The warm flannel dress

warm flannel dress

I have always been someone who gets cold easily. As many of you also know, I wear dresses year round. When winter hits, this simply means I switch from sundresses to warm dresses. That’s why when I saw this flannel dress from Zaful, I had to get it! It looked perfect for the colder months. When it gets cold out, flannel is always a good choice.

The other thing I was really wanting was a nice, big sweater. This is one I can pair with a lot of looks. Or I can just throw it on when I’m hanging out at home in my sweat pants.

warm flannel dress

The theme of gold

While I was not really aiming for it, gold was a big part of this look. It provided a nice contrast to the green and black. Green has always been one of my favorite colors to wear. The earrings I paired with this look were also gold. Have you all seen earrings like this? Another blogger (I cannot remember who) had posted earrings in this style in a wishlist post. I remember thinking that they were cool, so I bought them.

warm flannel dress

I’ve worn them a few times since the shoot and have received a lot of compliments on them.

The headband

This headband was also a fun part of my look. I love headbands. I recently connected with a company called Pieces to Peaces. These headbands are actually hand-made. I love that. I received two more, so be on the lookout for them in my posts in the coming weeks!

warm flannel dress

warm flannel dress

The location

So if you’re new around here, I’m an American living in Spain. Did you all know that there are lots of opportunities for native speakers to teach English in Spain? If not and you’re interested, I detail it all in my free e-book that you can download here. The application period has just opened for many of the teaching programs here, so now is the time to apply if it’s something that interests you!

Anyway, so yeah American in Spain. I got super lucky and was placed in Granada. The one thing we as humans often suck at is exploring our own backyard. I find that I’m pretty awful at it even in Spain. We ended up doing a photoshoot at the Cartuja Monastery because it was close to where I live and also close to where my photographer Miguel lives. We decided to go inside and were quite amazed.

The story

According to, it used to be a Roman cemetery until the 1500’s. Then the pope donated the land to the monks to build a monastery. The Carthusians were a religious order focused on prayer and fasting. The monks lived in solitude. At one point, there were 24 Carthusian monasteries in Spain. There are only four that are actually inhabited by monks today in Spain. The one in Granada is open to the public for 5 euros each.

It’s not in the city center, but it’s not far by bus or taxi.

The warm flannel dress look

I just love how practical this look is. This is something I could wear to teach or wear to meet up with friends. All the outfit details are below! Also if you want to order a few headbands from Pieces to Peaces, be sure to use the code thanksbabe for 15% off your order! They also make beanies and scarves.

warm flannel dress warm flannel dress

warm flannel dress warm flannel dress

warm flannel dress

warm flannel dress warm flannel dress

Flannel dress (Zaful), purse (Zaful), earrings (Zaful), sweater (Zaful), headband (Pieces to Peaces), boots (Kiabi)

Check out a few fun things from Zaful:

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The dress, sweater, earrings, purse and headband were given to me for the purposes of this review. Also some of these links are affiliate links. That simply means that I earn a small commission through any purchases made. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me. 

I’m also linking up here today. Photos by Miguel Valdevira.

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  1. I love this look!Flannel will never get old. These are beautiful photos. I love the pieces you paired with the flannel dress as well

    1. Thanks! A good pair of tan booties are perfect for the winter! They go with so many different outfits!

  2. Thats a nice combination of colors. I don’t know why but it seems flannel dresses or even shirts go best in check patterns. Sure going to recommend that to my wife.

  3. Really like that flannel dress and I can see from your lovely photos that it looks warm and cosy too. The mustard colour really compliments your colouring and pairs well with the hues in the dress. Very interesting about the teaching English in Spain for native speakers. Its something I’d like to hear more about.

    1. Thanks! It really is quite cozy. And feel free to send me an e-mail about teaching English if you have any questions ( In fact … that would likely make a great blog post!

  4. I absolutely love your outfit, the colors, everything. I get cold all the time and I love wearing dresses and layering them with oversized sweaters.

  5. It’s funny that you are travelling the world in dresses – since I do that, too, at least most of the time and I find it super comfy; at least as comfy as cargo pants 😉
    This dress looks very nice – love the dark green that goes perfectly well with the mustard sweater.

    1. Hahaha that’s awesome that you do that too! My blog initially started as a fashion blog. Then when I moved to Spain to teach, I traveled a lot more. So now I write about both fashion and travel.

  6. What a beautiful look! I’ve seen a lot of girls on campus this winter wearing pretty flannel dresses like this one. Also, a lot of mustard colored pieces. It’s such a cozy look for winter and (as always) you wear it well. x

    1. Thank you! And I know what you mean about having to get rid of clothing that has been worn too long.

  7. Nina, you look so adorable in this flannel dress. I love the oversized cozy cardigan, too. Such great styling, too!And yo really look like you are having a blast in Spain! So much great information you bring to us here. By the way, the post that Nancy shared about your meet up will be featured on my blog tomorrow!


    1. Hi Shelbee! Thank you! Spain is really a fun place to be! I saw the meet-up photo on your post! Thanks for sharing it! One day I hope to meet up with you too!

  8. Great look, I love your gold theme a lot. Because I believe I can carry that color very well. And match it so cute with your headband and boots. Looking for more style from you.

    1. Thank you! And yeah this sweater is perfect to add to any outfit or for just lounging around.

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