments, I decided against that considering that I was soaked. Yet after I checked myself in the mirror, I decided “eh, why not?” My blog is not about myself or anyone else looking perfect. It’s about sharing life with the world around me. Sometimes that means getting caught in a downpour.

How I honor my mom

This dress was found on sale at H & M several months back. I instantly loved how easy of a dress it is. You just put it on with some tights and boots, and you are ready to go. I’ve also always worn it with a good necklace.

honoring my mom

As many of you know, my mom passed in January. She was a big fan of the Hunger Games, so my best friend got me two Mockingjay necklaces for Christmas. She was in hospice during that time. She was buried in one of them and I have the other.

I had not yet worn it and I’m not really sure why. Yet on Tuesday, it just seemed to go with the outfit. It was such a neat way to remember my mom throughout the day. Thus it got me thinking of ways that I remember and honor my mom.

1. Jewelry

The Mockingjay necklace is not the only piece of jewelry I have that’s connected to her. Anything she gave me is something that connects me to her. I have this necklace with the letter N on it and several other things. I also have scarves and dresses that she gave me with such love.

honoring my mom

2. My dog Toby

Dogs were also one of her favorite things. She loved our dog Toby a lot. She also loved animal rescues and I’m sure would have fostered 20 dogs if she could. So any time that I spend with Toby I know is making her happy.

honoring my mom

3. Just doing what I love

My mom was always a big proponent of me chasing my dreams. She was always my biggest supporter and wanted nothing to hold her back. I know she’s looking down proudly.

honoring my mom

4. Watching all her favorite shows

We would spend a lot of time watching TV shows with her such as The Middle, The Office, Parks and Recreation and The Big Bang Theory. I can just imagine all the things she’d say.

5. Just being me

Because she never wanted me to be anyone else.


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  1. Such a pretty dress–love it with the tights, and your pics still turned out cute. It’s so hard when our loved ones leave. I love this post dedicated to your mom. My mamaw, who was like a second mom to me, passed away 3.5 years ago, and I think about her everyday. I love wearing things and doing things that remind me of her.


    1. Thanks Tif! Yes wearing things is a great way to remember. It is tough … I’m not one to cry for hours, but I definitely still mourn in my own way each day.

  2. What a sweet post! I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom, BUT you’ve shared such wonderful ways to remember her. I love that you shared that with us. And keep doing what you love and be yourself!! Fantastic advise for anyone 🙂

    1. Thanks Katie! She was really great at just encouraging me to be me. It’s sort of bittersweet that I started this blog while she was in the hospital. If she was still alive, she’d be reading every single posting, commenting, sharing them on Facebook, etc.

  3. I never met your mom but I feel as if I know her since I have met you! Your words honor her in a way I am sure fills her with pride!

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