Hatters Hostel Liverpool for a bit

When I plan travel, I realistically need an entire night. I love all the logistics that go into planning your route, your accommodations and what you will see. I love comparing modes of travel, airfare and the like. That is exactly how I initially decided to come to Liverpool.

A friend of mine invited me to come to Dublin with her over Semana Santa. I found a Ryanair flight Malaga-Dublin for 20 euros. Great! Returning home, however, was looking quite pricey. It’s funny how that happens with Ryanair. So I got creative and started thinking about what other cities are near Dublin. It was my Semana Santa afterall (I teach English in Spain and Hispanic countries love to take the whole week off before Easter). I had time to explore. So using the GoEuro app (anyone traveling in Europe needs this app. It is amazing), I found a Ryanair flight from Dublin-Liverpool for just 16 euros! Liverpool has been on my list for a while since the Beatles are from there. So I said why not?

The only thing that sucked about my time in the UK was the cold. It’s April and it still was very cold. My leather jacket may not have been warm enough for Dublin and Liverpool in April, if we’re being honest. However my stay in Liverpool was comfortable thanks to Hatters Hostel.

The decor

I love it when a hostel really sets the mood. I like it when it’s inviting and like a place you’d want to hang out in.

Hatters Hostel Liverpool Hatters Hostel Liverpool  Hatters Hostel Liverpool Hatters Hostel Liverpool  Hatters Hostel Liverpool

Hatters Hostel Liverpool


When you walked in, directly to the left is their bar space where they serve free breakfast every day. Also coffee and tea are always available. I definitely took advantage of that and had myself a coffee after I returned from my Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.

Hatters Hostel Liverpool Hatters Hostel Liverpool

The room

I was in a 4-bed dorm that had it’s own bathroom. Honestly, I stay in so many hostels where I share a room with 10-15 people and the bathroom is communal. It was nice to have a tad more space. The other two guys in my room were from Canada and Australia, and had just moved to Liverpool to work for a few years. Both of their countries have this program where they can get a 1-2 year work visa in the UK to work basically any job they want. To say that I am jealous is an understatement. While it’s colder and more expensive than Spain, there’s always been something alluring about living in London for a few years.

The room was comfortable. The only thing I would change is to have an outlet by my bed. I’ve stayed at hostels where every bed has an outlet next to it and it makes all the difference.

Hatters Hostel Liverpool Hatters Hostel Liverpool

Hatters Hostel Liverpool

Hatters Hostel Liverpool

The outside space

I just stumbled upon their outdoor space as I was wandering around with my camera. I love the mural in the back and the bench swing.

Hatters Hostel Liverpool

Hatters Hostel Liverpool

Hatters Hostel Liverpool Hatters Hostel Liverpool Hatters Hostel Liverpool

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Liverpool. Hatters was in the thick of everything. I just walked everywhere I went over my two days in the city.

I received a complimentary stay for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.



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  1. I am living for the mural and the back bench swing. I love that the hostel was so accommodating although you are right that the weather in England is super chilly! I love Liverpool its awesome x

  2. It’s beautiful! Hostels are so much fun and they’re perfect if you want to experience a little more culture and mix with the locals. I love that you get to enjoy more space.

  3. It looks like a lovely hostel to stay in. I like that they have huge areas, from the lounge to the room. It’s a great way to travel and stay within your budget while also meeting fellow travelers.

  4. We always seek out places like this to stay when we travel. They’re quirky and off-beat. Love that it’s like a little community with things of its own. Thank-you for sharing it with your readers. Namaste ..

  5. I love when a hostel has personality and it makes you feel at home, even if you share the room with other people. I love hostels because of their social life, which seems to be very good at the Hatters, due to their large common area.

  6. I have a horrible habit of spending way too much money on hotels-looking at this place i’ll be sure to look it up!

  7. Enjoyed seeing those pictures of Liverpool. I’ve always wished more countries had the working holiday visa but seems like it’s only the commonwealth countries that have this visa

    1. Yeah that visa is pretty dope! I too wish more did. I tutor English with this Turkish company, and Turkish people have an option to do “work and travel” in the US for a bit. I think it functions in a similar way.

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