Jazmin, our woman of the week #1


Meet Jazmin

This week we will explore the life and dresses of Jazmin, a close friend of Jenni, a friend who I featured on the blog several months ago. The two of were apart of Salsanati together. When I was looking for someone to feature, I reached out to Jenni and she suggested Jazmin!

Today is the first installment of three this week. Each week this month I plan to have a different woman of the week who I will feature three different times during that week. Each post will feature a new dress outfit and some fun facts.


Name: Jazmin Ojeda

Age: “I’ll always be 28.”

Profession: Engineer

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio; originally from Mexico City, Mexico

Languages spoken: Spanish and English

Fun facts:

  • She met her husband in Mexico briefly as a child. He is from Mexico City as well. Years later they reconnected when they were both living in Cincinnati.
  • She loves anything chocolate.
  • She named Bill Clinton as one of the three famous people she would have dinner with if she could pick anyone.
  • She became an engineer because she loves learning and solving problems.
  • If she were stranded on a desert island, she’d bring a knife, water and rope.
  • Her favorite color is blue.





Dress: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Shoes: Aldo (similar)

This dress is very special to Jazmin. She had it in her closet for seven years but never wore it because it didn’t fit. Then she went on a healthy weight-loss journey a few years back, and was able to fit into in the end. She even almost gave it away! She’s of course glad she didn’t!


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