Jazmin and the Mexican dress

Hi all! Welcome to part three of our photoshoot with Jazmin. This part includes a short interview with some hard-hitting questions. This is one of my favorite parts of featuring different people each week. Everyone has such interesting things to say about womanhood, dresses and anything else life.

Mexican dress

I absolutely love this dress. Jazmin is originally from Mexico City, Mexico, and bought this dress there. It was designed to be worn to the wonderful beaches of Mexico. As many of you know, I want to travel the entire world. I hope to explore Mexico one day. Many of my clients at Su Casa Hispanic Center (my day job) are from Mexico. As with any place, they have a mixture of good and less good things to say. The food, though, is one thing I think we can all agree is simply amazing.

This dress, though, is amazing! It is so super unique! I love anything colorful!

Mexican dress

Mexican dress

Mexican dress

Mexican dress

Okay now with the questions:

Name: Jazmin Ojeda

Age: “I’m forever 28”

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio; originally from Mexico City, Mexico

Profession: Engineer

What was that like coming to the United States at first?

It was difficult. It was fun because you come to another country, but it’s difficult to get adapted to the weather, the language and the people. It’s a shock. But then you just … you know. You learn as you go.

Do you have any funny stories from when you first came here of things you didn’t understand or said wrong?

So I went to the drive-though with my brother, because I learned some English in high school, but it’s not the same. And I couldn’t understand anything and I couldn’t place my order. So then I decided to apply for a job at Burger King because that’s where we went through the drive-through. And I’m thinking maybe I can just work in the kitchen. So they put me in the front and for the first three days I was like “what do I do?” I didn’t know how to give change. I didn’t know like nothing. So like this guy came in and said “can I have a hamburger with everything on it but onion?” And I thought “but onion? What does that mean?” Actually I had to go and ask someone “what does it mean when you say ‘but something?” So things like that would happen to me every day. So that’s how I pretty much learned.

Yeah you learn from making those mistakes. Very cool. So what are you most passionate about in life?

I like learning. So for example I became an engineer because learning to me is easy. I think I can learn anything I want to. If I read something, I will grasp it right away. Engineering is difficult. It’s a lot of thinking and it’s a lot of mathematics. When I’m solving a problem, I just get into my own world. Working with numbers just gets me lost. So it’s like a passion. I can just kill time doing some sort of problem or resolving something, and next thing you know it relaxes me. And getting an answer or the right thing just feels like a huge accomplishment.

What does being a woman mean to you?

It is kind of hard being a woman but it is the most precious gift that a human being can have. Only women can understand things that humanity won’t. We are able to give birth. We could do anything that any other man can … probably even better. We’re capable of multitasking, bearing pain, being as smart as we want to be, seductive … we have all kinds of tools that it is just amazing. I think that there is a lot of bad things about being a woman too, but the good things are just like … it’s like a pandora box. We’re full of surprises. To me, that’s a blessing.

How does wearing a dress make you feel?

I feel that I have power because I’m coming back to being a woman and using my womanhood to express myself. It depends on the dress. You could dress up for the office and it makes you feel more confident and more intelligent. It’s just your femininity but also what you represent. So wearing the dress to me is like being a little kid and a woman at the same time … it’s like an illusion.


Jazmin could not pick just three dresses for our shoot. This fourth one was also amazing. She got it from BCBG to be the matron of honor in her sister’s wedding. We decided to keep warm and take these photos in the living room.

Mexican dress

Mexican dress

Mexican dress

Mexican dress

Me gustan los dos vestidos mucho! I liked both dresses a lot!

Thank you Jazmin for everything!

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