Juliette dress #2: The late 1890’s

Welcome to part 2 of The Dresses of Juliette. Today we look at an 1890’s dress. Juliette is a woman of many creative talents. Making costumes is what she does for fun. This week we take a look at three out of many … she has an entire room dedicated to the costumes she has made.

Today we go a little bigger and bolder than on Sunday. Today’s dress has bows, pastels and puffed sleeves. This gown resembles the styles of the United States and Europe in the late 1890’s.

The dress itself is bittersweet. She bought it the day after her cat passed away. One of her co-workers took her to a fabric shop to cheer her up. It was there that she felt this silk calling her name.

1890's dress

Any excuse to wear a tiara and hold a feather fan is a great day for me!

Juliette says her favorite part of creating costumes is that she gets to play pretend. When she puts these things on, she feels as though she can be someone else. There’s always a lot of fun to that.

I’m in awe.

1890's dress

The puffed sleeves are my favorite part. I just love how crazy and frilly they were. I would never want to wear puffed sleeves today. However I cannot imagine life 100’s of years ago.

1890's dress 1890's dress 1890's dress

1890's dress 1890's dress

Thanks for reading along!

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