Why you need a true weekend away … now!!

weekend away

This past weekend away I packed away dresses that had already appeared on the blog. While I had my camera with me, it did not leave the case one bit. On past weekends away, this made me feel anxious. “This place is beautiful,” I’d think. “This backdrop would make for some killer Instagram photos. I just need to go bug someone I came with to play photographer!” While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this way of thinking, it was also nice to take a true weekend off.

The family reunion … my weekend away

Ever since I was little, my dad’s side of the family has taken these trips in the summer. We usually pick a lake-side location and all rent cabins. Some people arrive Thursday night and others arrive Friday. We spend the days on the lake boating, water skiing and swimming. We spend the evenings grilling out, drinking beer and enjoying each others’ company. I used to dread it growing up. My phone would loose reception about halfway down and I’d be bored. Now I really enjoy this weekend away with family.

I just returned from my family reunion to Jamestown Resort and Marina off Lake Cumberland and I feel more rejuvenated than ever. I’m ready to conquer this week of blogging … at least!

I did take a few shots of the lake as it is beautiful. And confession: I did do some small blog things. It’s hard to completely separate yourself. However the tranquility allowed me to breathe and think a little more. It was nice. I made some brainstorm lists and slept in every morning. Bloggers and non-bloggers, we could all benefit from this.

weekend away

Why you need a weekend away

Ladies, I’m specifically talking to you. We often take on so much in our daily lives. I know for example that many of my blogger friends reading this have children and full-time jobs in addition to running their blog. It can get crazy and hectic. I know the feeling well. Others of us may work two and three jobs. Others of us may play large voluntary roles in community organizations. Whatever it is, many of us could keep on going if we allowed ourselves to.

Several months ago, I sat down and wrote an exhaustive list of all the things I needed to be doing for my blog. From scheduling Twitter to growing my e-mail list better to writing blog posts in advance and everything in between, it was LONG. I got overwhelmed.

“Our to-do lists will never end, which is exactly why we need a weekend away.”

weekend away

I’m a firm believer in accepting reality rather than trying to live in unattainable ideals. Once of those ideals is that I’ll do it all. With two jobs on top of my blog, that will never happen. Our to-do lists will never end, which is exactly why we need a weekend away.

Leave it at home and just go. Smell the flowers, swim in the lake and drink the beer. Browse around the gift shop without an end time in mind. Just be … don’t do.

We simply cannot keep going without some time for ourselves. Yet we often forget to love ourselves. Please do me a favor ladies and make time for yourself. Put that list or that phone down. And instead of doing … just be.

Ladies, what are some of your favorite ways to show love to yourself?


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  1. so true, sometimes ladies need that getaway to recharge and refill, it mustn’t always be about people but sometimes you need to give yourself that whole attention and see the difference. and you sure had fun from your post and picture… the lake looks quite and cool.

    1. Thanks Danjuma! Yes it was a very fun weekend. And you’re right too about the alone time … it is so great to have that!

  2. I just had a weekend away from the house and I agree, I needed it. Sometimes you don’t realize how badly you need to get away until you are away! Glad you had a fun trip, sounds like a great time!

    1. Aww man. Well perhaps you can take a good staycation. There are all kinds of affordable things you can do to treat yourself.

  3. I completely agree with you; everyone needs a complete break from life once and a while! And as someone who also regularly goes on vacation with my extended family, I have to say those are some of my favorite times to relax.
    Thanks for linking up with the Grace and Lace Linkup!

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