How to avoid fees flying Spirit

avoid fees flying spirit

Several weeks ago, I was getting out of an Uber at the Portland airport.

“You don’t have much,” commented my driver looking at my backpack, the one and only backpack I brought on my journey.

“Well one of my life goals is to screw Spirit Airlines out of the money they try to screw out of us. It was nice meeting you!” I said.

I left him laughing (which I always love making people laugh). However with this trip, there was a lot of truth to that statement. The thing with these budget airlines is the price you initially pay is often not the price you pay in the end. The word budget can be deceiving unless you are smart about it. And in this post, I will show you how.

I had flown not only Spirit Airlines but Allegiant and Frontier in the past, and knew that added fees is what they do. However one of both my best and worst qualities is that I ALWAYS think there is another way. With everything. I’m always on the hunt for the creative alternative and Spirit was no different. “They can try, but they will not succeed,” was basically my mantra and thought process as we prepared for the trip.

Below you’ll find some of the most common ways travelers end up with surprise charges when flying on a budget airline such as Allegiant, Frontier, Spirit or Ryanair.

Also I created a budget airline checklist. You’ll want to download and print this handy thing. You’ll have it ready to check off next time you fly.

1. Your boarding pass

I’ll be honest. Airlines such as Delta and American have spoiled me. When flying on any major, non-budget airline, I just print my boarding pass at the gate. It’s one less thing to worry about in the stress of preparing for a trip and those kiosks are so user-friendly.

When flying on a budget airline, do not print your ticket at the airport. These airlines love to tack on that fee. With Ryanair, I read that it’s 40 Euros. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Spirit charges $10 and Allegiant charges $5. I’m sure Frontier charges something too. Here are a few tips to avoid this whole thing:

  • Check to see if the airline has a free app. Most do. You can oftentimes check in on the app and some airlines will issue you an e-ticket on your photo so you don’t even need to print a boarding pass. Just make sure you download the app with an ample wifi connection before getting to the airport. When I flew Allegiant, I was not that smart about it.
  • If you have access to a printer, print the passes at home.
  • Are you traveling and need them printed? Check with your hostel or hotel. The hostel I stayed in in Portland offered printing for 50 cents a copy. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than $5.
  • Don’t have access to a printer? In the US, Fedex Kinkos can print them for you for like 15 cents. I’m sure there are similar printing places in other countries too.

But whatever you do, make sure you check in before arriving at the airport. Many let you start the check in process 24 hours before your flight.

2. Your baggage

My friend Cece and I opted to avoid all baggage fees. We did not even pay one. How did we do that?

Well you see, there’s a tiny loophole to the whole paying for baggage thing. These airlines would love for us all to pay for our bags at the gate. They make more money this way, of course. And if they can’t get us at the airport, they want us to pay for bags online.

However there’s another way (see, I told you this is my thing). What they want you to gloss over is that you can take one personal item free of charge. On Spirit, it can be no taller than 16 inches, no wider than 14 inches and no deeper than 12 inches. In other words, just the size of my purple LLBean backpack that I’ve had since high school.

If you’re only going on a shorter trip, I urge you to look into this option. I was able to fit everything I needed for a 5-day trip in my backpack.

avoid fees flying spirit

I packed light but smart. I loaded up on small bottles of shampoo and conditioner at Target. I also bought a travel tooth brush case.

To save space, I wore my bulkiest items on the plane. So the Chuck Taylors and jeans were worn while the sandals and dresses were packed. I rolled up my clothing for ample space.

avoid fees flying Spirit

avoid fees flying Spirit

If you are smart about what you bring, you totally can fit your whole life in a backpack for five days.

If you are flying on a longer trip where you need to take more baggage, paying online in advance is the way to go. It is much more affordable to do it online.

3. Seats

So this is a fly at your own risk sort of thing. You are not obligated to buy your seat but they kind of make you feel like you have to. If you don’t, you get assigned a seat at the gate. I almost did not get on a Frontier flight once because of this.

Reserving your own seat usually costs between $6-$25 or so. Yes it sucks to have to pay more. I always just buy my seat to be safe. Perhaps it’s the one fee I’m a sucker for.

No frills at it’s best

If you want food, you’ll have to either buy it in the airport or on the plane. The seats are not anything ridiculously comfy. It’s more or less a bus with wings. However if you keep these things in mind, you’ll save money time and time again. In fact, I made you a little checklist. This is your budget airline checklist. It’s just the thing to use next time you fly any one of these airlines.

Have you flown on one of these budget airlines? If so, what was your experience?


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    1. Awesome! Yeah I will also say that their customer service is lacking at times too. But if you are aware of the fees, you are good to go!

  1. i have been flying many times with budget airlinesin Europe. it’s cheap – although not always, for example flights to London this weekend are cheaper by BA than Ryan Air – anyway, it’s usually cheap to fly if you do eveything yourself, which I actually find as a good thing, and don’t have lugguage. Sometimes i have noticed that one lugguage can cost more than the flight ticket itself. Have to be very carefull!

    1. Yeah I have never flown Ryanair before but will be flying with them for the first time in a few weeks. That’s crazy that it can be more than the ticket!

    1. You are welcome! It is for sure really possible to travel on a budget. Out of curiosity, have you flown Ryanair before? I know they’re very common over in Europe.

  2. Thank you for the tips. I have never flown Spirit air before but now I know what to do if I ever decide to use their airline. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome! Their low fares are often hard to pass up. So as long as you are aware of the hidden fees, you’re good to go!

  3. It would be nice save on airline fees! They have so many as it is. I think these are awesome tips and it’s definitely going to help save a few bucks that you can instead use on your actual trip.

  4. What a brilliant post. One of my bug bears is the extortionate price your initial ‘budget low cost’ ticket ends up costing.

  5. Thanks for sharing great tips! I don’t understand when airlines charge so many hidden fees apart from their regular ticket! I had to reschedule my flight for my last trip and I had to pay more than the cost of the ticket!

  6. I think these rules apply for all the low cost carriers in Europe as well. I usually never pay for the extras and I don’t really care where I sit on the plane. I would rather spend those money on an extra night of accommodation rather then just for choosing my seat.

    1. Yeah I included Ryanair on here. Are there other budget air carriers in Europe too? I’d love to be aware as I’m about to move to Spain in just a few weeks.

    1. Sounds good! Be sure to download my free checklist too … it’ll for sure come in handy!

    1. I know, right? Like I’m always like “you could at least get nice, decent people to work here!”

  7. i admire your courage to put this out here to inform others, thanks alot and to be honest this is actually a ripoff and like you answered above, they do this as i guess they can,.

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