6 fun teacher dresses

These are some of my favorite teacher dresses. Back to school is just around the corner. I remember seeing back to school listed on some blog as a potential post idea. And I thought “well I’m not a mom. So that really won’t work for me.” Then I remembered that I’m a teacher. The start of the school year for us teachers means new clothing as well. We have to think about what we can wear each day, which is an art.

As a teacher, you have several factors to consider. First, is it comfortable? Teachers move around a lot. There’s a lot of sitting, standing, walking here, reaching for that and so forth. So we want to ensure what we wear is comfortable and appropriate for children. You never want to worry about something coming up or being too short as a teacher.

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The Stradivarius sundress

Stradivarius sundress

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic week. Right now as you’re reading this, I’m in Vienna, Austria. In the weeks to come I’m sure I will have lots of fun travel posts about my time in Prague, Munich and Vienna.

However this week while I’m traveling, I’m just keeping it rather simple so I can enjoy my week away. I shot these photos with my good friend Amber while home in the United States.

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Summer floral dress in Cincinnati

summer floral dress

This is my favorite summer floral dress. You know when you have that dress that just works for you? Like it just flows and fits your body so well? That is this lovely navy dress.

I was back home in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) visiting friends for about three weeks. One of my friends Amber loves to shoot photos and as a fashion blogger, I cannot really shoot the photos myself. So we decided to have a little adventure.

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The navy floral dress

navy floral dress

Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. I love all shades of blue, but I especially love a dark navy. There’s just something very classic about it. This dress just seemed perfect for summer too!

When matching with navy, it can be hard. Depending on the shade of navy, black is often not a good option. Yes yes, I know … so much of what you own is black. Me too. However when it’s so close to Navy, it can just clash. But not to worry … there are so many colors!

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Striped dress #2 and linkup

striped dress

Hi everyone! This has been a crazy week. Has it been crazy for you all as well? I feel like I’ve been like the little engine that could … or the energizer bunny. I just keep going going going. The weekend is almost here … and I am glad. A nice weekend in my home of Granada, Spain sounds amazing! Which brings me to this post!

As many of you know, I live in the beautiful and picturesque city of Granada, Spain (most of the time I just need to pinch myself). Last weekend, I met up with a new photographer who did an amazing job on some photos of this striped dress. You can read that post here.

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Spring striped dress in Granada

striped summer dress

Spring has sprung and I am excited. This is my third spring look of the season. The first spring dresses I showed you all were from my lovely day trip to Ronda, Spain. However for this shoot, I stayed right where I live … which is Granada, Spain. Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself. How on earth did I get so lucky to live in Granada, Spain?

Last Saturday, I met up with Katarzyna, a lovely photographer from Poland. She was traveling through Granada to visit her best friend, a Polish girl who’s engaged to a Spanish guy who lives here in Granada. I love stories of couples from different cultures. However the way I found her was very by-chance. You know how Instagram has those ads? Half the time I just keep scrolling. However she made one several months ago that caught my attention. She put that she would be in Granada for a week and wanted to shoot engagement photos for a couple or two in Granada. She works in Poland as a wedding photographer and wants to be a destination wedding photographer. So I figured while I’m not in need of engagement photos, I’m always doing outfit shoots for the blog. So we connected and agreed to do a shoot. I was excited.

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3 bridesmaid looks with Millybridal UK

The day that my best friend and I have talked about for years is just a few short months away. It’s absolutely crazy. Can you guess what it is? Yep, my best friend is getting married and I’m her Maid of Honor. I could not be more excited and happy for her. So today I’m showing off some bridesmaid looks from Millybridal UK, an online shop for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and other formal wear.

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6 Zaful dress picks

Zaful dress picks

Going shopping can be exhausting. You go from store to store looking for that one thing you want. Sometimes you find exactly what you’re looking for right away and other times you just wander. Then you come home with nothing. Shopping online is the perfect solution! And you don’t even need to change out of your pjs!

I recently stumbled upon Zaful, an online shop with hundreds of clothing items. Being me, of course I started with the dresses. These dresses just scream Spring and Summer. Can you tell that I am excited? I mean I live less than an hour away from the beach. I could not be more excited.

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My Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress

Is anyone else here ready for Spring? I definitely had Spring on my mind when I bought this Sfera floral dress several weeks back. Sfera has become one of my favorite shops over here in Spain. They tend to have cute styles in all sorts of colors and at affordable prices. Hence the last time I was there, I snagged a few deals.

I’ll also be the first to admit that I didn’t instantly love all the recent fashions. Perhaps some of them are Spain trends and some of them are trends everywhere. Here, it seems that everything is ruffles and clunky shoes. Perhaps I should take the clunky shoes as a challenge and attempt to style them with an outfit. However I initially was not enamored with them.

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My winter dress style and a linkup

winter dress style

Today I’m very excited to show you my winter dress style! Yes, I wear my dresses all through the winter. I love dresses as we all know and it would make me sad to have to stop wearing them when it got cold. So I thought in today’s post, I would do two things:

  • Show you a dress I wore in the summer/fall re-styled for winter
  • Show you a few hacks to stay warm (as ladies, I know this is likely the biggest reason you think you need to pack those dresses away as soon as the temperature starts dropping)

Also today I am excited to be co-hosting another linkup. These days I seem to be co-hosting a lot of them, right? Well linkups are one of the first ways I really met and connected with other bloggers. I have learned so much from all the other fashion bloggers I regularly link up with. And I must say, they are all so nice! So why not co-host? Today’s linkup is called Start the Week Stylish. It’s weekly hosts are Michelle’s Pa(i)ge and Northwest Blonde. The theme is “winter chic.” And if you’re a fashion blogger, feel free to go ahead and link up with us below! Join the party!

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