3 easy ways to make a sundress work approp

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It’s that time of year where the sun is more or less out to stay. We no longer need tights or even leggings when wearing our dresses. We can also unpack those sundresses with bright colors and floral. Spring has arrived.

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of sundresses. I often want to wear these dresses to my job, which is in an office. It can be perplexing … how do you make something with no sleeves and often no back appropriate for the 9-5.

I mean, you cannot necessarily waltz into corporate America like this …

sundress work appropriate

Hey guys, I’m ready to work. Don’t mind like all the cleavage and my back. Yeah, no big deal.


So here are three simple things you can add to that sundress to make it so your co-workers don’t have to stare at your back all day.

1. The blazer

When I put on a blazer, I feel powerful. I can do all the things a man can and many things better. Blazers remind me that us women can kick a– in a man’s world.

This blazer has always been a favorite. In addition to it looking powerful, it’s simply comfortable.

sundress work appropriate

While the red necklace does not necessarily hide the cleavage situation, it distracts it for sure.

sundress work appropriate

sundress work appropriate


2. The scarf

The scarf is probably my favorite cleavage fix. You may think that scarves are only for winter. You’ve thought wrong.

sundress work appropriate

sundress work appropriate

sundress work appropriate

sundress work appropriate

A well-placed scarf totally hides any cleavage. It’s an especially great trick if you work with children.

3. The sweater

We all have a cardigan sweater or two in our closets. These are perfect to make any sundress office appropriate. Here I opted for a belt to add a more polished look. You can also just leave the sweater open or button it half up.

sundress work appropriate

sundress work appropriate


sundress work appropriate sundress work appropriate

What are your tips for dressing appropriately for work?

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    1. Thanks Emily! Yeah with teaching you especially have to be careful. Maxi dresses are great for teaching too!

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