5 Reasons to miss that summer sundress

miss that summer sundress

I’m going to miss my summer sundress. As someone who wears dresses basically every day of her life, year round, you go through your phases. Tonight I was invited to an online Lularoe party and opted for a dress with longer sleeves because I was picturing myself getting up in the morning in Spain in like January. I’ll put on my tights, favorite boots, maybe a scarf and definitely a jacket. The sundress days will be gone until next year. And I’ll admit it, there’s just something about sundress season that I long for each year.

Several months ago, my brother was in town and we went out for sushi. I was LOVING everything about my look. On a whim, I had ran my straightener through my super straight hair and created curls (perhaps it was the whole not having washed my hair that day thing). My pink lipstick and green jewelry were color coordinating with one of my favorite sundresses. The ensemble was simply easy and comfortable.

miss that summer dress

Why I’ll miss that summer sundress

5. I’ll miss the convenience

When you put on a sundress, 90% of your outfit is complete. Except for your shoes, everything else is basically optional. If you don’t feel like wearing earrings or you don’t think you have a necklace that matches, it’s all good.

In the winter, you have to find tights and a sweater. You have to make sure they go with the outfit. While I do enjoy that part of accessorizing, I will at times miss the simplicity of my summer sundress.

4. The accessibility

Okay, so I’m basically an open book when it comes to bodily functions. I mean, we all do it, right? Sundresses make for the easiest bathroom runs ever. You’re in, you’re out and you’re washing your hands maybe a minute later. When I’m out with friends at a restaurant or bar, I’m all for whatever will get me back to my group fast enough.

So basically … urination is my number four reason. Let’s be real here.

miss that summer dress

3. The breeze

Summer can get quite hot. However each summer I remind myself to be thankful that I’m not a woman in 1832 because those petticoats would have been terrible. I’ll gladly take my sundresses. I really do think they keep you cooler than shorts and a tank top. And depending on the material, you can stay quite cool.

2. They are incredibly easy to dress down

There are some dresses that just sit in my closet. I often feel like I can only wear them if I dress them up. However sundresses are the ultimate casual dress. Those black sandals that you see in these photos have been my go-to sandals all summer. I always like to buy one pair that goes with everything and wear them all summer.

If you want to put some heals with your sundress, you can also do that too. They can be dressed up or dressed down.

1. They can be as boldly colorful as possible … and white!

Sundresses come with no color restrictions. And I mean it’s not really that the other seasons have them, you just wear a lot less bold prints in January.

However in the summer, you can be as bold as you want. So thus … this dress. Enjoy!

miss that summer dress

miss that summer dress

miss that summer sundress

miss that summer sundress

miss that summer sundress

Ladies are you going to miss your summer sundresses?

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  1. I agree, sundresses are awesome! I like that they are so easy to wear. About the colour thing: you are right too! Unlike pants, sundresses come in all prints. colors,and fabrics.

    1. Hahaha I own over 60, which is why I started this blog. I totally advocate for adding a few more to your wardrobe!

  2. Great post. I live in Texas where it is hot nine months of the year. 95% of my wardrobe is summer dresses. I totally agree with all you say. I love dresses all year!

  3. I am a bit sad now, because I completely relate to all these things. I mean breeze is something you can only really experience in Summer dresses,

  4. I like this post 🙂 , I wear sundresses all year long (during winter I am more covered up and wear leggings underneath), but I sure do miss wearing sundresses without having to wear layers on top or beneath.

  5. Sundresses are so comfortable! I will definitely miss them come fall and winter! I agree with the reasons that you stated, it’s really convenient and it allows you to express yourself more during the summer with the different colors and patterns!

  6. I love a good summer sundress although here in Norway we rarely get to wear them. I love how easy they are to throw on and go about your day.

  7. summer sundress are easy going and comfy for all i have heard orlearnt about them, you just have that charm in your post tile to always catch the attention. i enjoyed reading this.

  8. I love those little dresses, but I also love the thicker sweaters, and darker Fall colors, I guess I have just learned to love every season for its perfectness. So, no, I will not be missing them, I am focused on all of the good things that are on the way – that dress looks very pretty on you, blessings!

  9. Reading this post just makes me realize Summer is really over ☹️. I love to wear Sundress, and the reasons you’ve mention are the reasons, I guess. You look lovely on your dress.

  10. I will certainly miss summerdresses when the autumn hits! And for all your 5 reasons! It’s so easy to dress up with a light dress and go out and not needing all those wintery layers.

  11. Nina, this is such a cute and cheerful dress! But if we are being real, urination is NEVER convenient for me! Mostly because I have the world’s smallest bladder and I have to go about once an hour and sometimes even more frequently! Plus I always wear shorts or shapewear under my dresses because I cannot tolerate my thighs touching! But I do love my dresses anyway.

    Thanks so much for linking up with me On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again this week. Have a fabulous day!


    1. So this may be one of my favorite comments. And I feel you on the urination thing! I have this thing where I ALWAYS have to pee right before I go to sleep. Like even if I don’t actually have to, I still feel like I need to. I do of course love dresses too! Thanks for hosting!

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