6 Zaful dress picks

Zaful dress picks

Going shopping can be exhausting. You go from store to store looking for that one thing you want. Sometimes you find exactly what you’re looking for right away and other times you just wander. Then you come home with nothing. Shopping online is the perfect solution! And you don’t even need to change out of your pjs!

I recently stumbled upon Zaful, an online shop with hundreds of clothing items. Being me, of course I started with the dresses. These dresses just scream Spring and Summer. Can you tell that I am excited? I mean I live less than an hour away from the beach. I could not be more excited.

And so, my favorite Zaful spring dresses (make sure to click the photo if you like) …

1. Blues and greens

These are my two favorite colors to wear. You know what’s funny? Neither one is actually my favorite color. My favorite color is purple (hence why my logo is purple). However I look best in green and blue … they’re my colors. So this dress just jumped out at me.

Zaful dress picks Zaful dress picks

2. The classic white dress

I love summer because you have your classic little white dress. This just seems perfect for a day exploring the beach. It looks comfortable and likt it could be paired well with all sorts of accessories and color-schemes.

Zaful dress

3. The classic fit and flare

There’s just something about a dress in this style that I love. It’s so classy and something I feel like won’t go out of style in just a few years. It’s one of those dresses to keep in your closet forever and bust out when you have that perfect event to wear it to!

Zaful dress picks Zaful dress picks

4. The fun print dress

I’m always a big fan of colorful, bold prints in clothing. This is no different. The thing I love about this dress is how easy it looks to be able to wear. It just looks comfortable. Futhermore, you can match it with all sorts of colors.

Zaful dress picks Zaful dress picks

5. The classic lace dress

This dress also caught my attention. I love how beautiful and elegant it is. And this one comes in three different colors! I personally would pick the green or blue. But I love red as well.

Zaful dress picks Zaful dress picks

6. The bowknot dress

This dress caught my eye. I love the bow in the front because it’s girly and unique. I always love the classic feminine look and tend to go for that when purchasing dresses.

Zaful dress picks Zaful dress picks

Those are just a few of the many affordable dresses that Zaful offers. I mean literally, they have pages upon pages of not just dresses but all sorts of clothing and accessories. You can also participate in their sweet online community and earn points (which turn into free $$) for sharing your outfits and other cool stuff. Click here to learn more and join! What are some of your favorite types of dresses for Spring and Summer? What are you most excited for for Spring and Summer?

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    1. Awesome! Yeah you think a dress like that would be a tad more expensive, but everything from Zaful is affordable!

  1. The bowknt dress is my favorite and it’s so perfect for Spring. It also looks super vintage-y which is an added benefit. Love it!

  2. Zaful has such gorgeous dress styles at affordable prices. They look like higher-end dresses, especially that lace dress that comes in multiple colors. I’ll be checking out some of these for sure!

  3. I used to think shopping online was crazy, but now I can’t live without online shopping. I rarely walk into a department store anymore. I love that fit & flare blue/white dress. It’s gorgeous!

  4. What pretty dresses! I’ve been looking for a few new ones to freshen up my spring wardrobe. I’d gravitate toward the classic white or the classic fit and flare

  5. Omg that porcelain -inspired dress in white and blue looks way similar to my dress! But its not from Zaful.. I forgot the brand.

  6. Such lovely dresses you’ve picked!! I really love the first two dresses. I’m obsessed with online shopping sometime you can find better and more variety of clothes online than you can ni store!!

    1. Yeah for sure! And Zaful has all these cool ways to earn points to then get a discount!

  7. Those are all lovely picks! I really like the styles of these dresses, they are so comfy and light, perfect for the warmer days of the year! I like the colors as well.

  8. i am absolutely loving zaful at the moment. There is so much variety! I love the summery blue one!!

  9. I like the white dress best – a classic, and what I’d wear to the beach!

    Just wanted to say that no.5 is a bootleg version of the original design by label, Self Portrait, called the Azalea Dress. There have been so many copies being sold on blogshops here last year. I was quite upset because I like the designer’s work, and they’re only a small brand, fancy these factories ripping off one of the so-called underdogs.

    You can view the original here on Shopbop https://www.shopbop.com/azalea-dress-self-portrait/vp/v=1/1502028677.htm

  10. My personal favorite is the third dress, I also love this style coz it accentuates your body as well as looks adorable. I have a question about the first dress since I have one in a similar style from Forever 21. The long neckline doesn’t suit me or maybe I am not comfortable with it, can you suggest me something that goes well with this style and can hide the deep neck?

    1. Hi Anupriya! I find that if a neckline is too low, a scarf is a great way to fix that! You can still put a more light-weight scarf with a sundress and rock it. It just all depends on the fabric.

  11. Oh god, I DO love all these dresses! The bowknot dress is so elegant but I find lovely all of them. I live in Italy where summer is coming so fast and I wish i could have them all for my summer

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