Exploring Granada’s Albaicín

I live in Granada, Spain. I have to stop myself from taking that for granted. I am so very lucky to get to spend not one but two years in one of Spain’s most historic cities. About a month ago, I met up with a new photographer named Serena to do a photoshoot in the Albaicín neighborhood. Exploring Granada’s Albaicín is something that should not be missed when in Granada.

This year, I chose to live in a neighborhood where I could walk to work. While I do not live in the Albaicín, I love knowing that I’m only a short walk away from such a classic area of my city.

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

A few facts about Granada’s Albaicín

Exploring Granada’s Albaicín is always something I’m up for. I find that I always find new things to explore when I go. Here are a few facts about the area (according to lovegranada.com):

  • It’s the old Arab quarter of Granada. The streets are very narrow and the buildings are historical.
  • It used to feature public baths
  • During the Nazarid Kingdom, it housed around 40,000 people and 30 mosques
  • It used to be the Muslim part of the city when the Moors were in charge
  • After their rule, Christians came along and demolished many of the mosques. They turned many of the homes into carmenes. A carmen is basically a house in Granada with a beautiful garden

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Practical tips

The Albaicín is basically straight-up hill. So a trip up there is a lot more comfortable if you:

  • Wear good walking shoes (I did not here … but the flats just went with it all)
  • Bring lots of water
  • Stop for some tapas. There are many spots.

The look

This look was created rather inexpensively. The dress was found on sale from Primark, the shoes were bought on sale last Spring from Sfera, and the purse and sunglasses were bought at a local shop here in Granada. I actually bought the sunglasses when I was running to a photoshoot last Spring for this post.

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Exploring Granada's Albaicín

Photo credits: Serena Trere

Do you like to explore historic neighorhoods like this?

Today I’m linking up here.



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  1. I always love the locations of your photos and the travel aspect of your style posts. I know that you love blue and this turquoise dress looks amazing on you showing your gorgeous and in shape legs. Love all the accessories you chose. Also, thanks for stopping by and liking Vivian’s dress – I know you love blue and I agree it is great for the holidays.

    Welcome by Thursdays to link your fabulous style with me. I miss you on my style linkups, Nina. I also think you’d like my last two style posts. Happy Hump Day!!

    P.S. I will e-mail you very soon too. Thanks for understanding but I have been running non-stop since September.

    Ada =))

  2. What a beautiful place to live by so close to. I have never heard of Albaicin and after reading your post feel the need to write it down on my travel bucket list as a location to visit. I love your blue dress. It’s simple yet so chic. I can see wearing it like you did for a day of exploration!


  3. This neighborhood looks so pretty. I have been to Grenada but it was a long time ago! These pictures make me want to go back 🙂

  4. What a beautiful place! And such a lovely dress. It looks like a great dress to go from comfy casual around town to adding a few accessories for a little evening wear!

  5. I have been to Granada a couple of years ago and I will be going again soon, as I’ll be based down in Malaga from next year. I loved white Albaicin with its narrow streets and cobbled roads, going uphill towards the beautiful panorama points from where you can admire the entire city.

  6. You look gorgeous in your lovely dress. and it seems that you had a fun and great time exploring in Granada.

  7. I feel like if I’d live there I’d have no reason to be mad about anything! I’ve been to Spain – Barcelona and i swear it was one of the best times in my life. Your pictures take me back to that experience!

    1. Spain life is pretty awesome, but of course it’s not perfect! I’m glad you had a good time in Barcelona!

  8. I love exploring places with interesting history and it was good to read about Granada’s Albaicín. Your post is amazing and the outfit is beautiful. Love the color of the dress!

  9. I absolutely adore visiting places like this! I would especially like to visit Spain one day because my Abuelo was born there.

  10. I love Spain, there are so many beautiful islands and I would love to visit Granada. That dress is beautiful too.

    1. The islands are wonderful too. I went to Ibiza last year. I still need to get to the canaries and Mallorca.

  11. This place looks very beautiful, I do not think I have actually heard of it. Your outfit is amazing, I love the blue dress. Adding the yellow purse just gives it that much more of a pop of color.

  12. What a beautiful blue dress in the middle of an awesome place! You look so good with that color of dress! I like your shoes! It looks so comfortable to wear

  13. You are looking amazing in that blue dress. The sunglass is quite unique and making the entire look even better. I heard about Granada and will make visit whenever I go to Spain for holiday with family.

  14. Its amazing to gather some knowledge about one of the ancient historical city in the world.. From your pictures the grandeur and picturesque beauty of this city can be easily assumed. Last but not the least that you are looking so stunning in all of those pictures.. Thanks for sharing your Granada diary..:)

  15. Nice location, but how’s the food like there? Any recommendation? The stone paths actually made me think about Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade~ Not sure why!

    1. The food in Spain is cheap and tasty. If you order a drink, you get tapas. If you venture out of the tourist traps, you’ll get bigger tapas for less money. If you’re into spicy food, you’ll be disappointed. They don’t really do spicy.

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