My farewell to the sundress in Ibiza

sundress in Ibiza

Ah Ibiza. A little over a month ago, I was wearing my sundress in Ibiza. The weather was absolutely perfect. Now I sit in my apartment in Granada and it is quite cold outside! Winter has arrived in Spain! And while winter here will be way more mild than what I am used to in the United States, winter is here nonetheless. I am for sure excited to wear lots of boots and tights with my dresses. However I will miss all my sundresses. They are comfortable and easy to wear. This one is one of my favorites.

When I was in Ibiza with my friend Shola, we thought this made for a lovely backdrop. I am a big fan of green, after all. If you wish to read more on my Ibiza adventures, you can check them out here and here.

The sundress

sundress in Ibiza

I found this dress about a year ago at a second hand shop in my hometown (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) called Plato’s Closet. Plato’s Closet is geared towards teens and young adults (so I may have been too old … aw well) and their sister shop the Clothes Mentor is more geared towards adult women. I always love finding things at second hand shops. You never know what you’re going to find and are often times pleasantly surprised.

sundress in Ibiza sundress in Ibiza

This dress is also quite slimming. I just put it on and feel slim. And that’s always amazing.

Stylish Plus Size Dresses & Separates

sundress in Ibiza sundress in Ibiza sundress in Ibiza sundress in Ibiza

sundress in Ibiza
he was copying me

sundress in Ibiza sundress in Ibiza

  • Merchant:ModCloth
  • Price: $23.99
  • Merchant:ModCloth
  • Price: $29.99
  • Merchant:MakeMeChic
  • Price: $17.40
  • Merchant:Zulily
  • Price: $4.99

Are you going to miss sundresses?

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  1. We’re already getting snow here in the States and I can’t wait for it to get warm again! That’s awesome that you got to spend time in Ibiza. I’ve never been, but I’d like to visit sometime in the near future!

    1. Stay warm back home in the states! And yeah my Ibiza trip was nice because it was off-season and therefore overall more calm.

  2. Two days ago, it was 80 degrees, now it is 30! I can’t believe it! This sundress is beautiful. I look forward to seeing what dress you post about during the winter!

    1. Yeah weather these days is funny, isn’t it? And thanks … I imagine you’ll see lots of tights and boots!

    1. Yes you do … I hope to get to your country, the Philippines, one day! And you always have the cutest dresses!

    1. For sure! In fact that gives me a blog post idea … how to transition your favorite sundresses! Thanks!

  3. Did you here a lot of these insect in the trees? They make such a funny noise, can t remember the name. But aren t you wearing dresses in winter then?

    1. Hmm I did not. Are you thinking of cicadas? We have those in my home town. And yes, I do plan to wear lots of dresses this winter … dresses all the time!

  4. Reading this with my cup of tea and hot water bottle on my feet feels rather bizarre! In the UK summer has long gone. I love autumn and winter but am excited for the warmer seasons too!

  5. Gorgeous print and ahh I do miss sundresses! What a great find at Platos and ClothesMentor as well! So pretty.

  6. You post made me miss the summer! I love this dress of yours, it’s so comfy and it’s perfect for going around during the summer. The flowers are a nice touch!

  7. summer clothes are so much more fun, than winter clothes, especially really cute ones, like the one you are showing off. I do like sweaters, don’t get me wrong, but I am a fan of summer all the way! Blessings!

  8. We have about 1/2 a foot of snow but are expected to get a ton more this week and weekend. So I said goodbye to my sundresses a while ago… Okay let me be honest I live in Norway I rarely get to wear sundresses at all. πŸ™ I love this sundress is it so adorable!

  9. I was actually wearing my sundress about 2 weeks ago, in Granada. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful city! Your dress looks very pretty, perfect for summer.

  10. It was about 12 degrees here this morning. This makes me miss Summer. Beautiful light blue floral dress and gorgeous location of the pictures. Don’t forget to linkup, dear Nina.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Love that dress – it caught my eye on A Labour of Fashion Link Up since it’s such a spring/summer look making me miss that time of the year! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

    1. Yes they are fun! With this particular shop, I find myself with more things than I can buy! They tend to be more selective with what they take but therefore the stuff is of better quality.

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