My Closet: Lindsey’s Dresses, todo el año

Lindsey is who we’re hanging out with this week. Actually, Lindsey and I work together. She always wears the cutest dresses, so I thought “why not just bring my camera in for the next five days and document her office style?” The offices of Su Casa/Catholic Charities … provided some accent walls. We had fun, for sure!

The one everyone seems to borrow

The same day I came up with this brilliant idea, Lindsey just happened to be wearing a cute dress. I only had my cell phone camera but thought ¿Por qué no? (why not in Spanish. We speak a lot of Spanish at Su Casa). This one has been lent out to friends more often than any other dress she owns, she said. Because she wears dresses so often, when going out her friends have felt dressed down. So like any good friend, she is there to offer a dress! This one for sure seems like it would work for many occasions. Also, most people look amazing in dark blue.

The one Lindsey traded


Some days you need just need to get out of the office with a couple of your co-workers and eat at the Indian buffet down the street. This was taken on one of those days. Also looks are deceiving with this one. At first, I thought she was wearing an A-line skirt with a tucked-in top. Maybe it was the best that threw me. It is, in fact, a dress. It definitely gives off that stylish young professional vibe. I think we got a few weird looks as we were taking these … always fun! Also, where did this amazing weather go?

Lindsey said this one used to belong to her friend. One day, they decided to trade one dress with each other, and this is the dress she ended up with!

The thrift store find

LindseyWe all know the feeling. We decided to take a look around Goodwill. Maybe we’ll find something. Maybe we’ll walk out with nothing except a few laughs at ridiculous t-shirts. Then we find it. We find IT! We find the cute, fun and one-of-a-kind dress (or hat, shirt, pair of pants, blazer, etc. but for me it’s always a dress). We feel so accomplished because we paid very little for such a unique find we can be sure no one else will have. Because the only time women are ever truly okay with wearing the same dress as someone else in the room is when they’re in a wedding party.

This dress is “that” dress for Lindsey. She remembers buying it at a thrift store. Also, love the purple wall? Thank you, Catholic Charities, for painting our office walls royal purple!

She also joked “I remember walking into Anthropology and getting a compliment on it. It was like ‘Hell Yeah!”

 LindseyThe one she wore to a rooftop party that one time

There’s nothing better than some pink and purple. One of Lindsey’s trick is making her dresses work for many occasions. Here, she’s wearing it with a professional black blazer and a pair of black heels. Very office chic. However one of her fondest memories in this dress was wearing it to a rooftop party in Chicago where she lived for several years. Good memories, I’m sure.

The one she took to Puerto Rico

This time, we opted to be different. We needed a change of scenery, so we thought a red wall would really shake things up. We might be getting to crazy over here. Sorry. I Lindseymust say, I really like the gray in here. I feel inspired to incorporate some more gray into my life … just not 50 shades of it (come on. I just had to. Lo siento).

In March, Lindsey traveled to Puerto Rico and wore it just about every day while she was there. For her, she’s all about dressing her dresses up and down, depending on the situation. In fact, unlike a lot of people, she doesn’t pack up her summer clothes when the cold hits. Instead, she gets creative and has fun with what she has. She said her biggest style tip is just that.

“Don’t buy a new wardrobe,” she said in regards to wearing dresses in the winter. “Just wear tights, scarves, sweaters and blazers. Just play with what you already have.”

I suppose we’ll have to try that! Thanks Lindsey!

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