Green is one of my colors and how to find yours

your colors

Green is one of my colors. We all have a set of colors that look killer on us and green just happens to be one of mine. Our colors may be different than our favorite colors. For example, I absolutely loved pink in middle school and high school. In fact my old e-mail address was And little did I know back then that Spanish would later become my second language. However pink, unless it’s a very dark pink, tends to just wash me out. I have fair skin and blue eyes, so lighter colors like yellow and pink are often a no-go.

So green was never necessarily a “favorite” color like pink, blue or purple. However I look amazing in it. I’m not just saying this because I have some big ego and think I always look amazing (because really, who does?). Whenever I put on green, I get lots of compliments. A royal green tends to be a nice, warm contrast to my fair skin, blue eyes and light hair. So because of this, I’ve sought out more green in my wardrobe over the years.

my colors

Do you know what your colors are? If you are a tad unsure, I’m here to help! When we discover what our perfect colors are, it makes shopping so much easier and worry-free. If we buy a cocktail dress in one of our colors, we are way more likely to wear it over and over again. So in reality, the biggest benefit to discovering our colors is that it makes us wiser shoppers. And more than anything, I’m a huge fan of shopping wisely.

Here are a few of my tips for discovering your colors:

1. Start by looking in the mirror

You’re simply going to want to take a close look at yourself. What is your skin tone? Is it dark? Is it more of an olive? Or is it incredibly light, like me? What color are your eyes and hair? Write all these things down!

2. Let’s look at colors!

Go through your wardrobe and start holding stuff up. For me, for example, yellow or beige just washes me out. Perhaps light green or blue look awful on you. Perhaps pink goes perfectly with your olive skin. Here are a few cheats that generally tend to work:

  • Blue eyes: blue or green
  • Olive skin, dark brown eyes: orange, pink
  • Green eyes: grey, light pink
  • Darker skin tones: yellow, beige, pink

3. Dress accordingly!

So blue maybe isn’t your color and it’s your favorite. That doesn’t mean you have to completely shut all blue out of your life. Perhaps you can add blue accents to your outfits. I personally love adding little pops of color here and there to my outfits.

Overall, no one needs to like buy a whole new wardrobe. That’s ridiculous. However knowing your colors can make shopping for new things a little more easier. I don’t know about you but the older I get, the more cautious of a shopper I become. I really take the time to think about what I’m purchasing and when I’ll actually wear it. I’ve found knowing my colors really helps when doing this.

My look and my colors

Dark green is one of my colors, so I was initially drawn to this dress. This was, oddly enough, the first dress I bought on Modcloth. While I have been a fan of the online shop for years and have spent lots of time looking through all their AMAZING dresses (they have so many), I had never bought anything. Perhaps it was the online plunge? I’ll admit that when buying things online, the sheer fact that it’s the Internet can be daunting. What if it fits funny? What if the pictures are misleading?

Well you know what? I actually had to send this dress back when I first got it. In a way, my fears came true. When I initially got my order in the mail, the slip stuck out from underneath the green lace part by about two inches. It looked awful. However if you’ll take a gander at the pictures below, you’ll see that this is not the case. That’s because their customer support is so ridiculously easy!

I often work in the evenings and return to my house around 8:30-9 p.m. It’s too late to call a call center and I’d honestly probably not have time the next day between the hours of 9-5. However Modcloth offers a customer support online chat feature. I chatted with someone and she right away put in to send me a new dress. It arrived just a few days later and was perfect! I love how easily accessible their customer support is and how friendly they are. I have also bought things from Modcloth since with no issues.

This dress was in one of my colors and it was on sale. I’m glad I bought it! I ended up wearing this dress to my friend Sara’s rehearsal dinner. And this necklace unexpectedly paired so nicely with it. I oddly found this necklace at a craft store for $6! Sometimes some of your most-loved accessories are found in the most unlikely places.

These photos were shot by a lovely photographer named Paige Dunn just as the sun was starting to set.

my colors
Photo cred: Paige Dunn

my colors

my colors

my colors

my colors

my colors

my colors

my colors

Dress: Modcloth

What colors do you look good in? Are your colors and your favorite colors the same? How did you discover your colors?

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  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a green dress before. That’s making me sound boring, lol and I need to broaden my color choices. That dress looks amazing on you.

    1. Thanks Terri! I mean if green looks good on you, you should totally rock it! It’s just all about what you look good in and like 🙂

    1. Thanks Tania! Yeah for sure … and it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all in that color. It just may mean that it’s better you own a pink handbag rather than a dress.

  2. That color looks great with your skin tone and your eyes! For me, it’s really hard to pick out colors… I always like white or neutral tones, but they wash me out too much (I’ve got olive skin, black hair, brown eyes). Black is always a good back up and navy too.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it can be tough with what you like vs. what looks good. For me, I’ve really grown to love green.

  3. Green looks great on you! It’s easy to find your color, you can fit clothes that has different colors and look for the one that matches your skin the best. I think mine is purple, or something similar to the shade!

  4. Cant deny that green is your color, you are pretty ! Thanks for this post I will try you advices to find mine ! very excited about that 🙂

  5. No wonder you love green, because you look absolutely amazing in that color! What a beautiful dress, it fits you so well and the lace looks so feminine and pretty!

  6. Lovely dress! Green feally fits you. I am more blue clothes kind of gal, also love to wear black outfits. Green is perfect for Summer, great choice!

  7. Pretty pics! I love that you break it down for those of us who are fashion-challenged. It’s really helpful. I want to look cute, but I’m not always sure how to do it! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I wear green because I am a redhead with blue eyes. I have heard teal makes my eyes look teal. I assume it is just the reflection. I honestly have the oddest skintone for a redhead, I can wear pretty much any colour as long as it is bold. I love green though. I just love love love green. ahaha

    1. That’s awesome! Yeah I find that some people can do pastels while others are better off in bolds and royals. It all just depends.

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