2 maxi dresses worn two ways

maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are one of those things that grew on me. I’ll admit that when they first became popular again, I was hesitant. Perhaps I was unsure of floor-length dresses in everyday life? Perhaps I was worried that as a tall girl, they’d end up far too short on me. Whatever it was, I kept away for close to two years.

Last Spring, I was planning for a move to Nicaragua. What I knew about where I was going was that women don’t wear shorts. When traveling, I always want to do what is culturally appropriate. Nothing says American tourist more than someone who does not do a little Internet research before visiting a new place. You’re in their land and you should always show some respect.

I knew Nicaragua would be very hot with little to no air conditioning. A maxi dress seemed like the perfect thing. You really cannot offend anyone in a floor-length dress. Furthermore a dress would allow for more breeze than some hot, stuffy pair of jeans would. So I stocked up on a few maxi dresses and skirts. This dress was a part of the collection.

Also you should check out my Pinterest board all about maxis. It’s another great place for some maxi dress inspiration.

My maxi

maxi dresses

maxi dresses

Dress: Target (similar)


Amber’s maxi

This was from a photoshoot we did several months back. Amber bought this dress for Easter Sunday. It really is perfect for that!

I also just love her belted look. She pulled that deep hue right out of the dress with that cardigan. The entire ensemble is complete with her necklace.

maxi dresses

maxi dresses

maxi dresses

Maxi picks

Here are a few maxi dress picks I found perfect for this season. The great thing about a maxi dress is that you can save or splurge.

Under $25

maxi dresses

Under $30

maxi dresses maxi dresses


maxi dresses maxi dressesmaxi dresses

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The 5 most versatile dresses for vacation

I leave for vacation Saturday and I am excited. I’m headed down to Indian Rocks Beach, Florida for four days/five nights with my family. I think with all that has been going on in my life, it has not hit me yet that I will soon be on vacation. I’ll soon be at a beachfront condo swimming in the ocean.

Packing is always a daunting task, especially as someone who has so many dresses. When I think the beach, I think sundress. When you have maybe 10-15 of them, it can become daunting. So I decided to share with you the five dresses I chose and why.

OH! And have you seen our printable, free guide to packing light and fabulous? I just compiled a few things that help me focus when packing. Get your’s here.

Guide to packing light and fabulous

Alright, so back to the dresses …

1. The black floral dress

packing light

This has been one of my favorites for a long time. I bought it at Kismet OTR’s sister shop Pangea several years ago for a wedding. I have gotten more use out of it than I ever expected.

I’m bringing this dress because I love it. Also, both of my main sandals go with it and it’s black. It’s incredibly important to bring things that you can match easily. After all on vacation, you don’t have your entire closet with you.

2. The simple navy dress

packing light

I have a lot of royal reds in my wardrobe. This navy pairs great with it.

3. The maxi

packing light

It’s not a beach trip without a breezy maxi dress.

4. My favorite

packing light

Winter, Spring, Summer and fall are when I wear this dress. It is my favorite and I cannot get enough out of it. Several months back I wore it on my How I Style It: First Date Looks post. I’m excited to wear it on the beach.

5. My other navy dress

packing light

I’m so ready for this dress. It’s very comfortable.

I’ll have my camera with me ready for some photos. I cannot wait to show you all in future posts!

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The dresses of Sara’s wedding

Last weekend, I was in a wedding. If you follow me on Instagram, though, this may be old news to you. My rehearsal dinner look was one of my favorites and I could not just not post it. So I did.

Over the weekend, I snapped photos of myself and other women in dresses. Here are a few of my favorites.

Beth, my new bestie

Don’t you just love it when you click with a person? The guy Sara married has a pretty awesome sister and she was a bridesmaid. It’s so neat when you have family members in your wedding because you want to, not just because you’re obligated too. Sure, you’re supposed to have the groom’s sister in your bridal party. However I think Sara asked her also because she’s been such a wonderful and welcoming person.

sara dress

Her lovely rehearsal dinner look.

sara dress


Bridesmaid time!

Beth kept joking that as Sara’s sister, she was going to start stealing her things. She decided she was starting with me.

My looks

I wore so many dresses this past weekend. Here are the important ones: day of and rehearsal diner.

sara dress

sara dress

The dress

sara dress

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The 5 dresses we wore in Florida

The Florida dress is a special dress. Last weekend, I had a small girls trip to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It was not long enough in all honesty. However a good getaway in the sun was just what I needed. It was exciting to look through my closet and pick out the dresses I’d wear. Most if not all of what I took with me were dresses I had packed away for the winter. While it was still a tad cold in Cincinnati, packing my sundresses excited me. I was ready.

I was not the only person ready for some sun, beach and relaxation. My two close friends Kayleigh and Isabelle came with me. I told them to bring their dresses as I’d have my camera out and ready. We took pictures … lots of them. How could you not with the beach and palm trees? So this post is dedicated to our five Florida dresses.

1. The Simple Sundress

Florida dress Florida dress

And if you follow me on Instagram (which you should go do right now if you don’t), you saw this gem.

Florida dress
Dress: Three Pink Hearts; Shoes: Charlotte Russe

I found the dress at a consignment shop in the fall. It’s so very comfy.

Here are a few simple sundresses I enjoy:

Florida dress
Florida dress

2. That blue dress

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my best friend Kayleigh. She’s a 26-year-old graduate student and middle school Spanish teacher living in Charleston, South Carolina. We’ve been friends for 12 years.

Florida dress

This is the perfect representation of our friendship. Ridiculous things always happen.

Florida dress

Florida dress

Florida dress

Florida dress
Dress: Lily Pulitzer

Kayleigh is wearing a classic pop-over dress. Here are a few of my favorite pop-over dresses from the season:

Florida dress


Florida dress

3. The breezy maxi


Florida dress
Dress: Altrd State; Necklace: Francesca’s

This dress is one of my favorite’s. The material is nice and breathes easily. Here’s a Modcloth favorite of mine:

Florida dress

4. The night out dress

Because when you’re on vacation, you go out.

Florida dress
Florida dress Dress: Mine from Target

This is Isabelle. Isabelle and I met through Kayleigh almost five years ago when we were both living in Washington DC. Isabelle had just moved to town and Kayleigh gave me her number because she needed friends, she said. Kayleigh and Isabelle were sorority sisters. Well we did become friends and now we all took a trip to Florida together.

5. THIS outfit

Okay I’m going to break my own rules and talk about a skirt. Izzy’s outfit was just too cute. Our brunch place had a nice mural that we had some fun with.

Florida dress

Florida dress Florida dress

That too is how I felt about being in Florida.

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5 dress picks of Lotus Boutique

Welcome to another edition of Dress Picks. I often find myself browsing through dresses on the Internet in the wee hours of the night. So I might as well deliver you all a re-cap, right?

This is Lotus Boutique, an adorable shop with roots in the South. They have eight physical shop locations in three states (Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia) and a wonderful website. They have quite the dress selection to look though so picking just seven was hard … very hard. Here are my five:

1. La Vie Boheme White Floral Print Dress

Lotus dress

I’m digging the bohemian look here. I’ve definitely noticed the laid-back look of dresses this season. The baggy and free-flowing look is all over the place. This dress looks perfect for the summer. The white fabric will be quite nice. Click here to see all the details of this awesome dress!

2. Festival of Floral Dress in pink

Lotus dress

With summer right around the corner, we all need a classic sundress. Why not something fun like this? Also this dress is only $34!

3. Follow the Flowers

Lotus dress Lotus dress

This dress is a little risque but I love it! It’s almost summer, right? There will be lots of lunches and dinners in the sun. My favorite part is the bow in the back. Absolutely adorable! You can see more dress details here.

4. Navy Lace Dress

Lotus dress

I love a good lace dress. This one is just amazing. Details here.

5. Floral Trim Dress


This dress is the perfect cover-up for the beach or simple sundress for a day out to lunch. I love the simplicity of it! Details here.

*This post contains affiliate links. Basically that just means I make a small commission off the links here. The opinions are all mine, though.*

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Dress picks from Fox and Fable Vintage

This is our second post in our new Dress Picks series. Basically, we pick an online boutique that we love and pick our favorite dresses. Know of an amazing online boutique with great dresses? Feel free to drop us a line at aworldofdresses@gmail.com.

This week were featuring Fox and Fable Vintage, a vintage clothing shop based in Orange, California. While they opened a brick and mortar shop in California a year and a half ago, they have been selling vintage clothing online for the past six years or more. Husband and wife Molly and Mitch Fox own the entire operation. The two of them are incredibly passionate about the vintage lifestyle. They live in a 1950’s house, drive vintage cars and dress in vintage clothing every single day. The business started so they could share their love of all things vintage with others.

I found them on Instagram. If you’re not following us yet, by the way, you should (@aworldofdresses). They are always posting the most fun vintage dresses. I myself have always been a fan of vintage clothing, so I decided to reach out. They agreed to let me make my picks.

Green Mocha Chocolate Brown Pinup Day Dress


This one initially caught my eye on Instagram. I love the pattern. Definitely a unique dress that you’d be sure no one else would have.

Blue Aqua Party Dress


My favorite part of this one is the waist line. I love how it gathers together like that. Also the high neckline allows you to add perhaps a string of pearls or statement necklace to your outfit. Lastly, I’m always a fan of bold prints.

The crazy maxi


Sometimes old trends come back around again. The maxi dress is the perfect example. This dress would be perfect any time of the year. Spring especially comes to mind with the floral print.

The elegant dress


This one is just absolutely gorgeous! So very elegant. I love the back section with the bow.

Those are our picks for this week! Thanks again to Fox and Fable Vintage!

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