The navy floral dress

navy floral dress

Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. I love all shades of blue, but I especially love a dark navy. There’s just something very classic about it. This dress just seemed perfect for summer too!

When matching with navy, it can be hard. Depending on the shade of navy, black is often not a good option. Yes yes, I know … so much of what you own is black. Me too. However when it’s so close to Navy, it can just clash. But not to worry … there are so many colors!

navy floral dress

A little gold or brown

I loved that this dress had gold flowers. The contrast between the two colors is my favorite thing. When styling something, I always think that you should go for a contrast. But two different colors together of the same tone (royals with royals and pastels with pastels, for example). So the browns were a nice complement with the gold and navy.

I found this dress on Zaful, a website with an endless selection of clothing and accessories. If you join their community called Z-me (basically like their version of Instagram), you can get points for sharing, following and commenting. Those points get converted into money, which you can apply to purchases. So I got this dress, another dress and a watch for under $30!

navy floral dress

A little red

I’m also always a big fan of red and navy. I think the two colors together look fabulous. So of course I grabbed my classic red necklace and earrings.

navy floral dress

navy floral dress

Well happy Friday everyone! Today I am linking up here.

The dress

Zaful sleeveless floral dress

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  1. I love that dress, it looks very classy! And I like how you’ve added different coloured accessories – like the red necklace and earrings or the brown bag, really makes this outfit interesting!

    1. Yeah it’s definitely hard to not just like buy 10 dresses from Zaful. I recently saw a few I like too.

  2. This dress is adorable and so perfect for summer! I like the bit of red you added. Zaful does have some of the cutest clothes. Thanks so much for linking up, Nina!

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