Women around the world: Paroma in California

Paroma in California

This week, we feature another travel blogger. Meet Paroma. Like me, she also lives as an expat. However she’s an expat living in my country. So here is a little Q&A about life, traveling and blogging. Enjoy!

Name, age, where you’re from and where you live now

Name: Paroma Chakravarty

Age: 38 years

I am from Kolkata, India and I currently live in San Francisco, California, USA.

How long have you been blogging?

It has been four years

Why did you call your blog “Year of the Monkey”?

I love to “monkey” around and see new places. So I decided to pick this name as I thought the year 2013 (when I started this travel blog) would be my year of getting fame and fortune, none of which happened hahaha.

Paroma in California

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I wanted a creative outlet and share my travel photos with friends and family.

How do you spend your days? Do you have another job outside of blogging?

I have a full time job as a scientist in a biotech company in the Bay Area.

What sets your blog apart from other travel blogs?

I write extensively about my city San Francisco, a lot about dining and food guides as well as traveling with dogs.

What do you hope that people gain from your blog posts?

I hope people get to eat some wonderful food when in San Francisco or other parts of the world, take more trips with their dogs and finally discover a different side to san Francisco, which tourists miss out on.

Paroma in California

Where do you hope to take your blog?

I hope to grow my blog into a profitable venture monetarily, at some point.

What advice do you have for other bloggers and people wanting to blog?

Be dedicated and consistent. Write good content and definitely invest in good photography.

What’s been your favorite place that you’ve traveled to? Why?

There are several. Istanbul, Turkey would be on top of that list because it was my first time traveling internationally and also because the city has such a unique feel.

What was your least favorite?

Las Vegas

What has been your biggest travel fail?

I had a day off during my work trip to Switzerland and I was so scared of traveling alone that I just stayed in my hotel room. I still regret not venturing out and exploring when I had the chance.

Where to next?

Central coast, California

What do you wish more people knew about where you’re from?

I am originally from Kolkata, India. I wish more people visited this city in the east rather than simply flocking to Delhi, Mumbai or places in Rajasthan.

What’s one random or odd talent you have?

Super random: I can make my eyebrows “dance” independently of each other.

Paroma in California

What’s your favorite color?


What’s your favorite food?

Anything Persian

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  1. I love this post featuring travel blogger Paroma. I loved the interview questions and her wonderfully candid answers. It was also great to learn how her blog got its name!

  2. I know this is random, but what camera would you suggest we get? I don’t take pictures much anymore…outside of what’s on my cell phone…and think it’s about time to get a real grown up device.


    P.S., Thanks for introducing yourself. I look forward to see where you’ll go next.

  3. It’s nice to ‘meet’ you. The blog is lovely, and hurrah for a woman scientist amongst us! 🙂

  4. How cool! I have 3 dogs and this girl writes about travelling with them?! Have to check her blog, always need new tips!

  5. I’ve always love to read blogger interviews and discover new amazing people. I’d totally love to travel with my family someday, good luck on your next adventure and hope you have tons of fun.

  6. Wow, four years of blogging. Congratulations on your journey! And yes, I admire your talent: “I can make my eyebrows “dance” independently of each other.” This is so hard for me to do!

  7. This sounds like another fun blogger for me to follow. I live in the Bay Area, but I don’t know San Francisco very well as I don’t get there very often.

  8. Interesting!I would love to read more of her posts, I like her niche. There are so many places to discover in San Fransisco.

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