My winter wedding look collaboration

winter wedding look

When I think of my ideal winter wedding look, I think of something cute and warm. I always like to be warm and truly think that you can still look just as cute in the winter as in the summer. Furthermore, I think you can still wear your dresses all through the winter! As long as you have the right tights, shoes, scarves, sweaters and such, the cold will not be an issue!

I’m also excited to be collaborating with four other fashion bloggers from around the world. In the fall, Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood had approached me to be a part of the fall wedding collaboration. It was lots of fun and you can read about it here. So when she approached me about a winter wedding collaboration, I said sure! I had recently shot these green dress photos of a new photographer here in Granada. So it seemed to work perfectly.

My winter wedding look

winter wedding look

This dress is one that pairs perfectly with tights and some boots. And the thing I love about these boots is how comfortable they are. Even though they have a heel to them, they are very easy to walk in. I sometimes feel like more open heels look awkward wth tights. So you just end up going without tights, which can be very cold. However with boots, you can wear a thicker pair of sweater tights and stay just as warm as you would in pants.

Right now there are so many long-sleeved dresses in style. I feel like dressing for a winter wedding should be very easy. Here are my tips for an easy winter wedding look that you will stay warm and comfortable in:

  • Find a dress in a solid color that has longer sleeves or can pair easily with a nice sweater.
  • Dress up that solid color with statement jewelry.
  • Tights, tights, tights!
  • Instead of a heel, opt for a nicer ankle boot.

winter wedding look

winter wedding look winter wedding look winter wedding look

Dress: Cortefiel Necklace: Sfera

Photos by Pablo Muruaga, Check out his website here.

The collaborators

winter wedding look

“Winter weddings in the north call for multi layers and for me I wanted a funky look. I found this tulle skirt at Shein a few years ago and I adore it. I thought I would pair it with a warm fuzzy sweater in a baby blue to soften the look, and threw my moto over top. I found the fur jacket at Target and it’s perfect for occasions like this.”
“When I think winter wedding, I think of something I can stay warm in first and foremost! I also am a fan of all things green.”
“I think fur, sparkle and a strong pop of color can work together beautifully for a Winter Wedding Outfit, as my look today proves. Add a smoky eye, a bright pink lip and some fierce black pumps and you are set.”
“Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear floral. I’m loving the print, bell sleeves, and low price of this fun dress!”
“My winter wedding look features a black floral printed tulle midi skirt with a burgundy cardigan and burgundy strappy heels.  To finish off the look, I tied a black velvet scarf around the waistband to create a cummerbund style belt.  I added a short black jacket with black jeweled details at the neckline and a gold bag for some extra sass.”
winter wedding look
Go show those ladies some love!
Also today I’m linking up here.

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    1. I’m super sad you couldn’t collaborate with us either but I hope you’re feeling better! Spring will be super fun!

  1. The 3 of us on my blog just recently did a winter wedding theme, and I was very surprised at how many comments said they’ve never been to a winter wedding!! But what I really love about your dress, is how you can easily dress it up or down!! Versatility in my clothing just makes me so excited, silly, I know!!

    1. Yeah you know come to think of it … does Novemeber count as a winter wedding? I don’t think I’ve been to one either!

  2. I like the color of the dress. It does pair well with the tights and I might even go lighter then those. It would make a nice outfit choice along with the other ladies you collaboated with.

  3. I love your sunglasses! Thanks so much for sharing this post. I’ve always debated about wearing tights to winter events. Your outfit looks great, and so do the tights!

  4. 2017 is all for Green and I like your dress. Plus the eye popping eyewear 🙂 Thumbs up!

  5. The trend this year is green and this dress is awesome. Love the ruffles on the dress x

  6. I love your ankle boots and you’re totally right – I look forward to fall and winter the rest of the year just so I can bring out the tights. I still wear the same dresses all winter but bundling up with accessories makes all the difference.

  7. Nina, seriously, you are a girl after my own heart with all of these gorgeous green dresses! (By the way, Little Green Dresses is one of my favorite Pinterest Boards ever!) Are you as excited as I am that Greenery is the”it” color for spring? It is always so difficult to find green clothing and there may actually be choices this season. You know I love all things green, too! Anyway, you look amazing in this dress. And those sunnies are absolutely perfect! Always such a fun collaboration!


    1. I know I see you pinning stuff to it from time to time! I am excited that green is it. I feel like I look best in green. And thank you … it’s always fun to collaborate!

  8. When Pantone announced Greenery as the color of 2017, I thought of you because it is a color you love and wear often. Plus you look incredible in it, Nina. This dress is so pretty. I miss Cortefiel. It was one of my favorite stores when I lived in Europe.

    Your tips are right on. A heeled bootie, a half bootie or a pump is the perfect shoe to wear over your tights for a Winter Wedding. And girl, I am in love with those sunnies, where are they from?! I have to remember to pair green with red sometime, without making it very Christmasy.

    Longest comment ever, lol… anyway loved collaborating with you once again. Cannot wait for all of us to do it again in Spring. =)

  9. I’ve never been too into green, but I’m loving that dress! And I love me a nice pair of ankle boots – you can wear them with anything!

  10. That dress is such a beautiful shade of green and I love the seams on it. They just give it that little something extra! I’m excited for our spring collaboration where I won’t have to worry about being warm and layering with tights and coats!

    1. Hahahaha yeah me too! I’ll have to see what I can find over here. Spanish weddings are crazy … they dress like they’re going to the Kentucky Derby. Maybe I’ll put together a look like that.

  11. Love the pop of color and your outfit is beautiful. I don’t know if I can your glasses, but they’re so stylish.

  12. I love the tip about the ankle boot. Wedding can be long and wearing heels can really ruin your day if your feet start to hurt. Also love your sunnies!

  13. That dress is so pretty! I have never worn anything in that color as my complexion is a little dark but I am now thinking about trying that color. :3

  14. I always struggle with weddings, especially winter weddings. I love that outfits are so unique and not the stereotypical wedding wear. Also, that green dress is amazing!

    1. Thank you! And hopefully myself and the other bloggers have provided you with some inspiration!

  15. I am loving your winter wedding look! I think a solid color is a great way to make statement. I like everything about your outfit!

  16. Tights are definitely a must have for winter weddings. I definitely sport dresses during the winter and the tights make all the difference.

    1. You know come to think of it, I have never been to one either! But this did seem to be perfect for one!

    2. Yeah I don’t think I’d go to a wedding in anything other than a dress. I also totally feel like dresses are completely possible year round.

  17. I’m loving the fun red glasses .. and the color of your dress. It’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Oh my goodness what an adorable outfit! I love sweater tights more than the average bear so I will definitely be drawing inspiration from this look!

    1. Thanks! Initially I put them on because the sun was out of control. But they worked well.

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