My winter dress style and a linkup

winter dress style

Today I’m very excited to show you my winter dress style! Yes, I wear my dresses all through the winter. I love dresses as we all know and it would make me sad to have to stop wearing them when it got cold. So I thought in today’s post, I would do two things:

  • Show you a dress I wore in the summer/fall re-styled for winter
  • Show you a few hacks to stay warm (as ladies, I know this is likely the biggest reason you think you need to pack those dresses away as soon as the temperature starts dropping)

Also today I am excited to be co-hosting another linkup. These days I seem to be co-hosting a lot of them, right? Well linkups are one of the first ways I really met and connected with other bloggers. I have learned so much from all the other fashion bloggers I regularly link up with. And I must say, they are all so nice! So why not co-host? Today’s linkup is called Start the Week Stylish. It’s weekly hosts are Michelle’s Pa(i)ge and Northwest Blonde. The theme is “winter chic.” And if you’re a fashion blogger, feel free to go ahead and link up with us below! Join the party!

winter dress style

Do you recall this dress? I actually wore it in a post I wrote just when I had moved to Spain. I was exploring the city of Jaen with friends. You can read said post here. I had paired it with some sandals and my hair was a tad disheveled. I had pink shades but opted for more of a hot pink then. Oh and I was co-hosting a linkup that day too! How funny!

winter dress style winter dress style winter dress style


winter dress style

My big winter hack

So you probably think those are black tights, right? Nope! Those are actually leggings with a pair of tights on underneath. This is my biggest hack for wearing dresses in the winter. Fun fact: in the United States, I worked as a teacher’s aide at a Montessori school for two years. In my second year, I had the lovely duty of standing outside for 30 minutes and monitoring the drop off line. Warm or cold, rain or shine, it was my job to stand out there. So, I invented this lovely little trick!

We all love boots in the winter, right? So you basically but on a pair of tights and then leggings or yoga pants overtop. You’ll want to make sure to adjust the footing area so that they don’t get all bunched up. And you can also put some socks on over top, which I have done too. Then you complete this with a pair of boots and it just looks like you’re waring one layer!

winter dress style winter dress style

Other things

Of course there are other things I do during the winter. I have my fair share of lovely scarves. This one in particular is nice because it can be matched with many color schemes. I have my trusty jacket, and usually keep a set of gloves and a hat in my purse. My gloves have the special fingers where you can still use your phone. That may be my favorite thing about them!

winter dress style

winter dress style

And this was me post photo shoot … with my bag full of dresses, shoes, hair and makeup stuff.

Outfit details:



The linkup

This week we have A Blonde's Moment as our pick of the week from last week.

That's me!


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  1. Nina, this color blue is magnificent on you! I have been wearing dresses much more frequently these days (and I owe a lot of that to you for inspiring me to add more dresses to my closet, so thank you!) I have been wearing them all through winter as well with leggings and boots and lots of warm layers! Wearing fun floral dresses has definitely helped keep the winter blues to a minimum!


    1. Awww I’m glad that I’ve inspired you to wear more dresses! That’s awesome! And they really do help you have a better mood during the winter!

  2. I absolute adore the print on your dress! That’s also a great winter dress hack. I normally don’t bother to wear dresses in the winter because I hate the cold so much.

  3. I love wearing dresses all year round as well! Layering tights and leggings is a great idea, I rely on fleece-lined tights a lot here in Canada.

  4. You look fabulous on this Nina! I need these set of outfits now as we are currently in winter (no snow yet sooo cold) season in Abu Dhabi.

    Blue with gray is a perfect match! While your boots looks good too!

    Cheers to more nice OOTDs!

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne

  5. Your dress can be an outfit for all season! and I like your jacket dear 🙂 I think both pieces can be easily be paired to other clothing.

  6. I probably wouldn’t have thought of wearing that in the winter because of the bright colors. But you pair it with a lovely scarf and tights and it looks fabulous! Thanks for opening my mind to a new idea !

  7. Such a great look! I would totally rock this 🙂 Especially with the beautiful scenery <3 Wow- makes me want to go to Spain!

  8. That dress is gorgeous! I love your photos. I am a big fan of wearing dresses all year round, I literally don’t wear anything else. Tights, cropped leggings or bare legs in the summer and warm leggings in the winter all the way! x

  9. I love the way you are wearing your dress in winter! I love dresses,but I also can’t stand cold. So, I usually avoid them. Not anymore! Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  10. Love the colors. Stylish and chic taste you got!I wish I can expand my wardrobe, but currently, I hate the way everything looks when I wear it. I seriously need to cut down on the calories and hit the gym more lol. #foodieproblems

  11. I enjoy wearing dresses in the winter as well! Love the legging hack! I also purchase fleece lined stockings and they have been lifesavers. I’ve also invested in a few sheer sleeved blouses to wear under sleeveless dresses.

  12. I love love love this dress! I definitely need to add some more color to my wardrobe, which I find even harder during the winter.

  13. Super pretty dresses! I especially liked the black with the pink coat. It’s something I could see myself wearing this winter.

  14. Yeah you fooled me. I definitely thought those were tights! Such a great idea to wear tights under leggings. It’s much too hot for that here right now, but it’s such a great tip for when it’s cold!

  15. Lovely outfit Nina! I really like how you’ve matched everything. And it looks like you had a great time (missing the weather in Spain)

  16. You look so snug and warm in your dress! I tend to get cold easily, so as a result, I’m not too fond of wearing dresses. But I will definitely start wearing dresses more often!

  17. You’re my style soul mate. I live on this look all winter. When it is cold, I opt for a sweater dress, and when not as cold I try for something floral. Love your boots too!

  18. I’m loving the OOTD, especially the dress and unique sunglasses!! love how you put everything together! I’m usually a black and grey type of girl for clothing but this outfit looks so fun and colorful 🙂

  19. I love to wear dresses in the winter too! I need to invest in some knit tights or something though because it snowed today in Seattle! This look is super cute but I need to be warm! I swear I am cold blooded lol

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