Women around the World: Maria in Vancouver

Maria in Vancouver
This week for Women around the world, I’ve decided to interview Maria from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve actually known her for a few years now but just over the Internet, like most of my blogger friends. Although if I’m ever in Vancouver in the future, I’m sure we’d try to meet up. With my crazy life of travel, that very well could be possible.
Anyway, so Maria is a blogger at Short Girl Long Jacket. Does anyone else immediately think of that classic Cake song when they read that? She blogs about petite fashion. I’ll admit that I have the opposite problem than Maria. I’ve never really thought too much on fashion for petite women. Reading Maria’s blog helps me to understand it better. Her style is a tad edgier too, which I love.

Name, age, where you’re from and where you live now

Maria, 24. I was born in Russia but grew up in Australia and Canada.

tell me a little bit about yourself and how you spend your days 

I’m a visual merchandiser. That takes up my mornings and early afternoons during the week, after work I like hanging out with my boyfriend and dog, and it’s also usually when I work on my blog/go to the gym. On weekends I like hanging out with friends and going on trips whenever I can.
Maria in Vancouver

Why did you start your blog?

I’ve always liked writing and been into fashion so blogging seemed like a good idea.

What is your blog all about?

Petite fashion, and how to own it. I know a lot of petite women are insecure because of their heights and I’d like to help them not be.

What has your blogging journey been like thus far?

It’s a lot of work but it’s fun and I like creating work that I’m proud of. When I started it was all very random, but I think I’ve discovered my voice and style. Now I really enjoy carefully planning out my shoots and coordinating the outfits with the location. I also love the community! I’ve connected with some amazing girls through blogging.

Describe your personal style.

Lots of people say edgy, and I get it. I have a thing for rockery styles but I’m not opposed to wearing pastels either. I like mixing different styles and textures, wearing prints and embellishments, but I always like my outfits to be easy to wear.
Maria in Vancouver

What sort of influence do you want to have as a blogger?

A positive and relatable one. Bloggers have a bad reputation for being narcissistic and I’d like to disprove that.

Where do you hope to take your blog?

I’ve imagined doing it FT a lot but I’m not 100% sure. For now I’d like to continue inspiring people.

So you live in Vancouver. What do you love most about it?

The nature. I’m lucky to almost always have a great view of the mountains and ocean and to be so close to many beautiful spots.

What do people absolutely have to see when they come?

Stanley Park and the Seawall, Granville Island, Kitsilano, and do as many hikes as you can! My favourites are Joffre Lakes and Quarry Rock in Deep Cove.

What are some more off the beaten path places people have to go?

There are a lot of cool spots in East Van with great street art. You might have to live there to appreciate but I have my favourite little spots in the area. Also Harbourside Park in North Vancouver – it’s in a really weird spot, next to an industrial zone, but you walk down a path for 10-15 minutes and you get to a spot with a great viewpoint of downtown Vancouver. And there’s a secret treehouse on a trail before the Second Narrows Bridge that’s pretty cool.
Maria in Vancouver

Do you have any tips for visiting Vancouver and Canada in general?

Canada is really big so I can’t speak that much for the other provinces, but for Vancouver I’d say bring an umbrella because it rains a lot. If it’s not the summer, it usually rains a few times a week and there can be weeks of consecutive rain. I know I’m painting a gloomy picture but it’s actually really nice! Also if you want to blend in say sorry a lot. Like, if someone bumps into you, you both should say sorry.

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  1. This is great. Not only did I stumble upon your blog but you introduced me to yet another blogger. What a way for bloggers to stick together. Was nice meeting Maria and lovely pictures.

  2. Very interesting what Maria does. I love the idea to help other women with small figures. Never thought about it.

  3. I love the first dress and the sunnies so much!!! love the idea to help other women with small figures

  4. I learned from this interview. I’ve never been to Vancouver and now I know what season is best for me to visit. I never considered the market for petite women. Thank you both!

  5. Okay, this interview makes me want to visit Vancouver! I have never really thought about any specific place to travel to in Canada, but this city sounds wonderful.

  6. What a cool blogging series! I love hearing about everyones different blogging journey – so interesting!

  7. This is a fun interview you did! She does have a fun, edgy style, but is still relatable. I love that she’s from Vancouver – several of my cousins and their families live there, and we’d love to visit and try all the restaurants!

  8. Awe, loved this! You’ve just introduced me to a new blogger that I can totally relate to so thank you! Side note, I really need to explore Vancouver!

  9. What a lovely read! Going to check her out, i’m petite myself. would be fun to see how she does what she says 🙂

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