What Dress Fits You Best?

What Dress Fits You Best?

When it comes to wearing a dress, there’s a lot of things we like to consider about our choices. Whether our body shape is right for the look, whether the dress is long or short enough for our tastes, and whether the colour is right for our skin tone. These are just a few of the questions that pop into our minds when it comes to not clashing in our style journey, but sometimes, it sounds a little bit like overthinking! So you want to wear a dress but isn’t sure it’s for you? Here’s some tips on finding the right kind of garment for your taste.

There is No Right or Wrong Answer

It needs to be said first of all: If you want to wear a dress, then the easiest thing to do is wear it! Look in the mirror as you do so and think, ‘this is great for me!’ Faking some confidence until you actually feel the real thing is what makes us a lot of the time, so start yourself on that path now.

Of course, everyone’s taste is different, and so people on the streets or at work might think something about you, or they might not. Being preoccupied on this thought is what stops us from branching out with what we want, so try to keep a lid on your self esteem! Finding something that fits you perfectly, and hugs you in all the right places is akin to finding the holy grail in the fashion world, so hold onto a dress if you’ve found one that does all that for you.

If You’re Curvy

Curvy figures can range from hourglasses to pear shaped bodies to any kind of body shape, depending on what juts out and what doesn’t. However, if you have great hips and thighs, then break them out with your dress shape. Wrap dresses are good at clinging to these assets and still leaving a lot of breathing room to freely move about in; you’re always going to look good when you have a bit of leg on show!

When it comes to wearing designer dresses, you have a lot of pick to choose from. Anyone can wear a designer dress; that doesn’t have to be an exclusive club. But make sure it’s something you like and know you would wear. No point forking out otherwise!

For a Triangle Shape

The shoulder to waist ratio of someone with this body type always looks good in something like stripes and checks. Patterns have a good optical illusion about them that can make certain parts of our body look bigger or smaller depending on their alignment.

If you’re insecure about your hip or shoulder size, you can maximise and minimise with these kind of patterns. Short dresses that show off the legs also work well with this kind of body shape, as there’s a lot to show off!

There’s a lot of dresses out there to choose from, so take a look!

This post was a collaborative post. However all opinions are my own.

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  1. Very interestgaterial! I do feel it is right if you like the dress simply wear it. Tastes differ abd it’s important to remember it all the time. Wonderful tips for bodytypes you’ve chosen. Have a great weekend!

  2. I know a few people who could benefit from this read. Even the smallest amount of advice would be a huge help. The length of the dress has always been my issue. I prefer either very long or knee length. But of course, my husband prefers short short. 😉

  3. I am pair, but whether or not the dress fits my body type I still wear it. As long as like it and feel fantastic in it who care what body type the dress is made for.

  4. I have a pear shape so I look the best in A-line or I think what you are calling triangle. This style looks good on everybody no matter what their shape is.

  5. I love dresses! No matter what their style may be, I always choose to wear the one that makes me feel confident.

  6. I never thought that there would be a guide on which dress would suit you best depending on your body shape. This is really interesting. I usually buy a dress based on how it looks on me in the mirror. 🙂

  7. This is really helpful. I haven’t worn a dress in so long because I just don’t know what would look good on me. Having lost weight recently I feel like some parts I still want to hide! I may need to embrace the dress more, especially next summer!

  8. This was really useful as I always struggle with finding a dress that suits me as well let alone one that I feel comfortable in. There are some great tips that are really useful for me.

  9. I’m curvy and I find that anything that splits on the top looks best on me, otherwise I tend to look top heavy. As you recommended, wrap dresses do wonders fo my figure!

  10. I agree with these tips, so useful. Every time I wear a dress and look in the mirror, I always say that “this is perfect”. I just want a simple and comfortable outfit.

  11. It’s good to learn what style of dress is flattering for your body type. Everyone is different and everyone can learn to dress beautifully and highlight natural curves.

  12. I absolutely love wrap dresses. They are the best for curvy figures. Great post and very good tips.

  13. These are great tips!I am not much of a dress person. I wish I was maybe later I will find a dress that fits me perfectly and I will become a dress person.

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