My first Spain photoshoot look 1

Spain photoshoot

This is my first Spain photoshoot! For those of you new to the blog, I just moved to Granada, Spain to teach English and practice my Spanish. I have such an adventurous spirit and I love to explore, so life overseas just seemed to make sense. When moving overseas, everything changes. You need a new phone number, new friends, you have a new job, etc. etc. etc. One of the things I was unsure about was who would shoot my blog photos. As a single lady in a new town where I’d know no one, I honestly had no idea. Luckily my friend Nathalie, one of the first people I met in Granada, got me in contact with her friend Jana who enjoys photography. She was so nice and easy to work with. And in classic Spain fashion, we got tapas together after the photoshoot. I love how open everyone is to new friendship in my new country!

We decided that Carmen de Los Mártires was a great spot for the shoot. It’s a beautiful park up on a hill near the famous Alhambra (which I still have yet to visit … I’m told I can go for free once I register my new address with the city). This dress is one I found when shopping in Granada. A lot of the dresses are in this style … long, trumpet sleeves. It’s as if the 70’s are making a comeback. I love it.

spain photoshoot

spain photoshoot

spain photoshoot

spain photoshoot

A little bit of history

I love that wherever I go in Spain, there’s probably some history attached to it. I mean, yes, you can say the same for the United States. But it’s just … different in Europe.

This is Carmen de los Mártires. According to the website, the Catholic queen at the time ordered that the first Catholic church in Granada be built on top of this hill in memory of the Christian martyrs who died during the conflict with the Arabs. Granada and much of Southern Spain were at one time ruled by the Moors, an Arabic tribe. It later became a bigger church and convent. However in the 19th century, it was sold. So now it is a a beautiful park. We saw several brides in fact.

img_1533 img_1596 img_1588

img_1501 img_1490

Outfit details: Dress from Cayville, a little boutique here in Granada. The rest of the outfit are oldies but goodies. I’ve honestly been working a lot and am too tired to go look for similar ones. Perhaps next time folks.

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    1. Yeah it was neat … I was just talking with a friend about how I needed someone to shoot my photos and she had a friend!

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