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Hello L’BAE Nation you Beautiful Blessed people of God! Yes this is how I will start my weekly blog as we are all blessed to be alive therefore we are all Living Blessed and Empowered …L’BAE that is! As a contributing writer for A World of Dresses, in my own words the L’BAE blog will bring to you highlights of today’s latest fashion trends, success stories and L’BAE moments that will inspire, captivate, and excite your heart. I pray that you find the L’BAE blog as exciting as I feel writing it! ‘Til the next time L’BAE All Day Everyday!


Entering the New Year in a Fashionable L’BAE Way!

As the New Year is upon us, how will you begin? The start of a New Year, a time to get things right, make changes and live your life in a new exciting way sounds like a plan! What better way to start off the year than with some new fashions for your wardrobe, a new hairstyle or maybe a makeover with a fresh new cosmetic line? (Check out the L’BAE Cosmetic line). Yes that’s right retail therapy! Fashion, hair, makeup, shoes, dresses and the list goes on, everything to make a young girl or woman smile from ear to ear with the enthusiasm that they are about to embark on a journey of never ending blissfulness that will change their inner feelings from daunting to daring! Yes Strike a Pose for 2016!


All the newness in the air as the New Year is upon us as we profess and proclaim what changes we are going to make to become better and bolder in our approach to life, although many of us haven’t a clue as to where to start or what to do to acquire ideas for something new. No worries as you can use the L’BAE blog as a guide of inspiration that will heighten your sense of enthusiasm as well as curiosity as you embrace the adventures of others who will share their lifestyle dos; don’ts and pictures of awakened creativity.

What if this is your first time and you really haven’t made any drastic changes to yourself or your life? Its ok the L’BAE consultants including myself are here to help. We are professional and put you as the client/customer first. Just log onto to the L’BAE website at lbaeinspire-new.net, click contact and a L’BAE consultant will contact you soon to answer any questions that you may have.

It is certainly okay to change a few things about yourself in order to spark a little excitement in your life. As we enter into the New Year, a simple change to your color pallet could be a start. If you constantly wear red in your wardrobe, change your color to orange, yellow or even a print that will make a statement. If you’ve never been one to wear skirts or dresses, make this the year that you show those legs! Yes still keeping it sophisticated and professional but being a little flirty won’t hurt anyone! The change can be anything that you want whether it’s your wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup or even your career! Just do a quick analysis of yourself to figure out what about yourself you would like to change or enhance.

The key and most important thing is that you are happy with who you are, and with that being said get up, get motivated and get moving! Open up your closets, jewelry boxes, makeup bags and shoe racks, and clear your old things out to prepare for the new! This is going to be an exciting time, so get your journals ready to take notes on any and everything that ignites a spark into your creative imagery on becoming the best new you that you can be in 2016. We are all different. Everything may not appease everyone and this is okay as the world would be boring if everyone was the same. We as women have a world of dresses in our closets so relax and enjoy as you see the variations of women’s style in their fashion, hair, makeup and careers. Happy New Year 2016 L’BAE All Day Every day! I’m Pamela the Inspirationalist. Make it a L’BAE Day!

For More Information go+- to www.lbaeinspire.net, or email me at pittsinterp@yahoo.com.

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