My story with dresses


Dresses are a huge part of my life. They are the sole reason I started this blog. However I wasn’t always a dress aficionado. No, this love affair began about 10 years ago during my time as an undergraduate student at Western Kentucky Univeristy.

College is where I settled into my uniquely me style. Let’s be real here. While we may all think we got it going on in high school, we don’t. If you can look back 10+ years later and still love your high school look, kudos to you! Anyway, my dress obsession started out slowly, just like any other obsession. I bought one here or there. Several years later, I had accumulated a good 10 or more. But it did not stop there.

Like any obsession, I just kept accumulating them. Now at the age of 28, I have over 60. Within this past week, I bought four more (I just can’t resist a Charming Charlie’s sale or the entire store of Franchescas!). I was laughing about how while I say I need to stop, I probably won’t. I suppose I could have a worse obsession.

People have said before that I should start a blog about dresses. I have decided to take that idea and make it my own. I am so much more as a person than the dresses I wear. I have many things I’m passionate about. I also know many badass, passionte women. So I intend for this blog to be part fashion and part stories about women.

I love and encourage any feedback. Feel free to leave me comments. You can also email me at Thanks for reading!



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