3 summer dress looks

As many of you know, I have lots of dresses. It’s kind of what I started this blog about. Between my dresses, accessories and other clothing, it can get a little crazy. Then you add in my life of travel and living overseas, and it could be overwhelming without a clear focus. So I thought that I would put together a few tips.

This men’s valet stand got me thinking about how I would love the equivalent of this for a dress. This Laurel Crown’s mens valet stand is designed to hold all that you need for the next day. It has a place for pants, jacket and any accessories such as a watch. I would love something like this for my dress of the day. I could plan my entire dress outfit for the day and have it waiting for me when I awake.

Laurel Crown's mens valet stand

If I had this valet stand, here are the outfits that I would put on it.

1. Navy and tan

I love pairing black and teal together. Plus who couldn’t imagine a little black dress on that?

2. The LBD

3. The striped dress

This is a Modcloth find. Who doesn’t love Modcloth? That neckline provides a nice place for a necklace. I wanted to add a quick pop of color, so I added some red.

This Laurel Crown’s mens valet stand for sure got me thinking about how what outfits I would put on it. What outfits would you create?

This post was sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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